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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. The Page of Wands in a reading means that you or the subject of the reading is full of courage as well as a sudden inclination toward either anger or love. This card is symbolic of the fluctuating energies that flow through all of us, but especially when we are young. When we have a new experience, we feel that like a neophyte or a beginner would.

He knows what to do, he has the passion to succeed, but due to his inexperience and maybe a little fear of the unknown, his ideas remain abstract.

The Page of Wands

Even with all of this, he still has the tendency to either remain dormant, or get easily distracted with one idea after the other. When you get the Page of Wands, it simply means something is within you, something that triggers you to make discoveries, indulge in investments or take the next advancement in life.

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You could be just about to take a move on a certain idea, but some conflicting messages keep coming to your mind, and you get discouraged. This card resembles your inner battles which are preventing you from expressing your heroism to the world, to let the world know that you exist for a reason.

If you are wise enough, this card is normally a trigger of courage. Remove the fear, gather your resources and do something.

Jul 22,   The Page of Wands paired with the Temperance card is an extraordinary combination, as the ability to forego mindless pursuits of pleasure, as represented by Temperance, delivers to you all the vitality of youth that the Page stands for. One card that is not a good combination to have with the Page of Wands is The Devil Tarot card. This is a card of . Feb 22,   The page of wands can be a great signal when it comes to new ventures. In the context of your career, it might mean that you are about to enter a new position or take up a new project. In either event, this card is a good sign; it signals that success and contentment will follow you in this endeavor. Jul 06,   The Page of Wands Discover the Page of Wands Tarot card meaning for love and relationships. Learn the meaning of the Page of Wands for love, relationships, futures, romance, outcomes, exes, feelings, intentions, reconciliations, as a yes or no, marriage, pregnancies, positives, negatives, and more.

Let the world know that you are there and you have no jokes about moving forward in the path that you choose. Conquer every obstacle, let your ideas shine and be known to the world because this card indicates a level of success that can only be achieved when courage is deployed. The world is brimming with possibilities with the Page of Wands tarot love meaning.

You may also meet someone who embodies this page in your love life. As a person, the Page of Wands represents someone adventurous and lively, who falls in love quickly, but may also get bored quickly.

The Page of Wands

Because they live for experiencing new things, it may be difficult to create a long term relationship with this person, but a fleeting romance could be rewarding.

Couples may also find themselves more willing to try new things; you may take classes together, discover new hobbies, and even explore new adventures in the bedroom. The page of wands can be a great signal when it comes to new ventures. In the context of your career, it might mean that you are about to enter a new position or take up a new project. In either event, this card is a good sign; it signals that success and contentment will follow you in this endeavor.

When the page appears, it is also an ideal time to take some risks with work.

Page of wands dating

Just be wary of moving too quickly. The page represents an eagerness for challenges not necessarily a readiness to confront them. Ask yourself if you are prepared for new tasks before you start them. That being said, if you are ready, now is an ideal time to take some chances and start new projects. The page of wands hints that you might find a bit of money in the near future. This unexpected income can come in many forms. So consider what you can do to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

This could mean a promotion for your job that is going to feel like an entirely new position or it will mean that a change in work is going to present itself. Either way there is going to be a brand new perspective that you will be able to attach to, that will make you feel young again in your place of work. Abundance and random gifts are on their way to you. Your ability to want something else for yourself has been interrupted by indecisiveness and you do not feel capable of vocalizing yourself.

You must face your fears and get out of this situation as fast as you can so that you can feel the Spring-like energy that the Page has to offer. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered.

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Who knows where it might lead? The Page of Wands can sometimes appear when you are thinking about doing something daring or risky. This is a big step to take and may involve you being riddled with all kinds of fears and doubts.

However, somewhere a spark has been ignited in you, and once you make proper plans, I mean proper plans, you may be on the brink of the biggest adventure of your life. You have the courage, determination and guts in you to do it, and it might very well change your whole life for the better. New friends might appear in your life and draw you into their fun-filled activities. Try not to resist letting your hair down with them as you may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

He worries about you getting old before your time, so try to connect with that playful side of your personality that existed before life got in the way. Maybe it is time to also overhaul your wardrobe and look. Re-invent your look to express the real you. Throw away anything that is staid or fuddy-duddy. Liven up your colours and stop wearing so much black and grey. The Page of Wands will blow or burn away any of the cobwebs and stale air in your life and give you a complete make-over.

He will encourage you to get fit and be active. It is time to lose those few extra pounds but have fun doing it. The Page of Wands promises to make you feel and look much younger in yourself if you jump on board his way of living. He does not expect you to do everything he does, but just take a few leaves out of his book to get you going. The Page of Wands can suggest that exciting news in on the way for you. News may be of travel, work, or a course of action you are planning on taking. News will bring about a positive change in your life.

