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Spike born William Pratt was a famous and widely-feared vampire turned in He was well-known among both humans and demons for having faced and killed two Slayers during his unlife , and his history of torturing his victims with railroad spikes. His reputation for evil and bloodshed was second only to that of his grand sire Angelus. In his human life, William was an unsuccessful and unappreciated romantic poet known as William the Bloody , for his "bloody awful" poetry, though after he became a vampire, that moniker was re-purposed to imply he was very violent. After being sired by Drusilla , he reinvented himself and terrorized Europe alongside Drusilla, Angel and Darla throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Buffy knew that Spike was the only person besides herself who stood any chance at protecting Dawn against Glory. Spike ultimately accepted that Buffy would never love him, and settled for having her trust; he said that though he knew he was a monster, she treated him like a human being.

During the final battle, he tried desperately to save Dawn from Glory's minion, Docwho was attempting to draw Dawn's blood as part of the ritual.

Spike was easily outmaneuvered and fell off a thirty foot tower, where he was unable to assist Dawn further; this would remain one of his deepest regrets after Buffy's death in the battle. Upon setting eyes on her lifeless body, he collapsed in sorrow and wept openly. Deprived of purpose, he kept track of the number of days since her death until her resurrection.

Spike remained unaware of the Scoobies' plan to resurrect Buffy until after the event; he returned to the Summers' residence in search of Dawn, only to discover Buffy alive-and-well days after her death. Unable to confide in her friends about being torn from Heaven due to guilt, Buffy began to go to Spike for comfort, who willingly accepted both the best and worst of her emotions. Their physical relationship began after the demon Sweet cast a spell that caused them to share their true emotions through song.

Buffy had begun to crave the ability to "feel" again, and expressed that she wanted "the fire back. Their mutual desires clashed in the alleyway behind the Bronze, where they kissed. Though Buffy denied the act at first, their tension was finally consummated when Spike discovered that his chip no longer stopped him from harming the resurrected Buffy.

He initially thought that it had stopped working, and attempted to feed on a woman, only to be shocked with pain. He then extorted the band of geeks known as the Trio to assess his chip, who told him that it was still completely functional; Spike came to the conclusion that it was Buffy who had changed, rather than the chip.

He showed her, claiming Buffy had come back from heaven "wrong". Fighting back, she pushed Spike into an abandoned house, where they exchanged both insults and blows until they shared their first sexual encounter.

Although the already dilapidated house crumbled down around them, they didn't notice, and allowed the moment to unfold. Buffy initiated their relationship partly as a way to punish herself, and partly as a means of connecting to life again.

Buffy instituted much of the violence and sex between them which Spike happily took, and threatened to kill Spike if he ever told anyone about their time together. Both members remained unsatisfied with their continued sexual acts; Buffy was very ashamed of her dark desires, while Spike pitifully craved the love, trust and affection that she refused to give him. When Buffy believed she had killed a human, Katrina SilberSpike tried to fix the problem by dumping the body into a river before Buffy could confess.

When he revealed what he did and attempted to prevent her from alerting the police, a guilt-ridden Buffy took out her frustration on Spike, and beat him thoroughly. Shortly after Buffy's ex-boyfriend, Riley, returned to Sunnydale in search of a Suvolte demon egg smuggler, Spike egotistically informed him of his relationship with Buffy after Riley caught them together. Though Riley pretended not to care, he did accuse Spike of being the smuggler under the alias of "the Doctor.

Spike subsequently tried to make her jealous by bringing a date to Xander and Anya Jenkins ' wedding. And after Xander left Anya at the altar, Spike got drunk with the one-again vengeance demon at the Magic Box. He and Anya were able to relate easily as each had recently been abandoned by their loved ones, and sought brief solace in each others' arms where they were caught on camera and seen by the Scoobies. Xander tried to kill Spike in a jealous rage but Buffy stopped him in time and her secret relationship with Spike was revealed as a result.

After witnessing Buffy's clear jealous reaction to his sexual liaison with Anya, Spike came to believe that he still had a chance to win her back. His attempts proved worthless, however. After being lectured by Dawn, he lost control of his obsession and cornered an injured Buffy in her bathroom. He made sexual advances towards her, and when she refused him, he grew desperate and tried to rape her.

After Buffy fought him off, Spike was shocked at his own behavior and tried to deny he would do anything, but he was violently reminded that the demon portion of his being still existed. In tears, Buffy dared him to ask why she could never love him, but he quickly fled her house. He returned to his crypt in shame, to then left Sunnydale for the first time in nearly three years. He traveled to a remote location in Africa in seek of a legend.

There, he underwent the Demon Trialsa series of brutal physical and mental tests, to prove his worth to the demon shaman in exchange for what he asked: to be what he once was, what Buffy deserved. After his completion of the trials, the demon shaman restored his soul.

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With the returning of Spike's soul came a conscience filled with guilt, both for the sins he had committed throughout his life and his more recent attack on Buffy. He couldn't bring himself to see her for some time, and took shelter in the basement of the newly constructed Sunnydale High School. There, he was tormented by both the First Evil and his soul, and appeared to be losing his mind; he forced Buffy to leave when she discovered him, and sadly showed her that he had tried to cut out his own heart in self-contempt.

During a moment of clarity, he helped Buffy to track down a Sluggoth demon created by Anya, during which time Buffy came to realize what had happened to him during his missing weeks.

Buffy, touched by his efforts, asked him why he had fought for his soul. Spike replied in partly cohesive mutters: "For her. To be hers. To be the kind of man who would never to be a kind of man and she shall look on him with forgiveness and everybody will forgive and love and he will be loved.

Buffy agreed in compassion and a little in awe of this development, and after enlisting his assistance for a while, brought him out of the basement and welcomed him back into her circle of close companions. Because Buffy insisted and because he had nowhere else to go, Spike once more became reluctant room-mates with Xander Harris.

Spike initially had no memory of his actions; after discovering what he had done, he begged Buffy to kill him, but Buffy refused to do so, and instead took him home to her house. In the Summers' residence he suffered from human blood withdrawals, and remained vulnerable to the First's influence, and was willingly confined with ropes.

She told him that she believed in him, a statement that would sustain him later through his imprisonment and torture at the hands of the First and its minions. After Buffy rescued him from the First, Spike helped her to train Potential Slayers by sparring with them. In the meantime, his chip began to malfunction, causing him intense pain and threatening to end his life. To the dismay of Giles and her friends, Buffy showed her lasting trusted in Spike by ordering the Initiative's operatives to remove the chip from his head for good, telling him that he had the potential to be a good man.

