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The plane had a modified Western Electric model 13C transmitter. The plane had a modified Western Electric model 20B receiver. The receiver's band selector also selects which antenna input is used; the first two bands use the low-frequency antenna, and the last two bands select the high-frequency antenna. It is unknown whether the model 20B receiver had a beat frequency oscillator that would enable the detection of continuous wave transmissions such as Morse code and radiolocation beacons. Manning, who was on the first world flight attempt but not the second, was skilled at Morse and had acquired an FCC aircraft radiotelegraph license for 15 words per minute in Marchjust prior to the start of the first flight. A separate automatic radio direction finder receiver, a prototype Hooven Radio Compass, had been installed in the plane in Octoberbut that receiver was removed before the flight to save weight. The loop antenna is visible above the cockpit on Earhart's plane.

Rogelio dela Rosa - actor and politician, native of Lubao, Pampanga. Jaime dela Rosa - a matinee idol in the s of Lubao, Pampanga.

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Lea Salonga - singer and actress, spent the first six years of her childhood in Angeles City before moving to Manila.

Aurelio Tolentino - original member of the Katipunan and nationalist playwright, born in Guagua. PSGC Interactive.

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