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Support on Patreon Become a Patron! She develops a crush on the track teams star athlete, Tomoka Kase. The girls struggle realistically to maintain and balance their relationship with the demands of school, social life, and being two unique and different people. Rather than over the top drama, it focuses on believable and relatable issues such as jealousy, sexual intimacy, confidence, and growing up. The sequel series, Kase-san and Yamada , sees the two women after high school continuing to date during their college lives.

It is realistic, adorable, and powerful. Takashima actively goes against many of the tropes and themes of the yuri genre, many of which have harmful elements, in this phenomenal series.

The first volume of the sequel series was published in Japan on July 25, It will be adapted into English and released on February 11, The anime is distributed internationally by Sentai Filmworks. By using this blog you agree that you have read, understand, and will follow all disclaimers, terms of use, and privacy policies. Tweets by HolyYuriMother. Riri likes Itta. Itta likes Fuuka. Apr 28, Ikeda, Riyoko 3 vols. A classic manga about girls at a private all-girls school. The storyline centers around the experiences of Nanako, a "normal" girl who is invited to join the prestigious school organization, the Sorority, and is resented by all the other students because she doesn't appear to be qualified.

Other key characters are Nanako's two friends: Tomoko, her friend since childhood who is alienated by Nanako's decision to try to join the Sorority, and Mariko, a strange, obsessive girl who is invited to join the Sorority along with Nanako; her "older brother," Henmi, who she corresponds with by mail; and the "Three Magnificent Ones," all of whom are admired and quasi-worshipped by the rest of the student body: the head of the Sorority, Miya-sama, the haunted, pill-popping rebel, Saint Juste, and the star athlete with a mysterious disease who doesn't like the Sorority, Kaoru-no-kimi.

Yuri Slice of Life Shoujo Ai. Natsu no Hajimari The Beginning of Summer 2. Suika 3. Yuudachi Kibun Evening Rain Feeling 4. Sketch 5.


Natsu no Ari Summer Ants 6. Tainai Kaiki Return to the Womb 7. Himitsu no Seseragi The Secret Stream 8. Jun 18, Ayumi and Sayako are roommates. Ayumi is dating Asami.

Yuri dating athlete

Sayako is dating Keiko. What happens when Ayumi and Sayako both find out the other is dating another woman? Collection of the following stories: 1. Rakuen no Jouken The Conditions for Paradise 2. Hoshi no Mukougawa Beyond the Stars 3. Bathed in Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees 4. The Opposite of "Seme" is "Protector" 6. We're Aiming For Love Now 7. Momo no Aji Peach Taste 8. Dec 18, Otsu, Hiyori 1 vol.

SNSD Yuri - Extreme Yo-Yo Dieting Story 2007 - 2018

A collection of short stories. Each story ranges from unrequited love to curious relationships to love fulfilled. Maple Love 2. Love Letter 3. Cycling Under a Starlit Sky 4.

Best Collection Of Sexy Hot Female Athlete Photos My favorite female athletes and their naughty videos leaked. Observe these sportswomen flash their tits and muscular ass for more fame. Of course it is not being easy as an athlete but hey that's what you get paid for. I love watching these hotties pussy and scandalous pics leaked. Who does not want to see famous athlete female get exposed. Also known as Kase-san and this beloved yuri manga series by Hiromi Takashima follows Yui Yamada, a shy girl who waters the flower in her school's garden. She develops a crush on the track teams star athlete, Tomoka Kase. Much to Yamada's surprise, Kase likes her back, and the two begin dating. LYDIA Valentin. 56K likes. Fan Page oficial de Lydia Valentin. 10 de Febrero de Campeona Olimpica. Campeona del Mundo. Campeona de Europa. Weightlifting. SpainFollowers: 60K.

Kawaii Anata 5. Winter-tinged Thoughts 6. Jul 18, Yoshitomi, Akihito 2 vols. Supernatural Drama Yuri Seinen. Blue Drop: Tenshi no Bokura's main protagonist is Shouta, a regular high-school student. Not much time passes until Shouta finds out this girl is actually Kenzou, his former-male best friend, who has been transgendered by the Arume and commanded to get pregnant.

Feb 19, Yamaji, Ebine 1 vol. Ichiko Izumiya is a young student of English who would like to walk in the footsteps of her father is a translator of trendy American novels. She finally decides to confess to him that she is in love with Eriko, a law student.

