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Grace Slick has had an encounter with Jim Morrison Grace Slick is a 80 year old American Singer. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Grace Slick is a member of the following lists: American contraltos , American female singers and American rock singers. Help us build our profile of Grace Slick! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Grace Slick born Grace Barnett Wing, October 30, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, artist and former model, widely known in rock and roll history for her role in San Francisco's burgeoning psychedelic music scene in the mids.

Grace remebers to being laughing a lot and having a lot of fun. Suddently Jim stood up and stared at Grace. He seemed to be apparising the distance between us as if it was an invisible garment that needed to be continually breached with each motion. With our hips joined together and his body moving up and down, it felt like he was taking a moment each time to circle the area between our bodies with his eyes and consider the space that separated us.

He was a well-built boy, his cock was slightly larger than average, and he was young enough to maintain the engorged silent connection right through the residue of chemicals that can threaten erection. At the same time he was surprisingly gentle. It was the sixties, the free love era. Source: "Somebody to Love? Grace Slick. Jim Morrison. Age at start of relationship.

Hair Color. Brown - Dark.

TOPPOP: Grace Slick - Seasons

Eye Color. About Mine. A question to musicians who know about these things - did bands like Jefferson Airplane and other psychedellic bands not use traditional minor and major keys? Did they use modal keys and Greek keys for their music?

It sounds really different from the normal minor and major keys, especially that White Rabbit song. Jorma K was a classically trained musician, so he had at hand keys above and beyond the traditional rock major and blues minor scales. Not great art, but far from the worst song ever.

Never understood the hate for it. I remember when it came out, too. It got a ton of airplay. I've always loved Grace Slick - she's still alive and well in Malibu at age 71 and has concentrated on her painting for a number of years now. I give Grace a lot of credit for knowing when it was time to quit the music business. Unlike most of her contemporaries, Grace knew that an old person on a rock and roll stage singing about getting high and fucking was pathetic so she left the business for good in the late 80s, right after Starships string of hits.

Grace has said she has no plans to return to music, and she's very happy with her life. Grace slick was one fine HOT woman. And if she was bi or lesbian I'd still have the hot's for her with or without any men in her life. She was hot when younger. And she has a great sense of humor. Really hate We Built this City and the other horrible song they had in that era. Seemed almost the complete opposite of Jefferson Airplane. Her hair may be white now but very few wrinkles for someone her age.

I don't like a lot of their early work mostly because I was born in the 60's. Never knew a woman could sing like that. I just found out grace slick is a painter. Does she do any shows? I think miracles,and we built this city is the best. I think marty balin and grace and mickey thomas were magic together, grace never got it. I think she has let down her fan base.

Starship will fly on without her.

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Its sad. How many kids did Grace have, just the one with Paul Kantner, China? IIRC, China did some acting. This was new. Like making love to a floating art form with eyes. He seemed to appraising the distance between us if it was an invisible garment that needed to be continually breached with each motion. With our hips joined together and his body moving up and down, if felt like he was taking a moment each time to circle the area between our bodies with his eyes and consider the space that separated us.

Grace Slick & Jim Morrison

He was a well built boy, his cock was slightly larger than average, and was young enough to maintain the engorged silent connection right through the residue of chemicals that can threaten erection. At the same time, he was surprisingly gentle. But everybody has to stop being a jerk sometimes. Jim mystified me with that otherworldly expression, and at the same time, his hips never lost the insistent rolling motion that was driving the dance.

When he did look directly in my face, he seemed to be constantly searching for the expression that might break the lock, as if I might be wearing a disguise. I have no idea how long I was there, but there was no lying around afterward having a cigarette, dreamily looking at each other. I knew I should leave before I got caught - we both had other relationships - and I felt like an intruder.

I dressed as fast as I could, without looking like it was a race. Marty Balin seemed bitter about never getting any credit from Paul ,Grace or anyone else for that matter.

Began dating Paul Kantner It seems like Grace's extra marital affairs was the main reason that dissolved her first married life. When she was bonded in married life with Jerry, she began dating Paul Kantner in Paul Kantner is a rock Nation: United States. Grace Slick and Jim Morrison had an encounter in Sep About. Grace Slick is a 80 year old American Singer. Born Grace Barnett Wing on 30th October, in Chicago, Illinois, USA and educated at Castilleja High School, Palo Alto, CA, she is famous for The Great Society, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship in a career that spans -

He had his own measure of success he must have been one sensitive guy to let it get to him like that. I must say that he exercised good judgement in staying away from Grace sexually. She was quite attractive but an "unselective" slut at best! She's had some health problems and cannot be on her feet for very long. As a result of that and possibly meds, she's become quite heavy but I'll bet she can still sing. My theory about Grace Slick is that she was struggling with her suppressed lesbianism by sleeping with a lot of different men.

