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I was over at Bella and Edward's cottage place waiting impatiently to see Renesme, and raiding the fridge for anything still in date. Reneseme was supposed to be home from school by now and was half an hour late. Edward came in then, an irritated expression on his face. Edward shook his head and sat down on the couch next to me. Renesme smirked and shook her head at me.

I'd rather see something more meaningful.

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But as long as it's with Ryan" she stopped abruptly when she saw my dejected expression. I thought you'd be happy" I sighed and gave a half hearted smile.

Is jacob dating renesmee

I could smell the sweet scent of her skin and feel the cool touch of her hands on my face, sending me into a peaceful state. I sighed. I sat back and felt a heavy weight on my shoulders. I knew I had to tell Renesme about our connection and soon.

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Nobody had before because we all wanted her to live a normal life as long as she could without worrying about commitment until it was necessary. The only problem with our decision was that we were left to monitor her relationships with boys, making sure they didn't get too serious or 'involved'.

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This was always tough for me and turned me into a nervous wreck. Is he a player?

Renesme is now a 'teenager', wise beyond her years and living the life of a typical teen: studying, hanging out, and even dating. But one date with the star football player puts her in a real scary situation. Can Jacob save her? Some adult themes and lang. Oct 14,   I think at the end of the 4th book Renesmee has the appearence of a 4 or 5 year old kid. so the opotion of dating her is kinda sick. as Jacob himself said Edward wouldn't let him live if he had Romantic feelings for their little girl. If you are looking for the best Jacob & Renesmee fanfics available. You are in the right place! We're picky as hell and we love J&N fanfics with a passion. Welcome to our corner of the Twilight fandom. Where Jake & Nessie Rule!

Does he smoke or drink or have a tattoo-". I swallowed hard, noticing how very beautiful she was She giggled and shook her head at me again, causing her curls to bounce.

Oct 28,   I have some great news for all you Twilight fans out there . there is a new series of Twilight books int he works, a 2 or 3 story arc cover the story of Renesmee and Jacob Black.

I was but she couldn't know that yet. To her I was just a really cool friend whom she never got tired of. Would she ever see me as more? It's okay" She said, now resting her head on my shoulder. She seemed to think on my statement for a moment, and then she shrugged.

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Visit Author Website. Get it now exclusively at Amazon. Nessie's Mix by IndependenceIndividuality reviews Jacob has a really weird, random playlist on his ipod. It's called 'Nessie's Mix', and Renesmee wants to know why. Follow Jacob's pack as they face heartbreak, new love, old enemies, and much more.

Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen

All the while finding out who they really are, as well as who they really love. Political intrigues, murder, seduction, war New friends and new problems for Nessie.

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Going to high school with your parents and trying to figure out your relationship with your best friend.

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