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Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about perk. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for perk Synonyms: Noun bonuscumshawdividen donativeextragratuitygravygravy trainlagniappeperquisitethrow-intip Visit the Thesaurus for More. Examples of perk in a Sentence Noun the salary's not great, but the perks make up for it. First Known Use of perk Verb 1 14th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1a Verb 2in the meaning defined above Nounin the meaning defined above.

History and Etymology for perk Verb 1 Middle English. Learn More about perk. Time Traveler for perk The first known use of perk was in the 14th century See more words from the same century. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Phrases Related to perk perk up one's ears perk up. More Definitions for perk. English Language Learners Definition of perk. When death comes knocking at our door inevitable right? Right, that's me done. Hope I meet your expectations Disclaimer: before committing to this woman, we suggest that you consider potential deal breakers to make a more informed decision.

We cannot accept liability for heartbreak and financial ruin, this is at your peril. Abida Mian's answer to What are the pitfalls of dating you?

This question made me laugh. Perks of dating me? I'm pretty clueless about this one. I know I'm a good friend, but I do have my doubts about whether I'll be a good girlfriend.

So, anyway, I've divided this answer into 2 parts. Things I like about myself, and things people like about me. I think, or rather hope, that a combination of both will make up enough perks for dating me.

So, I guess that's about it. Enough bragging for today! Just a word of warning though - I'm still a work in progress. Date at your own risk! PS - Be prepared for receiving lots of hugs, and kisses, and your hair being ruffled, and your cheeks being pulled. I have been known to act as a cuddly, affectionate, teddy bear quite often!

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I am excited about life - And that excitement is contagious, the whole world is my plaground, and it will be for you to. I hope this doesn't start to sound like a singles ad:. EDIT: I had put up a humorous picture of myself, but then the comments got weird. Too weird. So I took it down. Though I appreciate the upvotes that resulted, I didn't write this answer to get hit on, and I'd rather be judged on my content.

Hello All the men out there, let me brag a little today :. Get Ready in no time: Love outings? Don't ever compare me with those dolls of girls, I can be ready in a jiffy :.

Can Drive: Love long drives? Don't go with stereotypes, I'm a kick-ass driver :. Much excitement in life. Your space would always be yours. I respect everyone's space and protect mine like a bitch :p. Low Day: Need motivation? Apparel Shopping: This shirt or that one? These jeans or that one? Dog Lover: A big-time Dog lover I am. Are you a dog lover too? All set, I already love you :. There are many more, but some secrets are better left untold :p. In the girlfriend wrong diary, the girl is possessive, she seeks vengeance and she is super jealous all the time.

But all girls are not like that.

perk definition: 1. an advantage or something extra, such as money or goods, that you are given because of your job. Learn more.

Your life will be smooth, easy going and totally free from all the girly drama. I believe in the mantra of Seedhi baat no bakwas.!!! I will not keep an hawk's eye on you whether you are checking out hot chicks around you. Moreover, chances will be there that I will join you in the business of checking out because I think it is a go Moreover, chances will be there that I will join you in the business of checking out because I think it is a good way of appreciating the beautiful creations of God around you.

I believe in the concept of "nain sukh prapti" I won't call you ten times a day just to find out where you are and with whom you are. Asking about your day or what you are upto will come natural to me but I won't be looking to tab on your whereabouts.

Any website recommendation, no matter how well written or providing Perks Of Dating You Meaning bullet points "why", is to be taken with utmost scrutiny and suspicion. A lot of these "free" websites are either not so, so heavily limited in what you can do without a / I'm the opposite, I prefer making friends with women to making friends with guys. Continue this thread. StinkFingerPete. k points 1 year ago. you'll be the cute one. points 1 year ago. I could never cheat on you. Continue this thread. 49 points 1 year ago. Continue this thread. you-know-whats-up. points 1 year ago. Perks of dating you means, the good things one gets from dating another person. For example: companionship, someone to do things with, a romantic feeling, happiness, sex, etc.

I have got a life too. I will never ever think of doing a personal investigation of your phone. So, there will be no need of doing a homework of deleting your search history, messages or locking your gallery with ultra weird passwords.

You will get a complete exemption from remembering important dates like my birthday, first date anniversary, proposal day and whatever dates you think a "love calendar" possesses.