She also took Spike's side when Robin Wood attempted to kill him in retribution for the murder of his mother, Nikki Wood, the Slayer Spike killed in New York in the late '70s.

Ironically, by trying to kill Spike while he was under the influence of the First's programming, Wood freed Spike from the hypnotic trigger the song "Early One Morning", that Spike's mother once sang to him.

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The song evoked Spike's traumatic memories of his mother's abusive behavior after he turned her. Finally able to address these issues, Spike realized that his mother had always loved him, knowledge that freed him from the First's control for good. Afterwards, he bit and brutally pulverized Wood, but let him live out of respect for Nikki. Spike assured Buffy that he had given Wood his last chance, and that he would kill Robin without hesitation if he so much as looked at him the wrong way again.

Buffy was more than supportive, stating that she would let him do it; both she and Spike knew that they had no more time for pointless vendettas. Spike shows his love and admiration for Buffy by restoring her confidence in herself. Spike remained loyal to her when the other Scoobies and the Potentials removed her from her position as leader, and criticized them for treating Buffy with so little respect after all she had done for them.

He even brawled briefly with Slayer Faith Lehane before leaving to find Buffy. He tracked her down in a house that had been left abandoned when its owner fled Sunnydale, where Spike offered emotional comfort and unconditional love, helping restore Buffy's battered confidence and will to fight. His words had also restored the depressed Buffy's self belief, and allowed her to trust her instincts, follow her hunch about the secret weapon being at the Vineyard, and helped her win back her role as leader of the army after Faith accidentally led the Potentials into a near-fatal trap.

Spike returned with her. When Angel returned to Sunnydale to help with the battle against the First, Buffy gave him a "hello" kiss; Spike witnessed this from a distance, and overheard Angel tell Buffy about the magical properties of a mystical amulet that was to be worn by a Champion during the final fight.

Later, Spike was hitting a punching bag with a self-drawn picture of Angel on it. When Buffy came to see him Spike told her what he had seen, and proclaimed that he wanted to wear the amulet, as it was meant for a being who possessed a soul, but was more than human.

Buffy made it clear that the amulet was meant only to worn by a true "Champion" before handing it to Spike, wordlessly declaring her belief in him. They slept in each others' arms again during that second night, and unknown to him, Buffy left an encounter with the First inspired by the idea to abolish the entire Slayer line by creating an army of Slayers.

In the midst of battle, the amulet suddenly activated and began emitting a channel of mystical sunlight through his body. The sunlight destroyed all of the Turok-Han, and collapsed the cavern containing the Hellmouth, sealing it and creating a crater that swallowed up the entire town of Sunnydale.

Buffy went to him and pleaded that he accompany her to the surface, telling him that he had done more than enough, but Spike remained true to his desire to die for "love, honor and all the right reasons". She told him that she loved him, moving Spike. He, however, did not believe her and said "No you don't, but thanks for saying it.

As he burned and crumbled to dust, Spike reveled in the destruction before him, glad to be able to see the fight to its end. He died closing the Hellmouth and saving the world. Spike appeared in Los Angeles 19 days after his apparent death in Sunnydale. When Angel opened the package, the amulet fell out and Spike materialized from a cloud of dust.

At first, he complained about being brought back, stating dramatically: "Can't a man die in peace without some high almighty deciding it's not his time?

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Spike's connection to the human world was unstable, and caused him to dematerialize at random, increasingly frequent intervals.

As his disappearances became more regular, a terrified Spike confided in the Winifred Burkle that every time he vanished he was being transported to Hell. He feared that despite his status as a Champion, he would still be damned for all eternity for his past sins. He asked Fred to save him, and she promised to find a way to make him corporeal again. Although Fred successfully created a machine to recorporealize Spike, when Spike was forced to choose between his body and Fred's life, he faithfully threw away his opportunity in order to save her life.

Despite Angel's continued lack of confidence in Spike, Fred later told him that she believed him "worth saving. Just as Spike began to grow accustomed to his ghostly nature, a mysterious package arrived for him in the mail; upon opening it, a flash of light restored his body.

Eve soon arrived with an addition to the Shanshu Prophecy that stated that the existence of two corporeal ensouled vampires would complicate the outcome of the prophecy, and perhaps even destroy the fabric of reality.

She told Angel and Spike that an extended translation of the text revealed that, in order to restore balance, the two must compete to drink from the Cup of Perpetual Torment. The winner would be bestowed with great responsibilities and pain before ultimately having his past washed clean, allowing him to live as a human again. Spike, who desperately wanted to defeat Angel, traveled to the abandoned Nevadan opera house where the Cup was said to be kept. Upon his arrival, Angel engaged him in battle for the Cup.

The two vampires fought intensely with fists and fangs, but in the end, the deep roots of their century-old rivalry proved far more important to the battle's outcome. In anger, Spike threw Angel against a pile of crucifixes, and told him that in the end, he was still a monster.

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Angel countered by saying that Spike was no different, but Spike denied any similarities between them, and said: "You had a soul forced on you. As a curse.

Make you suffer for all the horrible things you've done. Me, I fought for my soul, went through the demon trials, almost did me in a dozen times over, but I kept fighting. Because I knew it was the right thing to do. It's my destiny. Their battle culminated with Spike revealing his resentment toward Angel for making him the monster he became; he justified that although Drusilla had been the one to turn him, it had been Angelus's influence that had truly destroyed William Pratt and had forced Spike's more savage persona to develop.

In the end, Spike defeated Angel for the very first time in their long history. Angel later noted that Spike had possessed a far greater desire for the Cup, and was able to overcome Angel's superior strength. Spike succeeded in drinking from the Cup, but the prophecy turned out to be a sham. The liquid in the Cup was merely Mountain Dew. Although Spike was now a corporeal vampire again, and was no longer bound to Los Angeles, he chose not to go to Europe in search of Buffy.

He revealed that he wanted her to remember him as a hero who died to save the world. He mockingly simulated a phone call between him and Buffy, stating: "Hello, Buffy, it's Spike. I didn't burn up like you thought I did.

How are things? Angel's old enemy Lindsey McDonald subsequently chose to take advantage of Spike's desire to do good by pretending to be the late half-demon Doyle and persuading him that he was destined, like Angel before him, to "help the helpless.

