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In the end, you still hold the key to make this relationship flourish or die in the instant that you saw it coming. Flirting with your doctor might give a sense of awkwardness every time the two of you bump in each other during the daily hospital rounds. For this reason, that doctor might become a good source of distraction for you and vice versa. In addition to that, entertaining such kind of idea might create a rift between you and your other female co-workers, especially those who are equally enamored with this captivating doctor in white robe. To flirt or not to flirt.

Make sure that the eyelet fits snug over the post and will make proper contact once the positive battery wire is reconnected. After you have connected your red gauge wire to your battery post, take the other end and connect it to your ammeter terminal.

After you have connected both wires, you should hand tighten the nuts just in case you have to repeat any steps later on. With your positive battery terminal now connected to the ammeter, you are ready to connect the next wire.

Take your other piece of red gauge wire and connect it to the other terminal of the ammeter.

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