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Rich beautiful ladies Entertainment website. American Girls for Marriage Interest. Married-Single-Woman Personal blog. As for me, Master made me wear a tight, black, half sleeved leather shirt.

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Fine, but the length of the shirt was as much as that of a blouse. Imagine, a leather blouse! On top of that, it was open at the breasts, with just criss-cross straps in the shape of the number '8' horizontal around my boobies. At the centre of the straps, that means at the centre of my chest, was a round metal ring. Wait, that was not all. The shirt had leather fringes at the bottom, which were glossy pink in colour. My chest was looking like a Diwali lantern.

At the bottom, Master made me wear black coloured, leather micro shorts. So awfully short. They exposed more than they covered. Plus, at the crotch, the dickie portion was torn open. So, my dickie in the chastity was out, revealing it's 'Eternal Sissyhood. With a note saying, "Wear this too. So, there I was, all decked up in a 'Leather Lingerie!

Mojo in the Morning

Paired with such awkward leather dresses, both of us were made to wear long cowboy boots! We looked like two sissies desperately trying to act like Alpha Men. We positioned ourselves for the photo shoot. Both Masters standing at the centre, and their respective slaves kneeling at their foot on either side.

consider, that

The photos were clicked in various other poses as well. From happy family pose to all kinds of obscene ones that you can think of. I was totally confused while giving expressions. Didn't know whether to be my fairy self, or to give expressions of a macho man. I decided for the latter, but miserably failed in every click. Made such a fool of myself. Upon returning to the room, after the photoshoot, I was literally crying.

Why do they have to do this? Why do they have to impose leather lungis on satin sissies? Then, Eddie explained the objective of the Act to me. We are sissy slaves, and girlie and queenie clothes is what suit our bodies. Got it? Once a sissy, always a sissy. In the first one, the slave would put on the basic gears of a pet dog, and the Master would play with the dog. The second one involved a task given by the Master, and if the slave failed to perform it, he would be given a punishment.

I was feeling a bit relieved,as I was not going to be a part of it. Would just enjoy watching Eddie being grinded to the ritual. But my cruel joy was short lived. As soon as we entered the den, Master announced, "Rishi will also be a part of this Act. Kochhar said.

regret, but nothing

But, I want him to do this. That was it. The puppy gears were very nice. Better than the 'atrang' leather outfits we had just worn. Eddie and me were on our all fours, and our respective Masters started dressing us up. The first thing they put on our naked bodies was a dog collar. It was a lovely, 'bondage belt' tied to our necks. The black belt had shining metallic spikes on it.

And it was attached to a long chain, which our Masters would hold in their hands, while taking us for a 'walk. It was the best. Eddie's was a grey coloured, furry, fox tail. Okay, let me explain. So, there was a black belt tied around my waist. And at the front and the back sides, two two vertical straps were attached from the belt. The curvy end of the tail which remained outside would wag every time I would walk or move my bum. And upon vigorous wagging the tail would oscillate from one butt to the other giving nice, soft hits on my butts.

I was feeling damn sexy in that tail. Our hands were going to be the paws of the puppy, so the masters put on padded mitts gloves on our hands. So, now our fingers were restrained, we would have to crawl on the floor wearing those padded paws. Then, the Masters also made us wear knee pads. And finally, a hairband which had two dog ears dangling on their either ends.

Thank Gawd, Masters didn't make us wear dog masks. I hate those. Masters wanted to play with our real faces. I was looking awesomely cute and sexy in the puppy gear. Eddie was looking awful. First of all, the black gears gelled so much with his dusky complexion that there was no striking contrast in his entire appearance. Secondly, as a dog when he was on all fours, all his assets were facing the floor and so, were not nicely exposed. His chut got completely hidden, and his rounded boobs kept swinging loosely from his chest.

He was looking more like a buffalo than a dog. I was lean and curvy.