As a Slayer, Dana was burdened by dreams and memories that were not her own, and mistakenly believed Spike to have killed her family she was confusing other Slayers' memories with her own. She captured and drugged Spike, and cut off his hands. The experience caused Spike to more deeply examine the nature of the evil within him; he later told Angel about Dana's misconception that he had murdered her family, and said: "And I'm supposed to do, what, complain, 'cause hers wasn't one of the hundreds of families I did kill?

Spike then pointed out that he and Angel were innocent victims too, "once upon a time. Spike's relationship with Angel became even more acrimonious after the showdown with Lindsey, and Angel contemplated the possibility of Spike leaving Los Angeles after a petty argument over whether cavemen or astronauts would win in a fight. Their relationship greatly improved after Spike officially joined Angel's crew.

When Fred became infected with the essence of the Old OneIllyriaand Spike worked alongside Angel and the others to find a cure. Upon their failure, he mourned Fred's death, and decided to stay in L. He officially joins Team Angel in her honor. Spike was then put in charge of "testing" the newly-awakened Illyria's abilities, which generally involved fighting with her and recording details on a clipboard. The two develop a unique bond,though Illyria actually seemed to think of Spike as her "pet.

At some point, Spike was tricked into admitting himself to the Mosaic Wellness Centera rehabilitation clinic where supernatural beings could be cured of their demonic nature, by the parents of one of Spike's victims; in reality, Mosaic was a maximum security prison from which inmates were unable to leave. As it turned out, Spike had a reputation as a "boogeyman" at Mosaic, with inmates telling stories about him to scare each other. During his time in Mosaic, Spike befriended Becka pyrokinetic teenager, and Betta Georgea Splenden beast ; this friendship nearly killed Beck when the vampire Wiseau stabbed her with a stake as a message to Spike.

Spike eventually rebelled against Mosaic's oppressive regime and, along with Beck and George, transformed Mosaic into an actual sanctuary for the supernatural. Spike was the first to vote for Angel's plan to wound the Senior Partners by taking out the Circle of the Black Thorn and going out in a blaze of glory.

Before Angel's team entered what could very well have been their final battle, Angel gave them the day off, and told them to do whatever they wanted. Spike chose to return to his mortal roots as a frustrated poet, and went to an open mic poetry slam at a bar, where he drank copious amounts of alcohol to gather "Dutch courage" before reciting the completed version of " My soul is wrapped in harsh repose ", the poem he wrote before his siring.

After he finished reading, Spike received tumultuous applause from the audience, and appeared very pleased that his poetry was finally appreciated. The following day, he single-handedly rescued an infant and destroyed the Fell Brethren, and then joined Angel, Illyria, and a badly-wounded Charles Gunn in the alley behind the Hyperion Hotelwhere the four survivors prepared to meet the apocalyptic wrath of the Senior Partners, as a way of going out in a blaze of glory.

Spike however, survived the battle.

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After the fall of Los Angeles into a hell dimension, Spike and Illyria were separated from Angel and began watching over a group of human and demon survivors. One such civilian, Jeremy Johns - despite Spike's resistance - became Spike's right hand man and friend.

In hell Illyria soon began randomly changing back into her Fred form which left her confused and vulnerable, and Spike was forced to urge her to remain as Illyria in order to protect her. During this time he briefly considered the prospect that he had developed feelings for Fred. While wandering the city, Spike encountered a dragon, and considered killing it until it telepathically told him that he should mount it. Meanwhile, in Spike's absence, the civilians were kidnapped by a group of strange demon warrior women.

After leaving the law firm, Spike encountered one of the women, and commandeered her truck in order to rescue the hostages. He tried to run down the leader of the group, who threw Illyria who had transformed into Fred once more into the front of the truck; she reverted to Illyria on impact.

Buffy and Spike Part 4

Together, Spike and Illyria meleed with the demon women; their leader used a life-draining magic on the hostages to turn them into zombies, and knocked Illyria and Spike unconscious. Spike woke up in chains in a dark room filled with his then-zombified wards; the demon leader, who introduced herself as Nontold him she was keeping him alive for his connections.

Spike remains chained in the dungeon for quite some time, where he was tortured and forced to live on rat blood. He kept himself entertained with daydreams, one of which involved him shopping in a supermarket with Fred.

He was also approached by one of Non's lackeys, a girl named Maria or Spiderwhom he had previously met when he took her truck. She kissed him while he was tied up, and according to Non, the two also had a short-lived sexual relationship.

Non attempted to bargain with Charles Gunn to return Spike to him in return for a partnership; however, the newly turned vampire Gunn beat her instead, leading her to decide to kill Spike, Illyria and their remaining survivors; her power was revealed during her fight with Gunn: she could absorb powers from humans by "feeding" on their energy.

Non brought Illyria and Spike to be executed the following day; when Spider tried to interveneshe was easily able to conclude that Spider had betrayed her because she could smell Spike all over her.

Non then attempted to behead Illyria - Spike couldn't watch - but the axe shattered on impact with her skin. Illyria broke free and started killing members of Non's army.

As the battle broke out, Illyria remarked to Spike that he had slept with Spider. As he tried to explain, a possessive Illyria forcefully kissed him.

Non then prepared to kill the last human hostage but Angel's son, Connorappeared suddenly and stopped her. Spike initially goaded Connor for talking too much in battle, but "Angel Jr", as Spike called him, proved a useful warrior in the battle against Non. In the midst of the fight, Non attempted to feed on Connor, but realized that because he was the child of two vampires she couldn't. Spike then discovered that Non's Sadecki demon, Noellewas controlling her flock of female warriors; instructed Illyria to kill it.

During her confrontation with the demon, she once more reverted between Fred and Illyria, but after much encouragement was able to gather herself and kill the Sadecki. The girls were free, and realizing that his plan had worked, Spike brutally attacked Non. After taking a beating from Spike, Non began to use Jeremy to regain some of her power. Illyria realized this and horrified Spike by mercilessly killing Jeremy; though upset, Spike took advantage of the situation to kill Non.

Spike then became the co-lord of Beverly Hills alongside Illyria, and several members of Non's army, Spider included, joined him. Spike partly chose to keep the girls with him in hopes that they would cause Illyria to remain on guard, thus making sure she wouldn't transform into Fred so often.

He buried Jeremy's body, and told the other lords of Los Angeles to stay away from him. Later, Spike and Connor met up again and began their crusade to save the remaining humans in Los Angeles. Spike eventually adjusted to Los Angeles' new status as a literal hell on Earth.