I respect the fact that you are a human and not the S planner of my smart phone Being economical, I will not expect you to spend a penny on me. Be it our first special date or a casual movie date, I will always prefer to split the bills.

A birthday gift will be a huge turnoff. Yes, you heard it right. I simply hate gifts. So, you need not to break your head in planning out something special for my birthday. A simple message, a yummy pani puri session, a hot cup of tea or a sweet kismi bar will always work for me.

Extra special efforts are totally banned. I am honest and straight forward, I won't expect you to read my mind. If I find something wrong, I will speak up. I will be your listening ear.

I will help you to vent your frustration out. I am an open book. You will be free to read my chapters.

Perks of dating you meaning

If I will trust you, I will share every inch of my life with you. Be it my insecurities, my fears, new experiment with my look anything, you will going to be my eye witness. And yeah.

Perk definition is - to thrust up the head, stretch out the neck, or carry the body in a bold or insolent manner. How to use perk in a sentence. Perks for dating you are the good things that one person gets by dating another person. Why don't you find out yourself? Straight 19 year old Male here. * I like having edgy, no bullshit conversations implying no drama. * I like food and Ice cream. We shall certainly try different cuisines. * I'm all in for being independent. Interd.

I too love Sunny Leone. She is damn pretty and I mean it. PS: After reading this question, I asked my boy, "what do you think. He gave me a CA oriented reply, "you are a Big 4 package with the work load of small size firm". Thanks 4 A2A Neeraj Raj Finally got something where I can blabber about myself. So Ummmmm. Perks of dating me are As soon as you get up in the morning, do expect a peck.

I would love to travel, travel and travel with anywhere you want. In short you can take me anywhere you want outside or inside the city. Ya I understand this fact you belong equally to your family and friends as you as much as you are mine.

So you will never get to hear any complains regarding this, be sure :. And no unnecessary complains like why are you busy and stuff. No matter how late you come to home at night, you will see me awake waiting for you. YES I am here to listen every every every every fucking every thing what you have gone through, what is happening with you and stuff Dare you hide.

Without any occasion, get ready to receive gifts. I will never ever never ever forcefully take you to shopping until and unless I need to really get some important stuff regarding you and will never let you carry shopping bags ewww. Cutting it short, You can get a travel partner, a lover, a super best friend, girlfriend in me :. Sign In. What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph? ate Cancel. Originally Answered: What are the perks of dating you?

Straight 19 year old Male here. I like having edgy, no bullshit conversations implying no drama. I like food and Ice cream. We shall certainly try different cuisines.

Interdependent counts too. I like traveling. Think Backpacking together I play football, basketball and I swim apart from regularly going to the gym. Think Fit af Wine, beer and Liquor friendly. Strictly against smoking. Smoking Kills!

I understand we have little time Continue Reading. I understand we have little time on this planet. There will be tons of quality time. Dirty Talk. Expect complete freedom Priorities matter. You have me to talk to about it. I like kids, dogs and hot chocolate.

Ideal Long term goal. Think healthy Memory perfection covered. You get to but do not need to meet any and all my friends. Your pick. I believe in adding value to relationships. Expect frequent parties or family gatherings I like reading too.

Did I mention no bullshit conversations? Related Questions More Answers Below After an overwhelming response to the question What are the perks of dating you, summed up in a short paragraph? What did you say or do that got you a date with someone? What are the perks of dating your partner? At what point do you ask "is this a date date"? Why wouldn't someone date you? I have perky breasts Okay, now I have your attention. I also have small breasts, that means a bra is not required for me.

I can do just about every damn thing without a bra on I have an awesome smile I'm ready whenever you are - it takes me on average 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. I can also teach you if you want You get a free Mandarin teacher I speak Mandarin, English and workable I can also teach you if you want You get a free Mandarin teacher I speak Mandarin, English and workable Spanish - we can travel half of the world without a problem If we ever have kids, they'll be trilingual.

Or quadrilingual depends on the languages you speak I have a dazzling Border Collie super puppy that will get us attention wherever we go I will write songs about you if I'm inspired to I have at least 5 instruments in sight right now - we'll live a music-filled life I love surprises and surprising people - be prepared to get surprised on a regular basis mostly from pranks, occasionally from gifts I'm down to do just whatever you're scared to do alone - scary movie?

