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New to Elnea Kingdom and finding yourself a little confused? Use our guide! Throughout this page are links to articles on this wiki, which you can view for further information. Make your gameplay easier by viewing our page on Switch Tips! If you haven't started a game already, the main menu opens up to the options [Start New Game] and [Import]. Starting a new game will take you to the Character Creation screen.

Lol it really does. They can't just up and leave you with an engagement that costs 10, to get out of. More topics from this board Do the ranking levels reset?

General 2 Answers Can someone please tell me where to find Rattletato seeds? Main Quest 1 Answer Can I have multiple accounts for phone app version? General 1 Answer Why isn't this game more popular? Main Quest 1 Answer Um if i have house in fountain can i have more than two childrens? Tech Support 1 Answer. Ask A Question.

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Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: kurbie9 kurbie9 2 years ago 1 I was dating a traveller for a while, we go on dates everyday and I've just been waiting for marriage to happen, but then I woke up and it told me I had a date planned, and also that he left for traveling. I didn't realize before it was too late that I should of made him a citizen, then all that I could do was marriage.

Now he's gone, I read that if they leave the country they won't come back, but does anyone know how long it could take for a traveller to come back? I can't find any info online. User Info: AxiniteCrest AxiniteCrest 2 years ago 3 Once the person whom you're close with left for travelling, it means they're gone forever and they won't come back.

Fast Time Passage Methods? Do I have to quit my job to get another one? Can someone please tell me where to find Rattletato seeds?

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Main Quest. Can I have multiple accounts for phone app version? Why isn't this game more popular? Time skips are useful when you need to reach a certain calendar day quickly. During a time skip, battles and events will be stopped! Be careful, though! Keep this in mind if you are trying to keep your rank in a job. To use this feature, press [ZL]. Part of Elnea Kingdom's experience is the Combat and ability to level up your character's Speed, Strength, and Spirit stats.

Let's live in this kingdom!

You can spar with other NPCs, take part in official battles through your job, or explore dungeons and defeat monsters! As your main ability points increase, you will have an easier time in dungeons! Characters also have a chance to be born with Talents which affect how stats are gained.

For WorldNeverland: Elnea Kingdom on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dating travelers and leaving". Feb 15,   Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Walkthroughs and Secrets for WorldNeverland: Elnea Kingdom on the iPhone - iPad, with a game help system for those that are stuck Thu, 07 May Cheats, Hints & WalkthroughsOperating System: iOS.

CP is needed to create skill combos which will devastate opponents in battle. The overall amount of CP you have is indicated by a combo gauge above the skills list during dungeon battles.

Each skill has an amount of CP that it uses. You'll only be able to use skills that are within the limit of your combo gauge, so be wary! These are official events that count towards your total official match achievement. The Knights are the only faction to use the arena in official match capacity for their job. Scholars do not hold arena matches, and the Mountain Corps have their own arena.

The Mountain Corps' arena is located within the Mt. Corps' village and is part of the Corps' tradition for deciding the year's General through battle. Participate in unofficial sparring matches by inviting NPCs to arenas on Holidays. As long as no one else is currently using the Parade Grounds arena, you can have a match with your friends!

If you're currently in a military job, you'll have to use the Royal Arena to spar instead of the Parade grounds. Using the Parade Grounds will cost you 60 bea, while using the Royal Arena will cost bea. The game's dungeons are located in areas patrolled by the military factions. Dungeons are a great way to increase your stat points! Each dungeon area Forests, Ruins, and Caves is dedicated to a certain stat point, and will boost that stat significantly more than the others.

You can bring a friend with you or join an NPC's current party if you find yourself having trouble. Playing Elnea Kingdom is not as fulfilling without establishing friendships and relationships! With over citizens per kingdom, anyone can become your friend if you so choose.

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Read about NPC and player character interactions below! For full details please read the Character Relationships page. The first step to becoming an NPC's friend is by becoming their acquaintance. Introduce yourself to an NPC of interest using the "Talk" action switch!

Get close to the NPC make sure their name plate is highlighted in bright blue and press "Talk". Sometimes, NPCs may introduce themselves to you instead! NPCs that are friendly with you will bring you gifts from time to time. You may choose to accept or refuse a gift - which will either raise or lower your friendship with that NPC.

Vice versa, you can give gifts to your NPC friends. They may choose to accept or refuse the gift. Don't be offended if they refuse the gift.

