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Same as model gauge with Synthetic pistol grip. Pigeon grade gun with stock with etching of wood ducks. Brownie only pistol manufactured by Mossberg. Single Shot Rifle Falling Block. Single Shot bolt Action. First target Rifle Heavy Stock. Bolt Action Tubular feed.

Bantam 20 gauge22 inch or 26 inch barrel Black or camouflagewalnut stocks. NWTF Special Edition 12 gauge24 inch vent rib barrelaccua choke tubesCamo finish ,drilled and tapped for scope. Bull pup 12 gauge. Made in a Combo set. Vent Rib. Camper 1220 or bore. Optional carrying case.

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Combo Magazine holds one extra roun comes with 2 barrels. One vent rib and slug barrel. Waterfowl Limited Addition. Cruiser 1220 or gauge. Field Model 1220 or bore. Ghost rings sights from Blue or parkerized finish. Synthetic stocks after Junior model 20 gauge22 inch vent rib barrelmulti chokestock in youth dimensionsImported. Hi Rib Trap 12 gauge high post trap rib28 or 30 inch barrel.

Skeet model. Skeet configuration26 inch vent rib barrel skeet bore steel receiver. Same as except 16 gauge26 ,2830 inch barrel, etched receiver ,checkered pistol grip stock.

Nov 02,   I emailed Mossberg, giving the serial number and asking for the date of manufacture. I got this email back within a day: Thank you for your e-mail. Sir your gun was manufactured on July 22, If you need accessories or service please contact us directly at We are open from Monday thru Friday from am to pm central time. Jun 11,   Once you have a serial #, if you e-mail it to Mossberg they will usually get you a year that it was manufactured. They had a recall on a their Bolt Action 12GA, probably 10 years ago now, and it was from serial# xxx to serial # yyy. Festus, MO Telephone: Website: archotelzeeland.com The National Mossberg Collectors Association was formed in , with a small number of shooters and collectors interested in Mossberg firearms and accessories. Today, the club is made up of more than 1, members throughout the world.

Slug model. Super Series. Muzzle loader 12 gauge with 24 or 28 inch barrel with accua choke and a 24 inch 50 caliber muzzle loader barrel with sightswalnut stock and fore arm with varnish finish. Super Skeet. Pigeon grade same as super grade with floating vent ribetched and scroll engraving. Super Trap. Super Water fowler 12 gauge28 inch multi choke barrelmatte wood finishswivelsand sling. Quail Unlimited 20 gauge26 inch barrel with 3 accu II chokesengraved receiverselect walnut stock.

Regal 12 or 20 gauge26 vent rib barrelslide actioncheckered walnut stock. Accua choke optional or Slugster 12 or 20 gauge24 inch cylinder or rifled barreloptional sights ,walnut stock and fore armscope basedual comb stock option. Waterfowler 12 gaugeVent rib barrel in various lengthsDull matt finish on walnut stockMulti chokesSpeed stock as a option. Sporting Steel Shot 12 gauge with 3 inch chamber28 inch vent rib barrelmulti chokesbarrel made for shooting steel shot.

Magnum 12 gauge30 inch vent rib barrel3 inch chambergas operate. Optional sights ,bayonet lug. Wood or synthetic stock. Pistol gripParkerized finish. Pistol grip.

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Standard 12 gaugesemi auto. Super grade Same as fielbut with 30 Vent Rib Barrel.

Discontinued Models

Super Grade ATR. Same as above but with checkered stock. NWTR Special Edition 12 gaugegas operate semi auto, 24 inch barrel vent ribmossy oak camosynthetic stock and fore arm. Intimidator Laser Model or 9 shot magazine20 inch barrelor 9 shot magazine20 inch barrel. Standard Model 12 gauge24 inch rifled barrel with sights or 24 inch turkey with bead sights26 or 28 inch vent rib barrels with 3 accu-choke3 inch chambersengraved aluminum receiverblue or camo walnut stock, Scope base as a optionCombo pack as a option.

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Bull Pup 20 inch barrel9 shot magazine12 gauge. Mariner 9 shot20 inch barrelstainless like finish. Type Action. Year Introduced.

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Year Discontinued. Left handed extractor added. Single Shot Rifle. Single shot Rifle. Slide action Rifle. Slimmer Barrel With select Choke.

Nov 28,   Visit Remington Society Website. Firearm dating information about Remington series firearms and guns provided by the Remington Society. You can reference the above website in order to date your firearm by the numbers and letters in the serial number and also learn how to read the serial number to know what each number and letter stands for, just like Reviews: Mossberg Firearms models and years manufactured. Field Model 12, 20 or bore. with 24 inch barrel. 12 and 20 with 20, 22, 24,26, 28 30 . Dec 20,   We are getting together a Mossberg serial number data base. I know there are a lot of members wanting to know the date of their Mossberg's without the hassle of calling Mossberg or Havlin. We need member input for this to work. We are asking for the first few digits of you serial #, (Axxx)and any info you have on the gun.(box label,date bought).

Slide Action Rifle. Bolt action Rifle. Single Shot Bolt Action.

Apr 26,   Well I have a chance to look at the A model tonight. It will be interesting to see what it look likes. Does anyone know if Mossberg uses a dating system built in to the serial numbers, so I would have an easy reference as to when it was produced? May 09,   I'd call or e-mail Mossberg with the serial number, too. If it helps any, my 's serial number is TXX, and it can't be older than 4 . Griffin & Howe Serial Number Ranges Harrington & Richardson. High Standard Pistols Serial Ranges Holland & Holland. Hopkins & Allen. Hunter Arms Co. and LC Smith Guns Grades, Symbols and Serials before Ithaca Guns - Baker, Crass, Lewis, Manier, Magnum, Pre-WWII choke marks, Lefever Singles, Flues, Knick, Lefever.

Same As 20 With Peep site. Same as 20 With Beaver Tail stock. No finger Grooves in Stock. Self Cocking Action. Entirely New Design. Same as 26 B with different sites. Low Priced Rifle with peep. Same Stock as model Left Handed Model. Micro Peep site Beaded Front. Bolt action single Shot. Smooth Bore Gun.

Left Handed model. Same as model with new stock. The "cover" a holster is for pistolsif it is just a zippered gun case, would not really add value. They normally cost between 20 and 50 bucks new. I would not pay more for one - leaving the gun-owner of the option of keeping a case he had no use for or throwing it in for free.

The "full of 12 gauge shells", though. That's interesting. Buckshot or slugs are around a dollar each. That amount of shells you have might turn out to be worth more than the gun.

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Mossberg serial number dating

Thread Tools. Garland Member. I emailed Mossberg, giving the serial number and asking for the date of manufacture. I got this email back within a day: Thank you for your e-mail. Sir your gun was manufactured on July 22, If you need accessories or service please contact us directly at We are open from Monday thru Friday from am to pm central time.

Thank you and have a nice day. I thought it was pretty cool that they got back to me at all, and provided such specific information. I have not shot the gun yet, but I am impressed with the company so far! View Public Profile. Find all posts by Garland. Find all threads started by Garland. Visit Garland photo album.

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