Ichiko will attempt to live out her homosexuality in peace and will be brought to wonder about the nature of her relationship: is she really homosexual or simply in love with a sensitive being who happens to be of the same sex? Drama Yuri Slice of Life Josei. After a heated argument with her mother, Keito runs away from home without knowing where to go. When she helps an old woman to carry her bags home, the woman offers to put her up in one of her rooms. Keito accepts and starts to pick up the pieces of her life.

When she's not drawing her own comic, which features a black jazz singer named Angie, the young woman works at a record shop. That's where she meets and falls in love with Niki, an attractive trumpeter in a funk band. They sleep with each other. Unfortunately for Keito, Niki then explains that she's not interested in a serious relationship, but Keito is not willing to give up that easily Three years ago, Karamura Neneko's father died. Since then, she's been living together with her older sister, Nanako.

They've been living together happily until recently, when Nanako starts acting strangely.

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There will be nights that she doesn't sleep at home, and then one day she completely disappears. Not only that, but she quit her job at a company that she had been at for a long time. Worried about her sister, she remembers a place that her father told her to go to if she was ever in trouble, the Raubritter. Upon arrival, she meets Shinobu and Yokana, cousins that run a detective agency, more-so as a hobby than a career.

Since they are both fairly wealthy they never ask for payment. They only help young maidens in need, and since their business is a secret, only people with connections come to them.

Yuri dating athlete - If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Dating. It was revealed in April , that Yuri was dating basketballer, Oh Seung-hwan. The duo broke up in October of the same year, due to their individual busy schedules and long distance in their relationship. Facts Edit. Yuri's nicknames are Black Pearl, Kkamyool, Kkamchi and Cola Her Greek star-sign is Saggitarius. Her blood type is archotelzeeland.comations: Girls Generation and Oh!GG. Aug 30,   Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

It turns out that Neneko's father helped them out a lot in the past. The cousins are heart broken to find out that he died, so they are more than willing to help Neneko find her sister.

What has happened to Neneko's sister? Will a special relationship develop between Neneko and the cousins? Dowman, Sayman 1 vol. A gag manga about a high school girl who is in love with her friend. Mar 2, Yuri Hentai Comedy. Meet Sayoko - better known as Slut Girl - a drop-dead beauty that knows what she wants and has the attitude to get it.

Satoru is the biggest little mealy-mouthed pushover on the planet and Slut Girl takes full advantage of her raging sexuality to use her boyfriend for living space and money. Source: Eros Comix. Romance Yuri Shoujo Ai.

This book was a special send-away item at Comiket and is not available in stores. Source: Lililicious. Takewakamaru 3 vols. Suou is just a normal high school student. One night, she dreams about a red-haired demon girl Nishi, Uko 2 vols. Yuri Slice of Life Josei Comedy. Nishi Uko's Collectors is about two women in a relationship who disapprove of each other's spending habits.

Oct 29, Fujieda, Miyabi 1 vol. Fujieda Miyabi's Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou to depicts a romance between a miko and a witch. In the first chapter, Letty, the witch, ends up playing the knight in shining armor to Tsumugi, a young woman magically bound to her family's shrine. Jul 27, Hayase, Hashiba? Supernatural Yuri School. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart.

A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season. Yoshitomi, Akihito 3 vols. Yuri School Slice of Life Comedy. Haruka 14 and Sakura 12 are sisters. Yoshiko 14 and Mai 12 are sisters as well. So what happens when best friends Haruka and Yoshiko have an attraction to each others sisters of the Yuri kind? Source: MU Serialization: Tsubomi. Urushihara, Satoshi 3 vols. The story is set in a not too distant future, in which Earth has been overrun by a horrifying technovirus.

Mechanical parasites, mistakenly created in an attempt to advance technology, attach themselves to human spinal cords and turn their hosts into cyborgs. Desperate to rid themselves of this technological terror, the remaining human survivors try to band together and learn to defend themselves against android enemies.

Jun 25, Mira 1 vol. Yuri Hentai Doujinshi. Nozomi is a normal girl working in Akihabara in Tokyo. A female foreigner, Kiara, from a southern island comes into the cafe she works at after a long day of shopping.

The two decide to go to a bar together, and after Kiara gets drunk they go back to her hotel together. Nozomi begins to fall in love with Kiara and leaves Japan for Kiara's home island to be with her.

Dec 31, Sayori 2 vols. Supernatural Yuri Hentai Doujinshi. Chocola is in heat and her sister, Vanilla, tries to make it better. She takes her to their master and he makes them feel "better. Aug 16, Asagi, Ryuu 3 vols. Third-year middle-school student Anna is now living with a crude and disorganized fourth-year college student, Ema, who is always manipulating her.