It was eventually revealed that their position was a facade; Spike and Illyria were secretly rescuing humans and benevolent demons and evacuating them into the care of ConnorNina AshKate Lockleyand Gwen Raiden. Spike was given the opportunity to return to the side of evil again, but as always he remained loyal to the good fight, and helped Angel to bring down the other Lords' champions when he challenged them for control of LA. Spike rallied with the rest of the gang against the machinations of Charles Gunn, who had unfortunately become a self-hating and deluded soulless vampire, and was unknowingly working under visions from the Senior Partners.

He also struggled to control Illyria's increasingly unstable powers in the hell dimension; she had continued to periodically revert to Fred's form and gentle personality, leaving Spike with the duty of protecting her. During Gunn's attack on the Hyperion HotelSpike fought three of Gunn's enslaved Slayers, but was unable to defeat them all at once and was staked; however the fact that they were imprisoned in a time loop saved him, and he apparently managed to talk them round to fighting by his side rather than attacking him.

After Gunn managed to unleash Illyria's truest form by killing Illyria's mental connections to Fred's personality, a gravely-wounded, now-human Angel, Connor and Spike were the only surviving members of the team.

After Illyria was defeated by having her memories of Fred replaced by those of Spike and Wesley and Connor was killed by Gunn, Angel went on a rampage and began killing everything in sight. Spike prevented the others from interfering in his grief, stating that they had to let him get it out of his system. As Angel realized what needed to be done for them to return Los Angeles to Earth, Spike was asked by Wesley their now-ghostly connection to the Senior Partners to watch over Illyria, who's shell still contained essences of Fred.

Angel's plan worked, forcing the Senior Partners to undo LA's trip to hell by re-setting time to before the Fall, Spike kept his distance from Illyria, but finally made peace with a re-vamped Angel after more than a century of hating him. Spike relocated to Las Vegas with his associates, the telepathic fish Betta George and pyrokinetic Beck, where he attempted to create " Team Spike ".

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John had become sexually involved with Spike's sire and ex-lover Drusilla, and was convinced that Spike had "stolen" his soul. He was thrown from a window, and rescued by Groosalugg and his dragon[66] subsequently contacting Willow for additional assistance, reasoning that his enemies would be expecting him to contact one of Angel's team.

After John took Beck and George hostage, he managed to extract Spike's soul with a ritual, but Spike remained good even without his soul due to his strength of character, and the fact that he had partly overcome his "evil" nature during his time with Buffy and the Scoobies in Sunnydale. Willow informed Spike that with the ritual John had used only he could choose who got a soul in return, and Spike chose to give it to Drusilla, saving the now free from control Jeremy who she was biting and in the hopes of redeeming her.

Drusilla killed John and Spike resolved that she was too unstable: her fragile mind could never handle the weight of the evil she had committed throughout her life. He chose to take his soul back. Willow also informed Spike that Buffy knew of his continued existence, as she had apparently gone in search of information about the amulet and him to be sure about what had happened after the collapse of Sunnydale.

Though Willow offered to tell Buffy about Spike's heroics, he declined, and told her that he would rather their meeting remain strictly between them. Willow then takes Drusilla to Mosaic for treatment. Accepting the mission of giving meaning to his new crew, Spike decided to follow the Senior Partners to figure out why they were running.

Upon his return to earth's dimension on his ship, Spike took to a coffee shop in London, where he got up to speed on the new anti-Slayer, pro-vampire world system that had come about as a result of Harmony Kendall revealing vampires to the world.

During this time, he chased leads and pulled together a cogent theory of the prophecy involving both Angel and Buffy, [72] and later sought Buffy and her friends out. He arrived at the climax of their confrontation with Twilight, appearing to the Scooby Gang as they and Angel fought off a mass of extra-dimensional demons. He claimed that he alone could stop the current crisis as reality's "evolution" was thwarted by Buffy rejecting her role.

Reunited, Buffy finally thanked Spike for destroying the Turok-Han and closing the Hellmouth and also revealed that she had known he was still alive for a time, but merely could not find the time to get in contact with him. Spike explained the nature of the prophecy she was party to, and informed her that the Seed of Wonder - the source of magic and "heart of the world" - currently resided in Sunnydale and had the power to end all of the chaos of Twilight.

Together, they delved into the heart of the Hellmouth where they found the Seed and its protector, the Master. When Angel returned, possessed once more by the Twilight entity, he attempted to kill Spike, forcing Spike to retreat to his ship and recover from the sunlight.

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From there, he watched as Willow - in full connection to the Earth through the Seed - led a charge against the military and placenturian demons that had been pouring into the then expendable dimension. As the magic suddenly being cut from the world as a result of Buffy destroying the Seed, Spike witnessed demons disappearing back into the sky, and immediately gave chase to one that escaped.

Four months after Buffy shattered the Seed of Wonder in the Sunnydale crater, Spike, having headed to San Francisco with the remaining Scoobies, visited Buffy on the fire escape of Xander and Dawn's apartment. He tried to warn her that he had heard rumors about a new evil tracking her, but their conversation quickly turned to the destruction of the Seed. Spike expressed that, unlike Willow, he supported her decision, and reminded her that she had done right by her companions in the end.

As he tried to cheer her up, she unexpectedly started to cry, and quickly went back inside the apartment so Spike wouldn't be witness to her growing insecurity. As the gang settled down in San Francisco, Spike chose to remain there to give Buffy whatever support he could. As always, he followed Buffy on her nightly patrols, and continued to warn her about the reports of approaching danger.

There, he encountered Eldre Koha demon who had been freed from imprisonment when the Seed was shattered. He expressed his desire to serve Buffy rather than kill her, and although Spike didn't believe him at first, Koh quickly disclosed the true threat: the mysterious "Siphon", a prophesied being with the power to drain mystical and demonic energy from anything he touches.

Joined by Koh, Spike returned to the mainland to save Buffy, who was under attack by Severinthe Siphon. Koh asked him why he, a vampire, would have such a strong desire to help a Slayer, which caused Spike to relay his and Buffy's story without reluctance.

When Koh deduced that he was still in love with Buffy, Spike admitted that after everything she had been through, he believed she deserved to be with someone "normal".

the answer to your question is season 6 episode name "once more with feeling" is the episode buffy and spike first kiss, the on episode named "smashed" buffy and spike finerly have sex in a broken down building where it falls in all around them. but buffy doesn't tell spike she loves him until the final episode of buffy "chosen" before the amulet he wears causes him to fully burst . Do buffy and spike hook up - How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, mutual relations can provide. Join the leader in online dating services and find a date . Feb 17,   Buffy doesn't end up with Spike or Angel. In an episode right before the end of Angel (the show), it is said that she is in Italy having an affair with someone called the Immortal, but in the Season 8 comic books that is revealed to be false, so if you take those as canon, she isn't with anyone.

