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I love that about him. I think you should have another look at the text and perhaps try and help rather than be so quick to jump on the attack. You have some really great insight on BPD in general. I like listening to your recordings and books because your perspective is the simplest to follow for all people. I have a question, a man with BPD is not as common as in women, so what if the men are actually sociopaths. I know the actual word sociopath is so scary but they seem to mirror some BPD traits. The guy I knew would be distant, not conform to social norm, and really used me.

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So put simply you'll have 3 wires that all go together as the negative and one wire as the positive.

So you don't have to buy a converter but mind you your rca output to your amp will be tied to that certain speaker so remember to keep your balance and fade to where that speaker gets full sound.

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