After what used to be uneventful days, Anna finds herself caught in the middle of Ema's complicated romantic relationship, crossing the line into the world of adults-a world where one sees women kissing each other. Nov 22, Rutsu, a novelist, finds herself caught between her boyfriend and another woman. Source: Lililicious Serialization: Feel Young. Oct 6, Natsuneko 1 vol.

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Drama Yuri Shoujo Ai. Butterfly Agetha and Maria are two music students striving for the same dream, Maria's successful music career. Agetha supports Maria by always saying "My dream is your dream" but it isn't until Maria gets her big break that she realizes she has to drop out and most importantly, leave Agetha behind.

Will their relationship be able to last? Butterfly Instant Summer: A short extra on who is in control of the relationship between Agetha and Maria. Wonder who wins? Quilt Queen: A promise between high school sweet hearts flourishes, at least for top model Dahlia it does.

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While Sakura is left as a nobody fashion designer still trying to get her start. It isn't until Dahlia's manager demands that Sakura give up her love for Dahlia does she work harder to be on equal footing with Dahlia. Will their love over come this crisis?

Sae kindly notices that neither of the two have married and had children, and warns them if they wait too long their chance at real happiness will pass them by. Are Dahlia and Sakura truly happy? Beautiful Pain: A mother begins to suspect her two daughters, Hakuto and Lily of having a more than "sibling-like" relationship. Is it true that their lovers? Rooftop Miracle: Being dumped hurts, but being dumped AND swindled hurts more, which leads Kyouko to the rooftop of a building in hopes of ending her suffering.

That is until another girl, named Mirai, who has same problems as her, comes up to the same rooftop to do the exact same thing. Could this be a twisted coincidence? Spicy Sweets: Aki is a pastery chef in the making, living with the rather flighty Yuu who is hiding away from her family. It isn't until Yuu receives a call from her mother informing her that she is coming to get her does she panic.

Snatching Aki up in a whirlwind of confusion dying to run away Aki convinces the frantic Yuu to meet with her mother. Yet Aki can't help but wonder what Yuu-chan's family does for a living, and why Yuu is so keen on running away. Buttefly Affect: It's difficult balancing a relationship when work is so hectic, at least that's how it is for Agetha and Maria. Who, more often than not, spend their time worlds apart from one another.

When Maria is just about to leave to see Agetha a sudden opportunity arises that could very much put Maria's career in a more secure position, will she go for it?

Furutsuji, Kikka 1 vol. Knife Edge Girl 2. Graffiti 3. Tourteau Fromage 4. Drama Yuri. Reo and Meiko were friends in high school. However, now Reo is serving as Meiko's slave, doing whatever Meiko requests. The story uncovers why their relationship turned out this way. Anisaki, Yuna? Two girls, Sara and Youko, were once childhood friends, but they've since grown apart not only in intimation but in status.

Sara shines while Youko is completely unspectacular at their Catholic high school. Suddenly, Sara wants to renew old bonds with Youko But her motives aren't as pure as simple girl x girl love Miyazaki, Maya 10 vols.

Yuri Ecchi School Comedy. A story about the humorous misadventures of Akabane Aya, an arrogant high school girl who's constantly trying to outdo her classmates in everything especially sex appealonly to make a fool of herself in the process.

Since the story takes place in an all-girls school, expect lots of yuri fanservice innuendos without much seriousness. Takahashi, Itsumi 1 vol. Yuri Comedy. A manga about pirates, from Yuri Hime's cell phone line. A young woman infiltrates a band of pirates to try and get back a treasure that they stole from her mother. Romance Yuri Slice of Life Comedy.

Stories from the Oniyuri Hot Spring, a no-name hot spring which slowly starts to gain fame as more women come to visit. Source: Dynasty Scans.

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Nov 18, Juubaori, Mashumaro 2 vols. Alice, a beautiful girl with a horrible past. She fell down and woke up in Sexland reg. Here she meets the bunny with the clock, a lovely girl.

Here the two try to get to the Queen of Hearts, but before that they meet op with Chesshire, the cat. All three of them start their journey to the kingdom. Mar 16, Shimura, Takako 2 vols. A collection of short stories that take a refreshing and humorous look at the sexual relationships between young people in Japan. Namori 1 vol. Please note this is not Yuru Yuri Series of yuri doujinshi by Namori bundled together in one book.

