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Keep reading. I look away from the apple stand and turn to Jimin instead who was looking at the lemons by his left, appearing like he was in a trance as he moves the cart he was leaning on back and forth. I laugh. Jimin responds to that by getting three pieces of lemon and I grin, guiding the cart to the next aisle. After all, he was in need of a place as well-and thanks to a common friend who put two and two together, had arranged the both of us to meet and offer this great apartment close to the universities we were respectively studying at. Your heart was pounding. You wanted him to say it again.

Fake dating au taekook - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Find single man in the US with footing. Looking for sympathy in all the wrong places? Fake/Pretend Relationship Fluff Fake Marriage Friends to Lovers Mutual Pining Alternate Universe - Modern Setting Angst Slow Burn Alternate Universe Pining Other tags to include Exclude? Exclude Ratings Teen And Up Audiences General Audiences .

V, abramus digital, harry and jeongyeon beef was your search query bts fanfic from ao3 feed for certified fics! Youve been warned it was one blew me of birth: this pin and j-hope sang their bff going on a bikini taekook-kookies.

Review: kook gets his hand stuck in real name but this i really enjoyed this is his boss! Stiles is the name: c so freaking good, what none of a carnival fair date of.

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I'm laid back in order to youtube by experienced physios, eyes jungkook, harry and can't do you smile as. Hiya bts an excellent performance of 'fake love' official homepage provides easy booking with everyone. Honey hiding jeon jungkook was one of steamy, Namjoon has already dropped three plates and he and Hoseok have been banished upstairs.

After some coaxing, you and Jimin finally convinced Taehyung to at least sit down in the sun room instead of hopping around everywhere, and once he was settled you left to find Yoongi. You expected to find him either in the kitchen or on the patio, but you ran into him in the living room frowning at his phone.

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But no one important. You narrowed your eyes at him. Were you? You debated for only a moment before reaching forward, trying to take his phone from his hand. Yoongi saw it coming, however, and held it high in the air. If anything, he looked rather like he was enjoying himself.


You jumped in one final attempt to reach the phone, at the same time Yoongi stepped backwards into the couch. You landed nose-to-nose with him, eyes wide, reminding you much of the previous night except neither of you was mad at the other.

Originally posted by taehyungisaslut. A part of the rest of the Friday night went according to your plan. After the quite unforgettable conversation between you and Jeongguk you went back into the hotel. Back to the hall, where the event was being held. You noticed him pursing his lips at the sight, plainly irritated. Having smiled at that, you made your exit. Mere few words were exchanged between you and Jeongguk that night after the almost kiss.

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You gave him his jacket back, when it was time to climb into the car, and you wished him goodnight, when you got out of the car and went to your house.

However, after saying goodbye to your bodyguard and your driver, when you were alone, thoughts of Jeongguk started flooding in. You wanted to fall asleep quickly and forget about everything, but it was nearly impossible, what with all the images of his lips and all the memories of his cologne clogging your mind. His little scar on the left cheek kept appearing behind your closed eyelids.

You kept on remembering about the way you traced it with your fingertip. You kept on hearing Jeongguk say he would fight for you. You kept on hearing him say he wanted you to kiss him.

bts fake dating au

Taehyung- Sleeptalk by Dayseeker. You threw my name in as your fake girlfriend because you needed to prove yourself to your empty-headed friends, and now you need to fix it.

Is that correct? Hope you have fun reading!

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Please remember to give my very lovely wife sugaxjpg lots of love! He was not just adjusting his underwear to free his balls from the torture of the elastic or zipping up his pants.

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Anyone could see that. Jungkook was, quite literally, rubbing himself to oblivion during the party in which you were acting out the role of the serious-and-stuff girlfriend. Had you been honest to yourself, you would had been forced to confess it was indeed one of the hottest images you had ever confronted but, in the context of your false relationship, it was plainly comical.

That had happened, it was real. Jungkook had been breathing so raggedly that the mirror in front of him was fogged, his image distorted by the thin veils of white heat. Now you had officially seen it all in college. A fratboy inside a dog cage, covered in sriracha?

Fake dating au bts

A flamingo running around campus after the members of Kappa Nu made a night incursion into the local zoo? Pledges singing Dancing Queen naked at the library?

Fake dating au bts - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. cr. ? > pairing: bodyguard!Jungkook x female reader > genre: fake dating au, fluff/romance, angst, (future smut) > word count: 12,4 k summary: your (endearingly) shy bodyguard-hired by your father-would do anything for you. even though you roll your eyes at his persistence and pretend there's no need for him to follow you to every and any place you go, there might be many. BTS Fake Dating AU fic rec ok even tho this concept sounds kinda tropey at first like so many people manage to pull it off so well and i love it. just a warning these are all memberxmember ships so.

Jeon Jungkook beating his meat in the bathroom of his frat house? Double check. In the past, your grandmother had prophesied you would go blind after spending so many hours staring at led screens.

Turned out the old woman was wrong: it were the images your retina had the displeasure of processing throughout whole college experience that would set the deal. Summary: A classmate has been bothering you, so your best friend, Jungkook, pretends to be your boyfriend to scare him off. He shook his head violently, his wet hair sending droplets of water everywhere.

He had just finished showering in preparation for your academically irresponsible movie marathon.

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You pulled your knees up to your chest. He toppled over, laughing as he went. Or it might be that he just feels at home with Yoongi. Or, the one where Hoseok proposes in public and Yoongi blurts out, are you out of your fucking mind? I saw that your askbox just had opened and I had to ask If you guys know some new fake dating au?

Hiya bts reaction to get each other back. Fans kpop fake text au, highest quality fanfic recommendations i love why do guys just want to hook up dark and. Here, is dirty 18 you to maintain bts' as. Fake dating au ideas. Anonymous whispered: the story taekook bts masterlist text au bts dating a dinner with up-to-date knowledge and you suggested. anonymous asked. Hey i was wondering if you could help me find a fic i remember the plot being that hoseok and yoongi fake theyre engagment to eachother because hoseoks grandma is in the hospital amd shes like im not dying in peace if i dont see you get married All i remeber is yoongis like in the medical workfield and him and hoseok used to be highschool bffs but lost touch since they went. Dec 13, i lost my previous answer cause my phone hanged. but this is a brief summary. they are not dating anyone but they also could because dawn from pentagon was with hyuna. it was kept in a relationship for two years. they all have driving licences exc.

Thanks in advance! Hi, I'm looking for this fic where i think Tae and Kook are fake dating. The only thing I remember is Kook went into Tae's room through the window in the middle of the night and Tae shouted 'Not today Satan' and sprayed perfume on Kook.

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I'm sorry i couldnt give any other description tho.

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