Mojo dating service

Plus, my complexion was shining in it's full glory in the dog gear. Actually, my skin has the right balance of oilyness and dryness, so there's that smooth lustre to it. Like they say, "Ekdum chikna. So, you'd actually, love to pamper my bony parts as there's just the right amount of fats on them that induce a nice bouncy feel to them, still retaining the bony outline of the structure.

And since I had to be on all fours, my hairy chest got nicely hidden, so all you got to see was an extremely fair, smooth, cute little dog whom you would happily love to pet and play with. Eddie was too voluptuous to be a cute dog. He had the figure of a queen. I made the perfect bitch. The play activities in the puppy gears were simple. Our respective Masters held the chains to our collar belts and took us for a walk in the den.

It was a large hall of around sq. The Masters were still wearing the leather outfit of the photoshoot. They were looking wildly sexy. They walked ahead, and we gladly followed them, on our all fours. They also did roleplays of two friends meeting on the street, and their dogs beginning to interact with each other. Eddie was told to play the male dog, and I was the bitch.

We were supposed to behave like real dogs, so were not allowed to speak, only bark with a "woof. He was also made to mount on me, and hump me, like dogs do. The Masters definitely had a sense of "humiliation humour.

Wicked, wasn't it? There was also the "Fetching the bone" game, where the Masters threw a plastic bone and we had to run on all fours and fetch the bone to the Master. The entire floor of the den was covered with a padded mat, and we were also made to wear knee pads, so safety was ensured, but still, running on our all fours was not easy. Yet, I was determined to fetch the bone and defeat Eddie. Atleast that way, I could get to feel the Master's crotch, albeit from the outside.

Both Masters had hilarious fun watching us run and fight like bitches. At instances, they would make an action of throwing the bone, but wouldn't actually throw it. I would hasten ahead without bothering to notice whether the bone has been thrown or not. Only after moving a few steps would I realise that, and then hurry back to my starting position.

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Both Masters had a solid entertainment. Of the ten rounds of throwing the bone, five by each Master, I won seven. Two of Mr. Kochhar's throws, and all five of Master's throws. Master would laugh at my cocksucking attempts, and just ruffle my hair, saying, "Good dog. Good doooog. I was hoping that he would give in to the temptation and open his zip for me to blow him right there, in front of Eddie and Mr.

But all he did was laughed and said, "Ohkay, ohkay, that's enough I want more. I want it all. Suddenly, I heard Mr. Kochhar's voice, "The pupps must be thirsty yaar. Get some water for them. I heard Master replying with a smille, "Sure, why not.

Eddie started sipping. I also had some water, and thanked Master. He smiled back at me, and said, "Drink some more baby. Kochhar giggled. I drank a few more sips, and thanked Master.

And came a slap on my cheek. I started drinking. Not just one but two full bottles. So did Eddie. And then the puppy play continued.

consider, that

We were made to roll on our sides from one end of the den to the other. Three-four rounds of such rolling and both of us were exhausted.

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We started panting, which made us look more like dogs. And then Master said, "Awwright bitches, it's pee pee time. Let's take you to the toilet. Inside the toilet, the Masters parked us besides the commode and themselves sat on the plastic stools at the other end of the bathroom. I repeat Got it, bitches? Eddie started. Sitting on his all fours, he raised right leg, and let out a hot stream of golden liquid from his chut. The two bottles of water ensured that there was a very long, rapid flow and he diligently kept his right leg raised throughout the pee.

The torrent of his golden shower kept hitting my thighs after which the liquid made a puddle around my knees and hands. All this while the Masters kept cheering Eddie, and motivating him to keep his leg raised till the very last drop fell on the floor. Eddie obeyed. Now, it was my turn. I decided, I'll also make a splash on Eddie, so I raised my left leg, and got ready for the spurt. I must be looking very sexy in that pose, for Mr.