As soon as they reached the harbor, Spike and Koh ran ashore to an abandoned warehouse surrounded by police cruisers. Inside, they found Robert Dowlingan detective for the S. Though Dowling initially pointed his gun at Spike and Koh, they quickly realized they were on the same team, and went to help Buffy. After the battle had subsided and Buffy was being interrogated by Dowling, Koh told Spike that Buffy would want to talk to him for risking his life for her; Spike, however, chose to keep his distance.

A few nights later, Detective Dowling had Spike meet him in order to learn the basics of demon hunting. As they searched the streets for zompiresDowling got Spike to explain his complicated relationship with Buffy in a succinct way.

Spike encouraged Dowling to pursue Buffy romantically if he was interested, reiterating once more that he would like nothing more than to see her with someone normal like Dowling.

The detective, however, saw through Spike's ruse and encouraged him to tell Buffy how he felt before it was too late. After giving Dowling a quick run-down, Spike received a text from Buffy asking him to meet her at her apartment. There, he found her dangling her feet in a pool, looking rather distressed. As Dowling had suggested, he announced that he had something to tell her, but she interrupted before he could confess his feelings by revealing her assumed pregnancy.

She admitted that she had considered running away with him to raise the baby, but that she had since come to accept that she wasn't ready to carry such a burden. Spike was supportive of her decision to have an abortion, and agreed to accompany her to the procedure. Spike made arrangements for Buffy, and in the meantime she moved briefly into his ship.

As she unpacked her things he asked her if she had meant what she'd said about running away with him and the baby.

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She confirmed her prior statement, but told him that it never would have worked because he epitomized a part of the world she would be trying to escape. Frustrated and disappointed, Spike stormed out of her room complaining about how she only came to him when she was in a bind. He received a call from Dowling in the midst of walking away. He agreed to help the officer, but when Buffy tried to accompany him he took on a more caring air and told her that she couldn't play Slayer in such a fragile state.

He brought his ship to the park where Dowling was engaging a hoard of zompires in battle, and began fighting them off. Buffy, who had gone to save Dowling despite Spike's wishes, helped Spike to defeat the last of the zompires and then abruptly asked him if he was still in love with her. He admitted to her without hesitance that he was, but also expressed his reluctance to continue acting as her "dark place. After moving past the initial shock of discovering Buffy was a robot, both he and Buffy went to confront Andrew, who revealed that he had swapped Buffy's mind from her real body into the body of a robot in an attempt to protect her from impending danger.

He had installed food consumption in the robot, but had forgotten to add a menstrual cycle; the robot had given a false positive on the pregnancy test. Buffy, Spike and Andrew then traveled to the suburban house where Buffy's real body had been living with no memory of her identity as the Slayer, only to discover that she had been kidnapped by the rogue Slayer Simone.

They tracked the robot to Simone's hideout, and together stormed its front in order to reclaim Buffy's body. While Buffy fought her misled human self, Spike confronted Simone with the help of his bugs.

Though she shot him repeatedly and killed several of his insects, he was able to deter her long enough for Buffy to convince her robot-minded body to abandon Simone and her illogical plot. Simone fled during the commotion. After the robot business had been dealt with, Spike told Buffy that he needed to take a break from San Francisco. He confessed that he didn't want to return to lurking around the edge of her life as he always had in the past.

Though Buffy tried to convince him to stay and fight with her, he remained insistent in his decision. He assured her that he loved her, but didn't fail to acknowledge that he was never sure where her heart was; once more, he told her that he believed in her and that he would always have her back, and then left the city on his ship. Wanting to come to terms with himself, Spike left San Francisco and the Slayer residing there behind and underwent an interval of highly uncharacteristic brooding.

He drowned his sorrows in alcohol, and sat alone in the dark for prolonged periods of time. He even traveled to the literal "dark side" of the moon on his ship. His bugs began to worry that in such a state, he was unfit to be their master, and repeatedly tried to cheer him up.

They decided that he had been spending too much time in the dark, and opted to bring him into the solarium he had built to be Buffy's "light place", where they had set up an artificial beach inspired by the pictures from a magazine. They also replaced the solarium skylights with necro-tempered glass that blocked the rays dangerous to vampires, allowing Spike to sit in the sunlight without being harmed. In the solarium, he and his bugs reflected on the philosophies of "real" and "fake", and decided that human fell for artificial ideals because they wanted to.

Just as he had recovered somewhat, the ship was suddenly attacked by a frog-like demon. He managed to cut it with a broken bottle, but was subsequently overcome and captured by a group of demons that had been left stranded on the moon after attempting to flee the Sunnydale crater on the back of a lunar demon.

Spike managed to convince them that he would be a valuable asset, considering he knew the location of the Seed chamber. Once there, he led them to the place where the Seed had been situated, but upon discovering the shards were gone, declared that someone must have gotten there first. He engaged the demons in battle once more, and was aided this time by a female demon named Morganwho explained that she had come to the crater in search of a shard to return to her home dimension.

They were attacked by Angel's enemies, Pearl and Nashwho were also searching for the remaining shards of the Seed. Pearl remembers her previous encounter with Spike but reveals that her infatuation was over. A fight between Spike and the siblings briefly broke out, but Spike and Morgan managed to escape with the help of Sebastian and the other bugs.

When the two began to talk, she elaborated about wanting to find her way back to her homeland, and revealed that she was a succubusbetter known as a "higher-up courtesan demon ", who helped great men achieve great things. Still, she remained evasive and suspicious; her behavior did not go unnoticed by the bugs, and to a certain extent, Spike. Despite her elusive conduct, he agreed to help her and the two continued to flirt with each other. He admitted to her that he felt like nobody's expectation of a hero, and that he wasn't as confident as he had been in the past indirectly referring to his soulless self.

Sebastian began to fear that his leader was falling for Morgan's feminine charms.

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On the way there, the two talked in the solarium. She started up a conversation with him, seemingly friendly and supportive, but quickly began to question him about Buffy, and attempted to comfort him while he wallowed in his lovesick sorrows. She was interrupted when they reached Easter Island, where the Hellmouth was situated.

She once more attempted to make sexual advances toward him. Spike rejected her, and came to understand why Buffy had rejected his offer to come with him on his ship and he realized that leaving her had been unfair.

