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Chapter 3 of my Japanese SLR production number series is about the Asahi Optical Corporation, better known under its SLR brand Pentax and later on renamed into Pentax Corp. With their Asahiflex series from they actually were the first producer of a SLR in Japan and remained the only one for a couple of years. While the others copied German rangfinder cameras, Asahi decided to try it with. Aug 21,   A short timeline makes this amount quite plausable: 10th of March - Pentax announces D at the biggest Japanese photo show of the year CP+, they claim to make units per month and they have a number of finished cameras to show (most likely awaiting final firmware). Nov 05,   short answer, no. Pentax did not use serial #'s for dating - they used a batch archotelzeeland.comr, you can assume your item dates to (after '70 they became SMC lenses) archotelzeeland.com #1.

The SMC version was introduced in Anyway, your camera may have been produced and sold before before or after the SMC lenses became available. It was not unusual to see Super Takumar lenses offered with new screwmount bodies at the same time that SMC lenses became available.

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If it is the former then the camera was made in If it is the latter you are looking at 65 and later. Another place to look is the bottom plate.

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If you see "" then it is the earlier model if it is "" then it is the latter. Thank you for the information. ISO setting is up to and the batch number on top of the camera no numbers on the bottom plate is If the production volume was the same all the way through then would be about the right answer. Apr 4, 4.

Apr 04,   The 67 was replaced by the 67II in at around serial number (give or take 10,). The 67II has its own set of serial numbers which appear in batches rather than one long sequence and in a couple of cases overlap the 6x7/67 serial numbers. If the production volume was the same all the way through then would be about the right.

I've spoken with a technician at Pentax Service in Hamburg, Germany and he said exactly the same thing. Pentax cameras and all other stuff they made cannot be dated by serial number.

Fuji Zoom Cardia 2000 Date Serial Number 10601007

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Oct 20,   My concern was excatlly if there is a chance to know the year of production of particular serial number. I am aware about the year of production start of the series , N and NII. Just willing to know which P body of few I own is older than others. Asahi Pentax, S and K cameras continued the Asahiflex serial number prefix and numeral series. The S2/H2 and successive cameras up to the early S1a used the prefix until 7 digit serial numbers arrived and needed more space (on the late S1a cameras and all Spotmatics) from onwards. Hi Jane Welcome to the forum. The K was produced in huge numbers from up to the s. Unfortunately serial number ranges for Pentax are not very well reported so narrowing it down is difficult, apart from noting that early cameras had metal top plates and I understand that late models were plastic.

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Nov 26,   Re: Does the serial number on a Pentax lenses have a relationship to units made In reply to John Michael Winterbourne Nov 24, The other place's database isn't very enlightening, so I expanded the scope, and came up with this, and I'm going to have to eat my words. 37 rows  Welcome to the Pentax Serial Number Database at archotelzeeland.com! This database contains an ever-evolving listing of serial numbers for every kind of Pentax photographic item, including cameras, lenses, and accessories. The mission of this database is threefold: first, it will allow users to discern faulty items; second, it will build an. The 7-digit serial number serves to identify the camera as a unit only, but does not provide information regarding date or place of manufacture. The ME Super was manufactured from , however. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our .

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