Kochhar remarked, "Yaar, mujhe toh isko isi pose mein chodne ka mann karta hai. I tried and tried and kept trying. Eddie kept looking at me, and behind me, Masters kept laughing and calling me names. Fervent efforts and embarrassment made my entire back and the forehead perspire, but still, no sign of even a droplet coming out of my dickie. I didn't know where to hide my face. Kept a false smile on my face.

But when Master blasted, "Abbey moot bhosdike. Yaa woh bhi nahi aata tujhe? Moot le jaldi se nahi toh baahar le jaaoonga, khule mein. Finally, after a great ordeal, I let out a drizzle.

But it stopped at there. Suddenly, Mr. Kochhar got up from his stool, came near me, and started 'pat stroking' my bum, saying, "Kya hua?

Baby ko su su nahi aa rahi? Koi baat nahi, papa aa gaye hai naa, ab aa jaayegi. Kochhar patted my bum and started getting back to his seat. Shuru se teri nazar thee uspe, I've noticed that.

Tu keemat bol uski, mein dono ko le jaata hoon. Master refused his offer. Now, clean up the mess quickly and get ready for the next play. Eddie's hand pads were removed by Master before he exited, and Eddie removed mine. We both got down to cleaning our bodies and washing the leather gears. And then, we both headed to the den for next game.

Or punishment? And my intuition was right. The game was, indeed, meant to punish us. There was no way anybody could accomplish that task, atleast not me and Eddie.

We had to lift two bricks, and walk from one end of the den to the other. No, wait. The bricks were to be lifted not by the hands, but by the tits. Yes, you got it right, by the nipples. Being assured that both of us were going to fare miserably in the task, my only curiosity now was to know what would be the punishment.

We were not told that yet. Eddie was the first to begin. Kochhar, Eddie's soon-to-be Master, came forward and put clamps on Eddie's nips. The lusty man didn't miss out on feeling and squeezing Eddie's boobs while doing so.

The clamps were attached to each other by a small chain, which was further attached to a bigger chain hanging down. Now, to the other end of this bigger chain, two red bricks were attached.

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Eddie was already bowing down since the chain was attached to the bricks. So, he tried to raise his own body, thereby attempting to lift the bricks. He couldn't raise his body even by an inch. Not even by a centimetre. He couldn't rise at all.

congratulate, you were

His fate was sealed. And I knew, so was mine. Poor Eddie, the obedient slave that he was, kept trying for nearly 10 minutes or so. And after he was defeated, it was my turn. I had decided not to make a fool of myself like Eddie did.

He was so immersed in lifting the bricks with his tits, that he didn't even realise that Mr. Kochhar was making nasty comments on him and his boobs, like, "Babble mein dum nahi hai kya? Lagta hai sirf hawa bhari hai andar, gubbare ki tarah. So, I decided to use the school trick. Immediately upon being clamped, I let out loud moans and cries of pain. In fact, I also succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes.

We are not going to say 'stop' until we see some genuine efforts from you. Come on! Somehow, I managed to fiddle away an equal amount of time that Eddie had taken, after which Master came ahead to remove my clamps. And while he was doing that, Mr. Kochhar passed a nasty comment, "Tera launda toh ekdum fuddu nikla, Arun.

Ek toh babble bhi ekdum chucche se hain uske. Clearly, Mr. Kochhar was leading the status game right now, and Master was not liking it. While removing the clamps from my nips, he pressed a clamp on one of my tits very hard. So hard, that I let out a scream, "Aaaaahhhhhhh! Kochhar got another reason to giggle.

mine the theme

You didn't even make an attempt to lift the bricks. Bhendi, such a spoilsport you are. Tu dekh mein tera kya haal karta hoon office mein. Eddie and me were standing in front of Masters.

join. All

Heads bowed down. Hands on either side. Modesty uncovered. Genitals totally exposed. Masters kept staring at our bodies, and exchanging oral notes with each other about our body parts and our curves. After what seemed like an eternity, Master spoke: "Awwright, so it's punishment time.