No problem! Just don't make weird noises when we watch, I'm fucking scared too Ghost busting?

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Not a problem! Wait what? Hell naw! I will push your limits - both in a good and bad way I'm a pro swimmer - our kid will be an Olympic champion I'm Asian - I don't die, I have dolphin skin, I can kill people with bare hands it's called Kungfu, ever heard of it? No, not really, I can't even kill a spiderI'm smart, I make delicious Chinese food, I eat just about everything. And more. Go figure. Yes, I do cook. Although I'm much more talented at eating If you speak a language I don't speak and you want me to impress your parents.

I will learn your language in a month. Or two, or three. Depends on the language You can see other people and I will be happy for you. No need to hide from me You can basically do whatever you want - I don't own you Just make sure you feed me - the only one true secret to my happiness I'm ridiculously ticklish - Don't use it against me though, I'll cry and beg and scream and bite - you've been warned I'm positive about everything.

So I'll tell you everything is possible and try everything at least once. If you tell me a ridiculous idea, I'll say go try it and find out. I'm independent, I need my own space and alone time - I'll never bombard you with calls or text messages. Though sometimes you might wonder if you're single Here's a shallow one.

I'm beautiful without any makeup on. Of course, I'm beautiful with makeup as well. No, I'm fucking ugly with it on, I can't figure out how not to mess up my face with it I'm sorry but this is an exhausting list - there are just way too many perks. Answered Apr 16, You don't have to pay the bill every time. I believe in splitting the bill and you'll never have to pay my shopping bills. I'm a very caring person. I'll take care of you when you fall sick like no other person except your mother.

I will also scold you if you aren't very particular about your medicines and stuffs. You'll have your space. You don't have to talk to me every single minute. Going out for a movie with friends? Cool :D But I expect you to be around when I really need you. I'm loyal. Period I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't abuse except kamina I'll help you to I don't abuse except kamina I'll help you to pursue your goals. I'll motivate you. I'll push you. You'll never have to choose between your career and me.

I understand that family is above all. You'll never have to choose between your family and me. I'll listen to basically everything and never ever judge you. Promise You can talk to me about your ex.

I'll still listen. You can cry in front of me. I'll cry with you. Boys do cry. Boys are human too. There's nothing to be embarrassed of! Our fights will never end shouting and screaming at each other. I'll never ever be rude to you. Even if I'm mad at you. Promise Want to make up for a mistake?

Just get me a Dairy Milk and I'll be fine ; You don't have to figure out what's wrong if I'm mad at you. I'll come and straighaway tell you what's wrong.

I would save your number as, " My Kamina" I would rather stay at home with you in my PJ's, watch a movie or just talk, instead of a late night party. I'll never boast about anything.

I'll just be myself. I looovveeee late night walks. You DON'T have to buy me expensive gifts. I'll make sure I'm a best friend first and a girlfriend later : P. Working on my English. This question is for the Guys. What do you consider being the "Perfect Date"? Answer with opinions, or the experiences of the best"date" you What sentence could ruin a date immediately? What are the main topics you should never ask about or bring up on a first date? How do you deal with a person who doesn't respond after a great first date?

I hate shoppin g. So no Baby, Shona ,Boo boo, Choo chooo. I hate those. We would have very few arguments. I hate arguments. You can w You can watch bloodshed movies with me.

Long walks would be our thing. You would be pampered. Someone told me that my boyfriend would be pampered. You can drink and smoke. Thank you for the A2A. You like personal space? I do too! I won't talk to you for days on end if you prefer it that way. Hate long phone calls?

Me too One message a day is enough for me. Like gaming? You'll love me. I can play anything. Rock N Roll? Bring it on, bitch! No Taylor Swift for me, no siree! I will not call you 'Honey', 'Baby', 'Googly bear' or whatever it is the kids call each other these days. No saccharine coated nicknames. We're adults, We're adults, baby. Do you like zombies, gore, violence?

