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Quezonthe 2nd President of the Philippinesto replace Manila as the national capital. The city was proclaimed as such inthough a significant number of government buildings remained in Manila. Quezon City held status as the official capital until [13] when a presidential decree was issued to reinstate and designate Manila as the capital and Metro Manila as the seat of government. It is the largest city in terms of population and land area in Metro Manilathe National Capital Region of the Philippines. Quezon City is not located in, and should not be confused with, Quezon Provincewhich was also named after the president.

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The one thing that is missing and which is important to me is to know how Frenchmen feel about an older woman. I am currently being wooed by a Frenchman 12 years my junior and he swears it is not a problem. That may be so whilst our relationshpi is new and exciting but what about in years hence.

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