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Tony , an original character, is portrayed by Michael Weatherly , and Ziva , who first appeared in the third season, is portrayed by Cote de Pablo. The characters were initially scripted as having a " cat and mouse " relationship, [3] something that continues into the later seasons. The pairing develops at a slow pace throughout the series and is dealt a number of obstacles. This includes Tony's "commitment phobias", [4] Ziva's trust issues, a series of other love interests, and Ziva being taken captive and presumed dead between Seasons 6 and 7 after a serious breakdown in their relationship. In the season 13 finale, Ziva is seemingly killed by a mortar attack arranged by former CIA Agent Trent Kort , and Tony learns that he and Ziva have a daughter, who she named after her sister, Tali.

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Kendall Jenner doesn't kiss and tell Or does she? The E! TMZ published a grainy photo of Kendall straddling Anwar during the intimate makeout sesh, which according to the outlet lasted two hours and ended around 4 a. Kendall and Anwar have known each other for years you don't become besties with Gigi and Bella without getting close to their famous family , and in she even posted a flirty photo with the aspiring runway star. News they were "hanging out" and "keeping things casual" as they get to know each other. Meanwhile, another source downplays Jenner's recent romantic ventures, telling us, "She's dating and having fun.

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Well, to help you decide, I decided to create a full write-up covering this topic in depth. Follow along to find out if full hookups are for you. By connecting your RV to all of these services, you can treat your RV as your home: no water rationing, worrying about running a generator or finding a dump-out site on your way home. Full hookups are a great option for anyone who wants to retain as many of the amenities of home while camping. But is it really necessary and are there any downsides to using full hookups? Keep reading to find out! As we mentioned earlier, whenever an RV park says it has full hookups, you can expect to have access to fresh water, electricity, and sewage for your RV.

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