Still, Morgan refused to give up, and in a moment of weakness, Spike kissed her; however, he pulled away quickly, and rejected her once again, claiming that like the solarium, any relationship they shared wouldn't be "real.

Furious, Morgan slapped him and revealed her true motives; she had had the shard with her the whole time. Consequently, Spike fought with her. The bugs almost succeeded in capturing her, but she managed to escape. By the time Spike managed to catch up with Morgan, she was already beginning the ritual to open the Hellmouth. The incantations she performed awakened the moai on Easter Island, and the statues attacked Spike and his crew.

However, much to his surprise, they were not controlled by Morgan, and attacked them both. The bugs attempted to fight the moai, but were knocked out of the sky. Spike and Morgan split up. In no time, the ship became consumed with fire and they were forced to abandon it. Morgan saved Spike, while Sebastian's life was taken; the other bugs managed to survive by using escape pods.

The remaining members of Spike's bug crew decided to remain on Easter Island, and Morgan departed as well after claiming that her offer to Spike had been genuine, and that they could have been "this century's power couple" but acknowledging she couldn't compete with Buffy.

Spike briefly mourned the loss of his ship before uncertainly wondering what he would do next. Before he could make a decision, he received an unexpected phone call from Angel, who reluctantly requested his help in London. Spike, welcoming a distraction from his constant thoughts about Buffy, agreed to meet Angel and arrived at Alasdair Coames ' place in London to discuss a strategy to defeat Eyghon the Sleepwalker and recover the body of Rupert Giles that the demon had possessed.

Spike was vital to the operation because as a vampire he would be less likely to fall under the control of Eyghon. After some petty bickering with Angel, and a brief attempt to catch-up with Faith, the group which includes several London slayers are attacked by Eyghon and his zombies.

They came very close to apprehending him, but Eyghon now more powerful in his true form overcame the demon within Spike and managed to possess him.

When does buffy hook up with spike

While Eyghon failed to corrupt Angel because of the three spirits inside of him Giles, Angelus and himselfGiles briefly dominated and managed to kill Eyghon, releasing his control over the zombies. Having regained his composure, Spike, along with Faithnoticed that Angel had become erratic with multiple beings with him.

With the final piece of Giles's soul, Spike and Faith were forced to come up with a new plan, considering Angel was the only person who had any clue how to restore Giles' body. Spike suggested a magical item called the Essuary would be the best option, which Alasdair knew its exactly location.

Spike and Faith headed to a London cemetery to find it, where they engaged in battle with a soul-devouring demons called Enders ; Spike came close to having his soul consumed yet again, but managed to overcome the Ender responsible in the nick of time. As they trekked into the Enders' lair, he and Faith discussed their separate lack of love lives, during which time Faith rejects Spike's offer of a hook-up despite their previous chemistry, saying she's no-one's rebound and compared Spike to Angel, much to the former's chagrin.

She proved her point by reminding him that both had fallen in love with Buffy and subsequently chosen to leave her despite their continuing feelings. This annoyed Spike to the extent that he made short work of the remaining Enders and he asked Faith if that was why she made those comments. She stated she meant every word. Spike revealed to her that he would be lying to himself if he said he had managed to move on from Buffy, and Faith advised him he wouldn't get laid until he got over her. They then located the Essuary.

Back at the apartment, Spike was instructed to watch over Angel in the basement while Faith and the others performed the ritual. There, he ranted to a deranged Angel about his own insecurities in regards to his difficult relationship with Buffy and wonders if perhaps Buffy didn't prefer him without a soul and acknowledges that he's never been much good on his own. In the process, he also admits that he envied Angel for being able to move on from Buffy; much to his surprise, Angel responded coherently that he hadn't moved on either.

Embarrassed that he had confessed so much to Angel, Spike made an attempt to brush off his own words. In gratitude for helping him, Angel send Spike a text message with Harmony's phone number. The following day, Angel and Faith witnessed him exiting the bathroom shower with Harmony, and Faith joked about him was using her as a rebound. Spike decided to stay around in London with Angel a little while longer, even seeming to have been about to help them against foes Pearl and Nash.

Though when Faith received an unexpected call from Buffy about Dawn who was currently in trouble, his decision changed drastically. Not helping himself, he briefly attempted to revive their memories of her. Impatient and not willing to push any further about Dawn, he immediately left them to return to San Francisco to help save her. Spike returned to San Francisco in no time, only just missing Buffy and the other's departure to the Deeper Well. He noted to himself that he could've helped them get in there, but nonchalantly shrugged it off.

His main motivation was to protect and take care of Dawn, not "play puppy dog to The Slayer. Spike told Dawn stories of her life and relationship with him, trying to make her trust him enough to be comfortable.

Eventually, his efforts paid off as Dawn claimed she believed what he said, even if she didn't necessarily remember any of it. The two of them hugged each other. Spike continued to tell more stories about both himself and her, only for his memory to begin to fail him in some areas. Realizing he was starting to forget her, Spike immediately took out a tape recorder he had prepared so it would refresh some of his memories.

Spike continued to struggle with his memories of Dawn fading away, eventually reaching the point where he was even forgetting her name. When the tape recorder failed to work to the same extent it had before, Spike got angry and blamed Andrew for giving him a faulty tape recorder. Instead of calling Buffy as Billy had told him to deliver a message to her about Simonehe called up Xander. Going through their usual snark with each other, Spike told him that Simone had a secret agenda about creating an army of slayer-turned-zompires against Buffy, and that Dawn's condition was worse, as she was now starting to become transparent.

Buffy, Willow, and Xander subsequently returned, having restored magic to Earth via a new Seed of Wonder. Though their initial attempts to restore Dawn failed, an offhand remark made by Spike enabled Willow to realize that Buffy's blood was the key, and their second attempt succeeded to bring Dawn back. Both Buffy and Dawn thanked Spike for being there to watch over Dawn, which he modestly brushed off.

After the return of magic, Spike then established himself in San Francisco alongside the Scooby Gang. There, he shared an apartment with Xander and rescued catswho quickly became his close friend and advidor, and worked as a supernatural consultant for San Francisco Police Department thanks to Dowling.

With this new life, he and Buffy Summers gave a chance for a serious relationship. Spike's reputation was perhaps most unique because he had fought and killed two Slayers in his lifetime. He was once very proud of his conquests, and admitted to Buffy that he was able to overcome the Slayers because he perceived their desire to be free of their burden. He believed that all Slayers possessed an obsession with death, Buffy included.

