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This list has various kinds of new questions like dirty, weird, flirty, interesting, funny, sweet, cute and deep much more. If you were told that you could gift someone with something and the budget is unlimited, what would you gift and to whom? Would you give one of your fingers in exchange for having free Wifi wherever you go for the rest of your life? Before we started out, did you ever fantasize about me or look at me when I was not looking? What do you think should be our next step to make our sex life more exciting?

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It is possible that at some point in our lives, they caught us doing things that we would not want them to see. Good or bad depends many times on the situation. When they put us on the ropes we can lose the papers, as well as in times of need.

It is impossible to be good for everyone and in all situations. Some individuals may feel anxiety in certain situations. And many of these people have not accepted it, so they do not talk about it with total naturalness. In these cases, this question can be embarrassing. Love can bring out the good and the bad for us. For our self-esteem, rejections often have a strong negative impact. Nobody likes to feel rejected and less talk about it.

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When we are alone, we do not have to show how people want us to show ourselves, we do not have to give an image. Maybe in those moments, you relax and even carry out certain ideas that you have in mind and that others like will not share.

Uncomfortable dating questions

If in the first question we talked about how uncomfortable it can be if our parents catch us in some embarrassing situation. It is impossible that someone has never said a lie because lying is totally human.

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However, there are different types of lies and some of them hide something really embarrassing. In the face of others, we all tend to set aside that everything is always going well for us, that we are strong and that we can bear what they throw at us. Now, it is impossible to be happy at all times.

Who did you tell the last lie? Will he also be able to admit who and why?

Have you ever lied to me? One of the most uncomfortable questions you can ask your friends or your partner. Will your answer be another lie? What do you like most about yourself?

It is not easy for everyone to draw their most egocentric side.

35 uncomfortable questions that can make you have a hard time

Having to explain what we like most about ourselves can be uncomfortable. What is the worst about you? What score would you give from 1 to 10?

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As in the previous questions, having to do an exercise of self-assessment and expressing it in public can draw colors from more than one. What is the worst thing you have done for love? What is the last thing you searched on Google? Our internet search engine knows all our deepest desires and secrets, and bringing them to light can be most uncomfortable.

How often do you shake your little brother? Another very intimate question to make your friends uncomfortable. Talking about s3x is always intimidating.

What is the dirtiest thought you have ever had? What is the most extravagant thing you have done in bed?

Aug 18,   When you're on that first date. And there's that awkward silence. Because none of you knows what to say. Don't worry, we got you! These are 22 questions that can fill that silence: 1. Which power ranger speaks to you most spiritually? 2. It's a conversation, not an interrogation after all. That being said, it's natural for there to be some lulls in the conversation. So, it's a good idea to choose some of these first date questions as a fall back if the silence gets a little too awkward. Today we bring you a list of uncomfortable questions to ask your friends, your partner or whoever you want to have a hard time. Or to be aware of what types of questions you should avoid if you do not want to bother the other person.

The weirdest or the most daring. Having to explain the strangest anecdote lived in one of your nights of passion certainly is uncomfortable. Do you regret having slept with someone?

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There can always be that person with whom we feel embarrassed when we remember that we share a bed or with whom we should not have had anything. What is the greatest madness you have done? A question to know if they have lived the uncomfortable situation of being caught in bed with someone by surprise.

Have you ever fantasized about someone of your same s3x? Intrusive question for heterosexual people, but can be adapted to the preferences of each one. Have you fantasized about someone in this room? With whom? Another of the uncomfortable questions ideal to do in a group with your friends.

Or is it more uncomfortable if you perform it with only one person? You will see.

asking a girl the most AWKWARD questions possible... (uncomfortable)

How much is the longest time you have been without showering? Does size matter? Such questions to ask a guy is really important from the perspective that you are deciding to marry him anytime soon. These types of questions to ask a guy are really important as they determine a lot about his seriousness for you.

Good Questions To Ask a Guy. I would like to hear about your hometown. What's your family like? Do you have a nickname? If you do, how did you get it? Do you like it? How would you compare your current town and your hometown? Which one do you like? (If he still lives in his hometown) How did the. Awkward Questions to Ask any Guy. While some questions are embarrassing for you to ask and some questions are embarrassing for the guy to answer, you may want to know the answers to these questions, particularly when they are about commitment, emotions, and the longevity of the relationship. However, asking them directly may not be the best plan. Awkward questions to ask a guy. Here for you now are some awkward and uncomfortable questions to ask a guy. (Devil laugh) 1). Do you like me? 2). Are you gay? 3). Do you really want us to have sex? 4). What do you feel for me? 5). Why do you want me to stay with you? 6). Are you going to call me tomorrow? 7). Are you a virgin? 8). Are you rich? 9).

What is the role of your friends in making the decisions of your life? Now this matters a lot.

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Such questions to ask a guy can reveal that how much space his friends have in his life. If life puts you in a platform where you need to pick between your friends and your partner then whom do you choose and why?

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If any of your friend is demanding a dowry from his bride then what would you do in this situation? Such questions to ask a guy are must. They will tell you about the thinking of this guy about marriages and relationships. Such questions to ask a guy can be a real turning point as it can greatly define the bond that you two are going to share.

What are your views about gay or lesbian relationships and marriages?

List of 50 uncomfortable and indiscreet questions

Such types of questions to ask a guy are just to know that what kind of habits are these he is obsessed with. What kind of books do you find the most engaging and interesting ones? These questions to ask a guy are important as the taste of books can reveal a lot about the person. What kind of a person you are? Are you more a thinker type of person or more of a doer without thinking much?

If you have to take three names with a certain alphabet given by you then what are things you would like to name? What is the name of your music playlist? These questions to ask a guy are just the random type questions.

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How would you relate yourself with the story of a movie? What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened with you? What three things do you appreciate most in a person? If you could learn to do something new, what would you choose? Which is the last book that you read? If you could be an animal, what would you be?

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Are you one of those who would sacrifice the life of one person to save a hundred?

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