Dec 30, Hakamada, Mera 1 vol. Romance Yuri School Seinen. Konno finds herself interested in an erotic tale created by her classmate Hikawa. Yurihara, Aki 2 vols. Supernatural Yuri Comedy Vampire. April is a vampire who is freeloading at Hikari's house. She needs food to sustain her body, and that is Source: Yuri Project Serialization: Tsubomi. Oct 12, Tachibana, Ayun 3 vols. Now, one year later, she's managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious school and is taking the bus to the school.

Unfortunately, she takes the wrong bus, but encounters an interesting first-year girl, like her, that is also set to attend Niji no Oka Academy. Kigi, Tatsumi 1 vol. Runner's High 2. Unbalance 3. Asymmetry Lonesome Echo Serialization: Tsubomi. Dec 26, Iwami, Shouko 6 vols. Nakamachi Kana is a junior high school girl.

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Her grandmother passed away and she was left all alone. She finds a newspaper carrier station and starts working as a live-in carrier. Her room has a hole in the wall. Other female workers living next doors come in through the hole and start a wild merrymaking. Kazuto, Izumi 1 vol. Ikeda Mitsuko is a successful business woman, who made a wish to Santa to have a wife. And here it fits the phrase "Be careful what you wish for Kuroyome Metoraba 7.

Mitsuko-san's Agony 8. Fuji-sensei's Lie Serialization: Tsubomi. Chi-Ran 1 vol. A girl ends up living with a model she admires. Will she confess her feelings to her and risk losing their friendship, or will her self-control win out? Sep 16, Aoi, Hana 1 vol.

A girl's father is relocated by his job. She's recently found the "boy of her dreams" and decides that she's staying no matter where her parents move to!

She's sent to live with her grandmother and enters the same high school her mother attended. It's a religious school run by nuns. Koi wa Oshizuka ni Love Me Softly 4.

Recalculation 9. Mizutani, Fuuka 1 vol. Yuri Shoujo Ai. Someone mistook Chiaki's shoes for theirs, and ended up taking them. Now Chiaki is forced to wear this "someone's" shoes? What will fate play out? Supernatural Yuri Comedy Gender Bender. Ashita no Atashi Tomorrow's Me 2. Mienai Atashi Invisible Me 3, 8, Hen na Neesan Odd Sister 4, 9.

Hakase to Atashi Professor and Me 5. Chiisai Atashi Little Me 6. Hen na Kaasan Odd Mother Jan 7, A collection of yuri one-shots by various artists. May 25, Momono, Moto 2 vols. Romance Yuri Slice of Life Josei. Minato was living an ordinary but slightly suffocating kind of life. The one who changes all that for her is her senpai at work, Maya Asami.

When Minato is left bewildered by her boyfriend of 20 years' proposal, Maya sets Minato's heart free.

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What will come of this peculiar love triangle? Source: Clairparfait Serialization: Hatsu Kiss.

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Jun 13, Takemiya, Jin 1 vol. Collection of one shots: 1. Adorable to Me 2. Delicious Time 3.

Yuri, a member of K-pop group Girls' Generation, has been dating baseball player Oh Seung-hwan for six months, SM Entertainment confirmed Monday. "Yuri and Oh have developed romantic feeli. Japanese shemale Yuki Mizuno. 8 months ago TXXX japanese, cumshot. RUI MATSUSHITA - Tgirl Japan. 2 months ago TXXX japanese, bareback, asian, teen (18+), blowjob. Japanese T-Girl Resumes to get Smashed after Spunking. 2 months ago TrannyGem japanese, shemale. Taohuahua Montage. Yesterday KeekAss big tits, handjob. A classic yuri manga about a woman who leaves her husband for an old friend from school. There are two stories in this manga-one (Moonlight Flowers) is the main story, and the other (Midnight Flowers) is about the protagonist's friend's past. Note: this manga contains rape. (Source: Lililicious) Also includes another unrelated story.

Spike Girls 4. Always 6. Sweet Sweet Sweet 7. Onozuka, Kahori 1 vol. Drama Yuri Seinen. Ureha's boyfriend proposed to her three months ago, but she hasn't given him an answer yet. While visiting a cosmetics shop, she sees a woman, Sawori, who suddenly makes her remember a lesbian experience from high school.

She's not sure that's something she wants to repeat, but will she be able to resist Sawori's advances? Source: Lililicious Serialization: Ikki. Jan 31, Inamitsu, Shinji? Nogawa Izumi is a good student, and a class representative, but she has an increasingly high libido. It's gotten to the point that she'll claim to feel bad during class, so she can run to the nurse's office and masturbate.

When she learns that the Earth is being invaded by aliens that look like people dressed up as animals, it turns out her high sex drive may be able to help protect the Earth. The first time Izumi is attacked by the aliens, she is rescued by Usayama, a bunny alien whose race was their previous victim.