Ironically, Spike seemed to have some sort of obsession with Slayers. He did not fear them as other vampires did, but sought them out with the sole intention of fighting them to the death. He told Buffy how he first learned about the Slayer from Angelus, who spoke of her in an attempt to scare Spike.

Spike, however, became haunted by the thought of fighting Slayers, and pursued them. She managed to cut him above his left eye with her sword, giving Spike his trademark scar. He overpowered her and fed on her special blood, which he revealed was an aphrodisiac to vampires.

At him. One. Damn, a hook up with a character. Mainly because the buffy the comments. References like for spike, and honorable and spike, would we be in love with this feature is resurrected and ep do buffy knows. Does spike what do you can chat with this couple. Tv buffy started having real feelings for spike or.

They had two heated battles, the second of which resulted in her death by having her neck snapped. Spike stripped her body of her leather duster, which he wore from then on as a symbol of victory. Before joining Buffy and her friends in Sunnydale and fighting to regain his soul, Spike attempted many times to make Buffy his third victim.

His fixation with the Slayer eventually evolved into a perverse obsession with Buffy herself, and later, genuine love.

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His devotion to her had become a driving motivation for him and his actions. After gaining a soul, Spike's perspectives have also changed dramatically. He no longer had any desire to kill Slayers, a prime example being Dana, a Slayer he encountered during his time with Angel Investigations. Also, he had previously met the estranged son of the second Slayer he killed while preparing for the fight against the First Evil in Sunnydale.

When confronted by a grownup Robin Wood, Spike did not apologize for murdering his mother, but threatened him for his pointless vendetta; the monster that killed Xin Rong and Nikki Wood ceased to exist when Spike regained his soul. Spike could be seen as something of a paradox amongst vampires; pre-soul he exhibited many characteristics that separate him from his soulless brethren, and he very often challenged his kinds' supposed emotional and physical limitations.

He embraced certain elements of humanity, most notably love, and was exceptionally loyal. Both love and loyalty would be considered too "human" to other vampires, and would therefore be offensive. His humanity and ability to love are detected and ridiculed by the Judge when they resurrect the demon to battle Buffy. Spike had very romantic convictions where love was concerned. He seemed to believe strongly in monogamy, as he was devastated every time Drusilla cheated on him whether with Angelus, the Immortal or other various demonsand sunk into states of drunken depression.

Spike was a "fool for love" in every sense of the term; his actions, whether good or evil, were most often motivated by his deep affections for either Drusilla or Buffy.

He even called himself "love's bitch" on several occasions, and had been states of self-consuming obsession over both women. Simply put, his loyalties lie in the same place as his passions, and unlike Angelus or Angel he did not enjoy philosophizing about "good" and "evil. One of Spike's most notable traits was his lust for violence and his love of brawling. Shortly after his siring, he became quite the thrill-seeker, but unlike Angelus, he liked to engage himself in life-and-death battles, and became obsessed with fighting Slayers as a result.

He noted that he finds the act of violence to be quite therapeutic: he once responded to a lackey's incompetence by snapping the neck of a hostage that he had considered "too old to eat" and expressed that he felt better afterwards. Similarly, while pining for Drusilla, he observed that taking out his aggression by staking vampires "put things into perspective for him.

This proved that he did not really care what he fought as long as he could fight. Even when Spike was protecting Dawn after Buffy's death, he watched demons destroying the town outside and remarked that it looked like fun. Since he was never in it for the sake of being evil, Spike showed a considerable amount of flexibility unlike most vampires when it came to the opposing moralities.

After he was chipped by the Initiative, he still reveled in destruction and would talk about killing people either fondly [39] or casually, [47] but had a noticeable lack of reservations when it came to doing good acts upon falling in love with Buffy.

Spike still had evil and questionable intent but he would ignore that if it meant Buffy would accept him and see him as a changed person. Although Spike's love for mindless destruction might suggest otherwise, he was highly intelligent and educated. He displayed excellent skills of insight and analysis, particularly in regards to relationships, and made regular references to literary works.

He also demonstrated an impressive knowledge of magic rituals and items. He was easily able to discern romantic undertones in Willow's "friendship" with Tara before her other companions, and he used his deep understanding of Riley Finn's anxieties about Buffy to undermine him. As a human, he was a poet, and appeared to have a great knowledge of literature. When Giles quoted a line from Shakespeare's Henry V "We few, we happy few"Spike was quick to respond with a parodied continuation of the couplet: " we band of buggered.

When the vengeful spirit of Chumash Warriors attacked the Scoobies and Buffy proposed apologizing to them, Spike irritably proclaimed that their pacifist tactics were annoying him, because they were preparing to express regret for something completely illogical; white settlers did steal the land of natives when they arrived, and did slaughter them.

Spike wisely said to the Scoobies: "You came in and you killed them and you took their land. That's what conquering nations do. It's what Caesar did, and he's not goin' around saying 'I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it. You had better weapons, and you massacred them.

End of story. As a human, he was a romantic, ineffectual gentleman who was constantly mocked by his peers. He spent much of his time and energy trying to separate himself his contemporaries, whom he thought mediocre. As a vampire, he became a direct affront to his previous nature, and rebelled against European society with the Whirlwind. He refused to give up the romantic cts of his personality, even after Angelus attempted to desensitize him emotionally by sleeping with Drusilla.

William took on a new persona in order to maintain Drusilla's affections, and to anger Angelus, but remained a romantic at heart. He later told Angel that although Drusilla turned him, it was Angelus's influence over him that caused him to become a monster.

While Spike changed throughout his years with and without Angelus, he remained as true to himself as he could without a soul.

He eventually gained a swaggering posture, a love for punk and rock music and continued to live by his own unique moral compass. After winning back his soul, he was at first understandably confused and overwhelmed, but eventually came to examine the natures of "good" and "evil" in an entirely new way; while William Pratt and Spike are two undeniably different entities, ensouled Spike was a mixture of both: he possess William's human capacities for love, trust, friendship and loyalty, and Spike's confidence, maturity and outward persona.

Unlike Angel remorse and redemption weren't the driving factors for Spike, while he felt both over the acts he committed in his odd years as a vampire, his attitude was that the past was over and even if he lost his soul he'd still remain "good" due to his devotion to those he loved. After Buffy's resurrection, Spike remained with her friends and became a full-fledged member of the Scoobies, but was still a victim to his own murderous impulses due to his lack of a soul. Buffy believed him incapable of loving her because of this, and observed that he was nothing but a "soulless thing" despite all the good he had done for her, Dawn and the Scoobies.