Since it's going to be Eddie's last punishment from me, I am going to keep it simple. We are going to order lunch from outside. So, here's what we'll do. I'll order food from two places, and each time when the guy comes to deliver the food, you'll have to ask him for a blow job. Did we have a choice? Around half an hour after Master placed the first order, the door bell rang.

It was Eddie's turn first. No sooner did he open the door than the delivery boy started blurting, "Hello, Sir, aapka parrrrr He kept staring at Eddie, couldn't utter a word after that. Eddie was a smoothie at handling such situations. He told him, "Laao.

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Then a few moments later when his eyes fell on the chastity cage at my dickie, he started grinning shamelessly at me. His grinning was getting increasingly embarrassing for me.

It was only when Eddie came with the money, that I heaved a sigh of relief. What Eddie did next surprised me to no bounds. But the boy said, "Mujhe ladki mein interest hai. Strangely, the boy hadn't seen till now that Eddie didn't have a dickie. Immediately, he opened his zip and let out his monster. A nice and brown, uncut 6 incher, semi hung. Initially, there was a feeling of shyness on the boy's face, but I guess, when Eddie's tongue made him rock hard, he let go of his inhibitions, and started enjoying the act.

I kept watching the blowjob from the corner of the hall. Eddie was a nice and passionate sucker. His blow strokes were slow and long.

Out and in, out and in moved the boy's pelvis. The delivery boy was short in stature, but looked very sexy making those pelvic thrusts.

I started imagining how much more sexier he would look while making those sexy pelvic moves completely naked. For a moment my attention got distracted and I saw Mr.

Eddie got up and went inside the washroom. The guy's face revealed his super satisfaction. He locked his zip and started to move out. While going out, he gave me a lusty look and said, "Phir bulaana. The bell rang. I went and opened the door. A young, tall guy was standing with a parcel.

Hurriedly, I took the parcel from him, asked him to come in and collect the cash. This guy had a name tag above his chest pocket. He was Afroz. The guy was too good looking to be working as a delivery boy. He could easily get into modelling. My dickie started giving out soft taps at the chastity cage, rebelling to break free and get erect.

Watching Eddie had given me enough confidence, so I also asked him directly, "Choos loon tumhara? He started feeling my bums. Just then, I heard a voice saying, "Nope.

It's a fowl. I stood up, totally clueless. The delivery boy spoke, "Par mein toh sirf gaand maroonga. I stood there, still with my pants and panty down. Will he have to go down on the street and find someone else?

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Kochhar asked naughtily. I would never be able to do that. Not even at gun point. Just then Master added, "Or if you want, Rishi, I can call the building watchman and ask him if he is interested. So, Master picked up his phone and called up the watchman.

The door bell rang. A young man was standing at the door. I rushed him inside and closed the door. Thankfully, every floor in the building had just 2 flats, and the other flat on that floor was locked. With this guy, there was no 'asking formality' to be fulfilled. He knew why he was there, and I knew what I had to do. So, I got on to my job. The blowjob. I started unzipping him, to which he completely unbuttoned and lowered his pants and his Lux Cozi underwear.

I had never tasted or smelt anything so bad. An instant stimulant to puking. It was totally unbearable. It seemed as if, he never pissed into the commode but always on his balls, and then left them like that, without washing them. Till now, all my sexperiences with blue collar workers had been fantastic.

Construction workers, auto drivers, security men, house painters, dairy farm boys, barbers, factory labourers. I had almost become judgmental about them having the sexiest rods of all. But this guy ruined my perceptions. I know how it is. As a bottom, I met only pure tops who never touched my dickie, so nobody made me realise it. That much also he must not be doing. Maybe he had to bathe in the open with his undies on. Poor chap!

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So, I used my hand to pull back his foreskin. But, Eeeeewwwwwww! His glans had a dense cloud of smegma covered over it. As usual, my tubelight lit a bit late. Actually, too late. In a desperate bid to plead help from Master, I looked at him, making a sorry face, signalling him to save me from this mess.