Let's go to the movies! No romantic comedies! Move over, amateur. I have a great eye. But we will check them out with respect, okay? I am terrified of cockroaches, lizards, moths You can kill bugs for me. Be my hero! Like to eat? I meant food, by the way I have a sense of humour. I do it all. Do you like mood swings? I have plenty! So, don't worry I won't bite your head the one on your shoulders off. And in return, I will bear yours. Not high maintenance. I will get ready faster than you.

I won't ask you to buy me stuff. No, thanks. I have my own money. I get broke a lot, but whatevs. Like to debate? Bring it on, mister! I can get a little nasty and stupid though. I won't ask you to lift heavy bags for me.

Just to prove the stereotype wrong, I will lift your bags too. I'm crazy like that. Like to drink? I have a huge capacity so I won't shriek after one measly shot. I will take you home safe and sound. I will hold your hair back as you puke. Although I have to say I have never really dated. Answered Feb 19, A2A I do not want to come out as arrogant but there too many perks of dating me! When I love someone, I give my heart, soul, body everything!

There is no in between for me. It is everything or nothing. I am well balanced between being clingy and independent. I understand the need for personal space. In fact, I myself like to go into my shell and be alone or explore new stuffs alone, so I will leave you too when you wish to be. You do not have to be the "oh I am so tough guy who knows no vulnerability". I will not judge you. In fact, bringing out your vulnerability will make our relationship stronger and I will know that you are a human and not a robot.

My patience is just on another level. I can wait I might tend to complain while waiting but I hold onto my patience. I can be the laziest ass you will ever come across, but I will also be up for 2 a.

I enjoy cooking for people. I do not cook too fancy food, just everyday Indian food. But be prepared to be surprised with food. Also, I love eating! I will try out new food, new restaurants and even a roadside dhaba with you. No food gives me more happiness than street food. Along with being emotionally independent, I am also financially independent.

I don't expect you to take me out on expensive dates and burn a hole in your pocket. I do like to be pampered but not at the cost of your inconvenience. My idea of a perfect date is sitting out in the cold, cuddling and talking about anything and everything.

Or a trek! No crowded restaurants or malls. I will talk to you about everything under the sun. From my favorite shade of lipstick to politics to novels and philosophy to your favorite sports team. I hate spending on expensive hotels and resorts. Rather I spend on exploring the new place, food and maybe souvenirs. A decent place to sleep or even a tent with a clean toilet will be just perfect for me.

I love shopping! But I will not make you spend a penny for my shopping. Just accompany me while I try out shoes. I admit that I am possessive. But I won't fight with you or be suspicious of your female friends. I have male friends and I know platonic friendships do exist.

I will not complain if you bring your friends home. Only thing, inform me before hand. I like having guests over as long as I am informed beforehand. Above all, I am an ordinary person with a lot of ups and downs. I might give you a little drama when hurt but I keep myself under control.

I will also crave for a little attention and dependence but at the end of the day I will stand out strong ready to take on the world! Rest you'll know once you start dating me! No perks if you just date me! I love to cuddle and be cuddled like hell. At your lowest time I My sisters will treat you like family. ated Jun 4, I'm full of humour. I will present myself as a joker to make you laugh. I'll make fun of myself knowingly. You can call me a stand-up comedian.

I am a very adventurous person. So I promise that you'll always enjoy being around me. Be it abusing a random stranger on traffic signal staring at me or the guy sitting next to us in the cafe. I would bring out the fun part in everything.

I don't eat chocolates. You read that right. There is a There is a packet full of kitkat, munch and a few dairy milk silk in the refrigerator from months.

I eat only dark chocolates and that too occasionally. In fact I hate sweets so you don't have to spend cash buying chocolates for me.

I'm very foody. Wake me up at midnight and ask me to accompany you for street food and I'll be ever-ready. I love spicy food. We can have competitions on who eats more. I'm a very calm person. I rarely get annoyed and even if I'm annoyed I'll be polite enough with you. I may get irritated or vexed at times but only when you do something bitchy. I will never talk behind your back. I'll just keep my phone on flight mode for a couple of hours and go out to eat something with my girl-friends.

When I'm calm enough, I'll myself initiate the talk and apologize for being rude. You don't have to worry about my loyalty. When I'm committed with you, I'll be only yours. I'm always full of motivation. I'll motivate you to achieve your goals. I'll do everything possible to bring out the best within you. I'll cry when you'll cry. I'll hug you to make you feel better. You can share your deepest secrets or pain with me without worrying if I would judge you.