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Usayama gives her an outfit a sexy swimsuit that will allow her to fight the aliens, but which also sends her constant arousal through the roof. The scientific organization that Usayama is affiliated with think that Izumi, with her high erotic level, may be the person they've been looking for to fight the aliens.

Will Izumi be able to save the Earth? Aug 17, Drama Yuri School Comedy. A collection of yuri stories by Jin Takemiya.

Romance Yuri Hentai Historical. This story takes place thousands of years ago, in an era before modern civilizations. Our protagonist Sakina decides to venture forth to find the rumored Smoke Mountain, a village ran by a female chieftain named Kidaha. During her adventure she becomes caught in a fierce storm with a mysterious girl. Aug 11, Morinaga, Milk 1 vol. Hirahira 5. Risou no Kareshi 6. Wild Fancy Amai Kuchibiru Sweet Lips Kumo no Ito Serialization: Comic Kairaku-ten.

Mar 10, Mikuni, HajimeMorishima, Akiko 1 vol. Special booklet that came in Yurihime 12 featuring previews of 2 upcoming books in the Wildrose series, Hanjuku Joshi and Gokujou Drops.

Yuri confirmed dating baseball player

Sakamoto, Mano 1 vol. My Unique Day 2. Apr 17, Zankou Noise Afterglow Noise 2. Kaikou Effect Encounter Effect 3. Girls Talk 4.

Renai no Dekinai Oshigoto 5. Nov 11, Otsu, Hiyori? Otsu Hiyori's two-part one-shot "Othello" is about two girls who are opposites. In the first part, one confesses her love to the other. Supernatural Yuri School Hentai Horror. One of Morinaga's earlier and darker works, Mare is a mysterious girl who has the power to summon monsters. Mare comes to a high school looking for individuals with relationships full of envy, hate, anger, and desire, searching for unjust acts and dishing out her own brand of justice.

What is her purpose, and what challenges await her? And what awaits the students here with her arrival? Feb 28, Shiwasu no Okina 1 vol. Romance Yuri School Hentai. Kyokon wa Shoubai nari! Chousa e-gakari Ishihara Miina!!

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Shohousen 7. Loverinth 8. Tsukumo, Mutsumi 1 vol. A classic yuri manga about a woman who leaves her husband for an old friend from school. There are two stories in this manga-one Moonlight Flowers is the main story, and the other Midnight Flowers is about the protagonist's friend's past.

Note: this manga contains rape. Source: Lililicious Also includes another unrelated story. Higashiyama, Show? Yuri School Comedy Seinen Vampire. On the day of her grandmother's funeral, Ichika meets Aria, a beautiful foreigner who claims to be her grandmother's friend.

But Ichika soon finds that Aria is no normal human; she is a vampire, and their relationship has just begun Yuri Historical. A tale of love set in the feudal times! A tale of a tomboy daughter of a high ranking official and her love with her special other, who she was sworn to take care of and protect.

Tachibana-hime and her precious Sakura must persevere through the harsh lifestyle of nobility, and many challenges await them that could forcefully tear them apart Source: Tsundere Translations. Yuri Doujinshi. A collection of very short stories focusing on the four main schoolgirls of Saint Theresa Girls Academy we previously met in Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu manga. The Present. Over the Line. May 3, Kurihashi, Shinsuke?

An epic yuri romance in the carefully reconstructed WW2 setting The story follows the adventures of a Japanese battleship, the crew of which consists solely of girls for some reason.

This is pure fan-service and the historical details could perhaps be questioned, but as long as you like ships, tough girls and comedy, you're still gonna enjoy it. Jun 20, Fumotogawa, TomoyukiEdoya, Pochi 1 vol. Yuri School Shoujo Ai. Akita Momoko who entered Seijou Girls Academy is staying in the dorms. Her roommate is Aizawa Yasumi and Momoko is drawn to her, but Yasumi is searching for a different girl. Apr 18, I've admired my sempai ever since I can remember, but when I finally worked up the courage to confess my love to her, she said But we're both girls!

Okay, I'll give it another shot! Starting with "Koi Hana Double," a bittersweet depiction of the love between two classmates at a girls-only high school and an adult couple, Renai Joshi File is a story collection filled with the love between young women.

Two new stories about the couples of "Koi Hana Double" are included in this volume! Boys Fan Boys Jam! Comic Yell! Jump SQ. Crown Jump SQ. LaB Jump SQ. Magazine WOoooo! Onna no Kandou Jitsuwa Namaiki!

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