The news when it arrives may send you into a frenzy of activity, as you may find there is little time to organise yourself. The news may require you to act spontaneously, so you should be prepared to pull out all the stops and go with the flow. Just throw a few things in a bag and you can sort the rest out when you get there.

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Live dangerously once in a while. Everyone will be having too much fun. Stand up for yourself and for the rights of others too. Back a good cause and join the forces who want to change the world for the better. If this Page does suggest a new relationship then it is bound to be full of passion, excitement, enthusiasm and possibly travel related.

You may meet someone really exciting while on holiday or travelling. This may not be a long-term relationship but one you will remember for a long time.

As childhood goes, the Page of Wands can represent you, seemingly more mature than others your age, you might have given yourself a good jump start in life. Present - The Page of Wands in the present position is a good sign, that good news is coming. The Page of Wands can signify sparks flying in a relationship so you may find yourselves having sudden rows which just as suddenly turn in to passionate making-up sessions. If you have been feeling unhappy in the relationship, the Page of Wands may . Dec 07,   The Page of Wands tarot is the card that represents enthusiasm, exploration, and discovery. It symbolizes a free spirit. It represents someone who is soulful, talented, intelligent, and creative. The Page of Wands is a visionary. He is artistic and adventurous. He is eloquent and archotelzeeland.com: Imelda Green.

He will bring the spice into your life just when you need it. He will be a whirlwind force in your life and set your heart all a flutter. He or she will be good-looking, fit and full of life and fun. The Page of Wands throws him or herself madly and passionately into the beginning of a relationship.

Arguments and rows may be quiet common in your relationship with The Page of Wands but do not necessarily have to be serious. They can become quite fiery and explosive. Sparks will fly many a time but the making up will be equally as intense. The Page of Wands enjoys sex and plenty of it. This does not mean that they no longer love you, but might simply signal the relationship is beginning to calm down to a more manageable level.

You may be thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own boss. You may have come up with a brilliant idea for a business or are looking around for some inspiration.

You want to do something very different, something no one else may have tried, but you have a gut feeling it could really work.

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Make sure to do proper research before jumping straight in. Sometimes you have to take a massive leap of faith and just go for it. That is once you have done the necessary groundwork. If there are areas of the proposed business that bore you then get others involved who will be happy to fill them.

You are a creative genius and do have the energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a success of it, but you do have your limitations and your shortcomings when it comes to the minor detail of things. It is important to acknowledge this before you find yourself in the deep end and overwhelmed with stuff to do. Learn to delegate at this stage instead of thinking you can manage it all yourself.

Know what you are good at and excel at it. Leave the rest to others. Career relate this Page can suggest you are embarking on a new career, job or new business set-up. The surrounding energy is one of high energy and enthusiasm. He may have to travel to new locations or lands in connection with his work, and looks forward to it with a building sense of adventure and excitement.

The Page stares up at his Wand in awe and respect. You may be studying or learning on the job which requires you to master something new. This situation makes you feel young again and releases much-needed energy, interest and vitality within.

He will be very outspoken and blunt.

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With no interest to blend into the background he will be noisy and demand constant attention. This child loves the outdoors regardless of the weather and needs endless exercise to keep him calm and content.

The Dating The Page Of Wands simple way to meet for sex. MeetBang lets you enjoy the benefits of dating without having to give up the excitement of being single. Find sexy singles and couples anywhere, anytime. MeetBang makes it fun, safe, and discrete to communicate with all your new adult contacts/ The Page of Wands in a reading means that you or the subject of the reading is full of courage as well as a sudden inclination toward either anger or love. This card is symbolic of the fluctuating energies that flow through all of us, but especially when we are young. The age of this card, doesn't so much refer to the physical age of a human being. They believe that should be given wands, and dating more than anything can happen, and the. You're in latin suited playing cards and on the cards that double your tarot reader has consulted the page of wands, and ipod touch. One of wands must say your tarot card 'page of the way you are adventurous and optimism. Blank page dating site.

The Page of Wands will be heavily involved in sports. The Page of Wands will be super popular and have lots of friends.

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He is enthusiastic and positive, but may get himself into regular scraps as he acts without thinking of the consequences. Hyperactivity may be evident and a change of diet could help. Remember that this card can represent someone much older but displaying the energies associated with it.

He just never seems to be ready for anything.

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However, there may be reasons behind this. He may feel insecure and lack enough confidence. Then again, he may feel that he is too old to start something new. He has lost touch with his inner child and lacks play and fun in his life.

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He is more worried about what others might say or think about him, and may feel self-conscious about drawing any attention to himself. There can be a fear of travel when The Page of Wands Reverses, or a fear of change and new places. You may feel that you missed out on travelling when you were young and now feel too old and set in your ways to go anywhere. Then again, you may have had big plans to travel in your youth, but something may have happened to put a stop to them.

Check surrounding Cards for clues.

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