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There are portions that are very exaggerated. Selfish people do not hurt everyone, then laugh with you about it - not if YOU are their prey, too, at least not always. Like Skeetergirl, I did this with two husbands, and have now been in love with a colleague for 5 years, who is thought to be quite nice by everyone, so they cannot figure out what the constant theater between us is. I refuse to be treated like dirt, but have loved him with all my heart, which he naturally loves to hear. I can see a resemblance to my father, however, and am wondering if I seek out such people in search of affection I was never given as a child. I think there are several pieces to this puzzle.

In their human forms, aswangs will often have jobs relating to meat, such as being a butcher or a sausage maker. Also in these human forms, it is possible to befriend the aswang, and they behave much like humans.

They tend not to harm their friends or neighbors.

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