She needed to convince herself that she is straight and that she can sleep with men. The "VH1 Behind the Music" strongly suggested short of outright saying it that Balin was and still is a major dick,felt insecure as his role as the lead vocalist and therefore disliked Grace. The rest of the band - -particularly Kantner - seemed like they hated him. He may be mad that the band's best known songs are from Slick.

Even some of the non-hits by Slick are some of their best songs like "Two heads," "rejoyce," "Lather" and "Greasy Heart. Balin's lyrics are superior to Slick's. Grace Slick's lyrics were always too pompous to be true. Fuckin' bitch. Her lyrics really bloomed in the last Jefferson Airplane's album 'Jefferson Airplane'. She didn't write junkie stuff in that album.

Grace isn't gay. She admits in her autobiography that she went through a period of wondering what being a lesbian would be like, but only got as far as making out with another girl before realizing it wasn't for her.

She liked the feel and the look of a hard penis. She's very pro gay, though. Most of her longtime friends are gay men. And I think some of her art exhibits have benefitted gay charities. R50, she also wrote 'Freedom' and 'Now is the Time'.

agree, very good

You have to be kidding me. Her 60s lyrics were really incoherent. People got carried away with her 60s songs because of the music and not because of the lyrics back at that time. Let's be honest! R49, she seems gay to me. She just didn't dare to flirt or date a beautiful woman, so she convinced herself that she is not a lesbian.

I must admit that she wrote at least a good song in the sixties. However, i think that Jefferson Airplane pretty screwed it at the beginning, when they put that 'typewriting' sound.

Grace slick dating

Why the hell did they add that sound to the studio version of 'Lather'? I really hate it.

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You can hear the same 'typewriting sound' in 'Trouble in Mind' sung by Janis Joplin. I wonder if they deliberately added that sound, or there is another explanation behind this sound. It's really annoying and it makes these two emotionally powerful songs less beautiful.

I wish someone could release these two songs without the creepy typewriting sound. The sounds of the typewriter are when we learn about Howard C.

Green, just turned 33, his leather chair waits at the bank. Jefferson Starship played 'Lather' Live. There is that Live version in Youtube. I don't think that Grace Slink sings it there, i know she was a former Jefferson Starship member, but i think that's not her voice. I could be wrong though. Anybody knows anything about that? I agree though with R This sound effect doesn't do justice to the song, no matter what you say dear R It's pretty distracting.

R54, what about 'Trouble In Mind'? Why there is that typewriting sound in this song as well? I don't think that your explanation is very satisfactory. It fits though, but still Jefferson Starship now tours under that name since Kantner is with it, it's back to "Jefferson" and there have been female vocalists filling in for Slick. I believe even Signe Toly has sung with them now and then.

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Also Fleetwood Mac. It's fucking ridiculous for a woman in her sixties to be wearing six inch platform heels and a top hat, stretching her shawl-clad arms out and twirling around onstage while she attempts to sing in a croaking, way past her prime voice.

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You hear that, Stevie? It's time to retire. Grace was the outrageous focal point of JA. Remember she almost spiked the punch at the White House reception for Finch College alumni? She also performed one show, dressed as Hitler!

Her autobiography is the best I've ever read of a former rocker. They all reunited in as JA and toured that summer. I saw them and they sounded great and they seemed to be all getting along.

Grace Slick was previously married to Skip Johnson ( - ) and Jerry Slick ( - ). Grace Slick has been in relationships with Paul Kantner ( - ) and Spencer Dryden ( - ). Grace Slick has had an encounter with Jim Morrison .Birth place: Chicago. Grace Slick was a force on the Rock and Roll scene. Her powerful presence made what the sixties was all about. Jefferson Airplane was one of the most powerful groups of the sixties, but they are barely mentioned in the same breath as Santana, Grateful Dead, or Jimi Crimsonking. Jan 01,   Paul Kantner and Grace Slick seemed particularly odious. I remember some article about a concert Jefferson Airplane did in Europe, Germany, I think. The crowd had stood in the rain, waiting for the band to perform. Seems Grace Slick was having some tummy trouble; I guess after years of drugging she probably wasn't in very good shape.

Kantner is the one who can be a dick. Just look at them physically. I mean, can you take Grace Slick seriously? Lou had a jealous streak in general. He wanted all the lights on him. He wrote 'I'll Be Your Mirror' for me, but if you examine closely the song, it shows how narcissistic Lou was.

It was all always about him. This is a quick little clip of David Crosby and Stephen Stills in the recording studio. Stills didn't like working with JA. R64, do you believe that Jefferson Airplane is an overrated band? Too much hype? Tell me, baby, i want to see how you view it R65, are you sure that question was for me? I don't really have an opinion on JA's music. I just found that clip fascinating because it was a couple of musicians in the studio talking about bands.