He didn't react. Why would he? Unhonein hi toh mujhe ismein dhakela tha. Private Popsicle, anyone?

opinion you commit

He was enjoying the entire drama with an innocent grin on his face. Voyeur kahin ka! Nobody came to my rescue. So, ultimately I looked up at the watchman. He smiled back at me, saying with a blink, "Le lo, darling, poora tumhara hi hai. Ek toh saara mood 'jhand' kar ke rakh diya tha, upar se kehta hai, "poora tumhara hi hai. So, I surrendered. I ran to the bathroom. The food had already arrived. We just had to do the plating and serve it to the Masters at the dining table.

Eddie and me were working in the kitchen. He is actually a young Master belonging to the "Beasties" group. Master had made me blow him once.

So, that was the game. First, getting me involved in an Act in which I was not supposed to be a part of, and Secondly, making me go through such a disgusting ordeal. Maan gaye, Master was brilliantly far sighted. Thankfully, there were no unpleasant surprises at lunch. As expected, Masters were relishing the pizzas, pastas and tacos ordered from outside, whie me and Eddie were eating Soy curry from the dog bowl.

This time also, Master kept us both under his feet. Kochhar was sitting alone. But even from far, he did not spare me of his nasty comments. Woh toh khaaya ke nahi aapne? Master also laughed out loud at that. Gosh, why did he have to remind me of that during lunch? Bloody, entire appetite was lost. Still, I decided to continue with my task of eating Soy.

Now, I had alredy started eating Soy curry for lunch every day, as per Commandment No. Soy pieces were fine, but licking the curry with the tongue was truly dog like. Masters were highly amused watching us eat that way. In between, they would throw a piece or two of the leftover crusty edge, after biting the cheesier, topping filled portion themselves.

Me and Eddie would both 'woof' at the bite, and try to have it directly in our mouths from the air. Many pieces would fall down, and to have them, we would fight it out with our heads and noses. Any outsider might feel it disgusting to eat the leftover bites of a person, but for us, it was a super exciting thing to have.

The saliva of Master left on the bite of that food, was a nectar for us, sissies. It was an instant energizer. All that might be crap, I don't know. But oh, what a wonderful feeling to have the elements of your Master inside you, inside your veins, inside your chest, inside your womb. Such feelings only a submissive slave can understand.

Nobody else can. Besides, such a happy BDSM family we made at the dining table. It was an absolute photo-capture moment. We were cleaning the lunch plates in the kitchen, when Master came over to us, and spoke to Eddie. The con call might be long. After that, we'll have a siesta. You guys can wash my underwears till then, even Jeetey has an underwear to be washed.

And then you can relax a bit. Immediately after Master left the kitchen, Eddie came closer to me and hugged me. Actually, he didn't hug me, but laid his head on my chest, and started weeping.

Eddie: I don't want be able to do it, Rishi. I just won't be able to. Me: But what? Eddie continued weeping. Me: You don't want to go with Mr. You want to stay here? I can talk to Master about it.

Eddie: It's not that. Me: Then what is it? Me: But what is there in it? Can you, atleast, tell me that? Super exciting for the Masters, and the worse nightmare for the outgoing slave. Me: But what happens in that ritual? Eddie: Double penetration. Me: Huh? It's a ritual symbolising the 'passing' of the slave from the Ex Master to the new Master. I can underst Eddie was visibly shocked at my behaviour.

He kept staring at me. This time, I went closer and gave him a hug. Me: I'm so sorry, sista, I didn't want to be nasty. But then, "double penetration" is a dream come true for a bottom, isn't it? And I burst out laughing again.

Eddie: Haan, haan, hans le, kamini, tere mooh mein toh, vaise bhi ab ghee padne waala hai. Me: As in?

words... something is

So, get ready to taste Master's "Ghee" for the first time ever. Suddenly, a rush of excitement flushed my entire face. Finally, my moment had come.

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