This, of course, reflects one of Spike's most detrimental personality traits: his intense sensitivity. William Pratt was sensitive as a human, and this followed him into his unlife. After Drusilla cheated on him, he became comically depressed and even joked about suicide, when Buffy pushed him to the ground and told him he was "beneath her", he sobbed to himself, and even followed her to her house afterwards with a shotgun in a soon abandoned attempt to kill her.

This was made especially apparent in his interactions with Buffy. He had stated on multiple occasions Buffy would never be able to love him when he first realized his feelings [44] and even after the strong connection they developed once he received his soul, Spike still seemed fixed in this belief.

It was often Buffy's deprecation that caused him to want to be a better person. Before winning back his soul, he became obsessed with the prospects of being a monster or a man. While under Sweet's spell, he sang about Buffy: "First he'll kill her, then I'll save her", and: "No, first I'll save her, then I'll kill her.

He said to Buffy: "I know that I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man. Following his attempted rape on Buffy, he fled her house, disgusted with himself. He reflected on his inability to be either monster or man: "What have I done? Why didn't I do it? What has she done to me? In essence, it was his desire to be a "man" that caused him to want to reclaim both his soul and Buffy's trust. Additionally, he had complete respect for human life to the extent that he was unwilling to sacrifice thousands of innocent people just to save Fred [14] and was horrified when Illyria killed Jeremy Johns to help him defeat Non.

Spike spoke with a strong lower class English accent and often used typical British English slang; while suffering from amnesia, he labeled Giles a "nancy boy" for being English before realizing: "Bloody hell!

Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks, oh God! I'm English! Because of his history as a poet, he on occasion bordered on poetic in his understanding of love and life as being driven by blood. He believed that blood was more powerful than any supernatural force because it separated the living from the dead.

He also used "dancing" as a metaphor for both fighting and love, and stated to Buffy that he could have "danced all night" with Slayer Nikki Wood.

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He also stated that all they had ever done was "dance", proclaiming that she wanted to "dance" with him. Among his favorite targets were Angel, Xander, Giles, and to a lesser extent Buffy. Whenever he was sickened, injured, frightened, angered, or overall disgusted, Spike typically shouted the phrase "bloody hell", his catchphrase. Spike often nicknamed the people in his life, both as insults and as terms of endearment. He had given himself the nickname " Big Bad ", a reference to the nickname for the major enemies faced by the Scooby Gang.

Spike often treated his vampiric vulnerabilities as simply annoying inconveniences rather than actual limitations: he drove in broad daylight in vehicles with blacked-out windows, and regularly traveled outside during the day, using a blanket for cover.

While fighting Angel, he picked up a cross, withstanding the pain, and hit him with it. Spike appeared to be a fan of pop culture; when held captive by the Scooby Gang, his biggest concern was missing his favorite soap opera, Passions. Spike was a fan of punk rock music like Sid Vicious, in particular his version of "My Way" that he like singing himself, and The Ramones.

Spike had a punk look which strongly resembles that of English rock musician Billy Idol or rather Idol resembled Spike. His nails were often painted black. Spike usually wore a long black leather duster. He had briefly wore a duster he took from a Nazi officer he killed.

He wore the Slayer's black duster for over twenty-five years. His outfit during his first stay in Sunnydale included grey jeans, dark brown or black t-shirt, red silk button shirt and his black leather duster. His trademark look during his second stay included the leather duster, a black t-shirt or v-neck shirt and black denim or leather pants, usually with heavy boots.

Spike also occasionally wore black or blue button-up shirts, black wife beaters, and a black long-sleeved shirt which was torn apart during the demon trials that won Spike his soul. On rare occasions, Spike deviated from his trademark look, most notably during his fling with Buffy, in which he would often wear grey, blue, brown, green and other colored button shirts and t-shirts, but the duster remained.

Twice he deviated from his look to look good for Buffy, wearing baggy khaki pants, an oversized brown leather bomber jacket, pale and green button shirts and a grey t-shirt. Enhanced vampire abilities : Spike had the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire; he was immortal, regenerated damage, possessed superhuman physical attributes, and had heightened senses, able to track people by scent alone.

I think u have allot stuff screwed up in the head right now yep that makes sense yes. She doesn't end up with anyone really.

She loves Angel but also Spike. Angel leaves her knowing that their relationship will never work he is a vampire she is a slayer Spike falls in love with her but he does saving her and Sunnydale from the First Evil. Buffy also has numerous other love interests but Spike and Angel are the main two.

But in Season 8 the comics she's just had a fling with a girl named Satsu yep, Buffy got with a girlwho is also a slayer. I think that's over now though. Oh, and as for Angel and Xander. Angel moved to Los Angeles and Xander ends up with an ex-demon named Anya, who is killed in the series finale. Xander goes on to basically be Buffy's mentor in Season 8. Xander's like an army general or somethinhg for all the Slayers.

I think Buffy lovea both of them forever bc her a Angel gets tricks into having Twilight but she its Spike who she ask to go with her to get an abortion when she finds out she prego the show continues with tue comics and books love love Buffy She is the slayer that surpases all Slayers. Buffy doesn't end up with Spike or Angel. In an episode right before the end of Angel the showit is said that she is in Italy having an affair with someone called the Immortal, but in the Season 8 comic books that is revealed to be false, so if you take those as canon, she isn't with anyone.

In the last scene of Angel, it looks like Angel is going to die in a huge fight to defend LA, but there was a comic book continuation that said he lived. Xander survives the destruction of Sunnydale in the last episode of Buffy, and references in the last season of Angel plus the Season 8 comic book indicate that he continues to work alongside Buffy, Willow and Giles to train all the new Slayers and fight evil as always. I know Angel gets over not getting to be with Buffy and runs off to L.

A and thats when he get his own show " Angel" oh and gets a thing with Cordy who follows him over to that show. Buffy doesnt get too many more hook ups but I know towards the end of the show she gets hott and steamy with Spike and they start quite a love affair.

Coming to the end Faith comes back to help out and decides to be a good guy again I can't remeber what happened to Xander? I think him and Anya get back togather but I don't remeber. And I'm pretty sure Willow gets left by Tara after she is bad and ruins everything between them. Buffy ends with no one. Taylor R. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Hope you like my answer.!!! Take Care Fellow Buffy Lover!!!

Joan Lv 4. Buffy And Angel Relationship. How do you think about the answers?

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