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Her actress career started when she participated in soap operas like Barrera de AmorDuelo de pasionesJuro Que te AmoSortilegio and Teresa Her birth name is Ana Brenda Contreras-Perez. She has a brother named Beto Contreras. However, her actual salary is still unknown from any source. Ana was rumored to be dating Pepe Diaz a Spanish retired footballer when she was initially rising to the heights of fame and career. But this news still needs to be confirmed by her. Ana Brenda has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Darryl, depressed from the fact that he didn't win the lottery because he works in the office now, assembles a conference room meeting with several potential new hires, but utters several discouraging remarks about the job and exits, leaving Andy alone to take charge of the process.

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Andy doesn't know what he's doing and all of the workers simply leave. Later, Andy finally manages to hire three warehouse workers.

Andy steps up when Darryl tells him to give him the manager job, saying he deserves it and wants that or a pink slip, and bluntly tells Darryl he not only isn't going to do that, but Darryl was not the runner-up to Andy in the selection process; as he brings up Darryl's short temper, his hiring of the unqualified Glen, and his loss of interest in taking business education courses, Darryl finally snaps out of his funk and listens to him.

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