That whole era of music is before my time and I don't even feel I'm in a position to critique any of the music because I'm too busy being envious and in awe of anyone who got to experience it first hand.

apologise, but

R66, yes mon bebe, the question was for you. It doesn't matter if you were of that era, you can form your own opinion and I'm not of that era either, however, i think that everything can be criticized if you are careful with the subject of your criticism. I was bored and i wanted to push somebody a little Have fun Well, I'm afraid on this topic, you couldn't push my buttons.

entertaining message

I grew up during the popularity of the "New Kids on The Block," so even the worst of the late 60s was genius by comparison. R68, i was born in and i'm sassy enough to push your button, but i respect your gentle nature R68, my high-school soundtrack consisted of Britney, autotuned Cher, Ricky Martin, and the boybands. In a way pop music then was more progressive at least from a music theory perspective than it is now. I think a lot of them were influenced by Jazz Brubeck and Davis especiallywho themselves were influenced by classical composers such as Milhaud, Stravinsky, Debussy and Wagner.

Offhand, I can't think of many of her British contemporaries. I assume Led Zep would have been a bit younger than Grace. The British rockers, in the s, seemed to be more into models, rather than being with female rockers. Grace Slick was certainly not a doll though. I wonder how come and she had the balls to drool so openly over these guys and get them in bed. Was she so desperate or something?

Grace Slick

Graham Nash also has a great book out, but I wonder how people like this can recall yesterday, let alone years when they were doing tons of shit. No, Graham was never as bad as the other two. He says that he always had better control over his habit s. He could stop anytime.

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He would try and help Crosby by showing him how he could just stop, Crosby was just too addicted. Graham tells this story about how Crosby got so desperate for drugs that he gave the pink slip for his car forget which luxury car it was to a drug dealer and when the drug dealer ended up dead after ODing, Crosby broke into the dealer's apt to get the slip back.

Forget Stills. He could never be helped. Even Sammy Hagar tells stories about how out of control Stills' habit was well into his 50s. I love that man as an artist and he is my favorite, but totally fucked up, huge ego and a reputation for being an asshole.

Grace Slick had a lot of mystique, and was probably at the height of her appeal while singing with the Great Society. Marty Balin founded and formed Jefferson Airplane although Jorma came up with the name. Balin was an excellent singer and probably the best songwriter to emerge from the San Francisco scene. He could be seen back then e. Judging from one or two brief encounters, he seemed a decent fellow.

He probably drifted from the group and the scene because he was less into the increasing decadence and dissipation. I saw the Airplane on that tour, too, and feel lucky to have had the chance. They sounded really good, had a deep and varied set list mostly Airplane, some early Jefferson Starship and all seemed to be happy to be doing the show.

Grace, in particular, was funny and looked to be enjoying the hell out of it. I think she may have decided this was going to be about the end of her performing career, so she just went all-out.

Grace has always had a ' bi' vibe about her. I remember years ago she hosted a 'Women in Rock' special and she was seriously checking out sexy Ronnie Spector. That's because she was born into a rich family, so she's one of the lucky ones who could fake it till you make it as an artist, coasting on daddy and mommy's mayflower first voyage descendant money. I've never heard that Marty Balin was "a major dick.

And I've never heard anywhere that he was "closeted. I think he probably just disliked her, and I can understand that. She always came across in interviews as very full of herself and bitchy. Frequently seemed drug-addled, and probably was.

Grace Slick estimated Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Dating, Relationship Records, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been ated's check, How Rich is Grace Slick in ? Scroll below and check more details information about Current Net worth as well as Monthly/Year Salary, Expense, Income Reports! Feb 29,   Grace Slick Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Dating, Marriage, Relationship Stats, Family, Career, below and check our most recent ates about about Grace Slick's Biography, Salary, Estimated Net worth, Expenses, Income Reports & Financial Breakdown !Nationality: IL. Sep 26,   Married date: November, 29, Divorce. He was the second husband of Grace, who worked as Jefferson Starship lighting designer at the time they were in relationship. Grace Slick Children. DAUGHTER: China Kantner. Father: Paul Kantner. Date of Birth: She is the first and only child of Grace, who is a television Place: United States.

Marty Balin seems like a good guy; at Altamont he bravely tried to stop the Hell's Angels from beating up some poor soul and got knocked unconscious himself. I never liked the Jefferson Airplane. I never thought they were much musically.

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Paul Kantner and Grace Slick seemed particularly odious. The crowd had stood in the rain, waiting for the band to perform. Seems Grace Slick was having some tummy trouble; I guess after years of drugging she probably wasn't in very good shape.

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