You do not require a filter between your mind and your mouth when you're around me. I'm uarchotelzeeland.comedictable and a very affectionate person. I'll keep telling how important you're to me. I'll wake up 10 minutes before you just to send a cute text saying, "get up with a bright smile on your face.

I'll continue to make you feel special forever. I honestly don't like gifts. Instead wrie a small paragraph saying how important I am to you and I would reward you with kisses and hugs. I've never been in a relationship. So when I start dating you, I'll make sure to give my best in our relationship. I'm a great traveller and go with you anywhere. I give people their space. We've been seeing each other all week and you want to spend three weeks with your buddies?

That's fine. But I would expect the same from you. Your parents would love me. I'm like a GOD for all my friend's parents. I am pretty straight forward! So, say goodbye to those encrypted hints! I am angry at you, I speak up! I'm not a baby, jaan, shona, guddu person. Infact I hate this stuff. I'll call you handsome, kamina, dokra instead. I hate publicizing my life.

1. Body maintenance regulations aren't strict. Obviously we want to shower, deodorize and whatnot, but shaving (or waxing) can be cut back on significantly. From one Perks Of Dating You Meaning very average guy in his Perks Of Dating You Meaning early 40s to another, younger one, here is my response. Careful reading between the lines of your post suggests there may be some issues that need untangling: MOTIVATION: "It's not a desperate need/ Perks Of Dating You Meaning her hand Perks Of Dating You Meaning lightly. If she likes you, she'll hold your hand back, or give your hand a squeeze. If she doesn't, she'll move her hand away. If she holds your hand or moves closer to you, you can put an arm around her and see how she reacts to that. Ask if it's okay if you can't tell what she /

I will not post statuses on facebook telling how much I love you, nor would I upload too pictures with captions " love you jaanu" NOTE- Dear future husband I hope that I was successful in convincing you that I'm good enough for you. Hoping to meet you soon. You can wear your flip flops, shorts and tee-shirt, I won't judge this dressing sense because mine is the same. We will split bills. Onto movies. I hate flowers and gifts. I won't make you empty your pocket on such I won't make you empty your pocket on such useless things.

Pizza can work though. I respect your personal space. Endless cute cuddles, those cozy ones. Roadside stalls can replace starbucks.

How to Define the Relationship

And you can save a lot of bucks! And you need not pay, I can finance myself, all I need is loyalty. A2A This question made me laugh. Things I like about myself - Low maintenance - I detest shopping. Grand gestures make me feel awkward. And I don't need to go out to the most expensive places to have a good time. Let's watch Breaking bad Let's watch Breaking bad or play Scrabble, and I'm a happy person. Problem solving and analysing - I'm good at this.

Any issues in your work, with friends, or with family, I can sort it out for you. I know you have a whole life apart from me. And just because we are dating, that doesn't miraculously change.

Please go out with your friends and let me move out with mine. As long as I know you're just a phonecall away when I need you, you can be on the other side of the planet, and I'll be okay with it. Very good listener - You can talk to me about anything. And I mean anything. I have even had almost virtual strangers open up to me and at times feel comfortable to talk to me about their issues.

I'll understand your words, but I'll also read your silence. Foodie - I'm a foodie, and I cook well. So you'll always get good food. This actually is something I legitimately brag about.

I mean, it's food!! Need I say more?! Loyal to a fault - I'll always be there when you need me. No questions asked. In fact, the tougher it gets, the more I'm with you. I'll never leave you midway. And that's a promise I always keep. Things people like about me - Extremely soft hearted - Well, that's just a decorated term for emotional fool.

I can never stay angry for long with people I love and care about. How much ever you screw up, you can just make a puppy face, and I'll melt. It's an unfair advantage to you, actually.

Witty and romantic - If you're someone who likes witty banter, then you'll love me for sure. I get high on intelligent conversations and snarky remarks. I've been told countless times, that people love the way I talk. Empathetic and kind hearted - Forget dating, this is a plus point for any human being. Being nice always pays. Sweet voice and a cute smile - I've been told that people can hear my voice for hours and still not get bored.

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