Game Questions & Answers (Q&A) service lets you ask questions about video games for game consoles or PC games. So ask your WorldNeverland: Elnea Kingdom question for iPhone - iPad and get answers from other gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community. Before you get married with an NPC, you first go on dates after raising your relationship level to "Partner". When you have gone on enough dates, you can hold an engagement gift (Engagement Ring, Wym Jewelry, etc.) when you talk to your partner and an option will appear to propose to them. Once selected, and once your partner agrees, you will go on an immediate date to a . Through WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom, the althi Inc has actually brought up an anime world for many people to enjoy. It is an ideal person that many Japanese culture enthusiasts have dreamed of coming here to live. However, the game's theme has a bit of European medieval style.

There are many reasons as to why an NPC may decline. Simply try again later. You may ask or be asked to go participate in different kingdom activities. You can go fishing, gather herbs or mushrooms, and mine with an NPC. You can also go to dungeons with an NPC, which makes combat alot easier!

The more activities you participate in with an NPC, the closer you will become. Becoming close to citizens leads to becoming Dear Friends,Partners, and more as outlined below:. Citizens that are the same gender as your player character may become Dear Friends when their friendship level is high enough with you.

They must first be at "Close Friend" level and have the option to be invited to a meal at the Tavern. Take note: even if you invite them to the tavern, they may not feel the same way about you! If you're serious about making them a Dear Friend, keep inviting them to the Tavern for a chance at becoming friends for life.

Citizens of opposite gender have a chance at becoming your partner, provided that you are both single and both parties are interested. NPC couples can't break up with each other once established, so be quick if there is someone you have your eye on.

Married Life

An NPC always has multiple options open! A warning to anyone wanting to date a Traveler: It is encouraged to give them a citizenship application purchased at the Caravan Company before dating them. If an application isn't gifted to a Traveler, they may leave you to travel again while you are dating them!

If you feel confident that you do not need to do this, you can continue wooing your Traveler partner until the propose option appears. When proposing or being proposed toyour character will encourage the Traveler to stay in the kingdom. The Traveler may not listen to your character though! Only the lucky and persistant! You can become close to your partner by going on dates, doing activities and dungeons, and talking and giving gifts to them.

When you are very close, proposing will become a dialogue option. Like being asked out, you can either do this yourself or wait to be proposed to. You'll have a wedding in the Temple after waiting your turn on the wedding waiting list. Being married will allow you to expand your family tree by having children.

Depending on who you marry, you may also acquire new in-laws! You cannot improve your relationship with a direct relative.

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You can, however, become Dear Friends with a same gendered in-law and up to Close Friend with an opposite gendered in-law. Enjoy building up your Family! There are events and holidays listed on the kingdom calendar that all citizens participate in, whether actively or passively by having a day off. Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice are such examples of general Holidays where the entire kingdom has a day off from work.

At this time, you can enjoy leisurely activities outside of your work duties or go sparring with friends. Here are some other main events, outlined briefly:. To learn more about each event and holiday, visit the Events and Holidays page! This feature was included in previous WorldNeverland games, and makes a return in Elnea Kingdom.

It makes your gameplay unique as you're not restricted to a single character per file. The feature called the Generational System allows your family tree to expand as previously mentioned in the "Kingdom and You" section.

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All of the NPCs in the game age, and eventually pass away. In their place, new NPCs are born and continue the cycle. When you have a family of your own, a child of age three 3 that is a [Student] is eligible to be succeeded as a player character. As long as the child retains the Student title, they will continue to be eligible.

Elnea kingdom dating

You can pass down to your child when he or she is in your house during MT and NT hours, using the dialogue option [Pass Down to Child]. You have the option to back out of the process, but if you wish to continue you can either: leave all items as they are equipments on your previous character and NPCsor take everything back for your next character. All skills and bea are automatically passed down.

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As of the ate on December 12th,Student is now classified as its own job category within Elnea Kingdom. Students are children of the kingdom ages three 3 to five 5 who are enrolled in the Natall Childrens' School.

Per the ate, they receive their own Job quests from Wiala. When you pass down to your child, you will become them and play as a Student, so do your best to complete homework assignments and enjoy fun activities!

Doing well in school and earning top points will make you a Valedictorian! The most important question we have heard is, "Why do you want to spend money on a game when you can play it free on mobile? And this section is not to push you into making a decision either way. We'll discuss the main points of what sets Switch and Mobile apart, so that you can decide which version is right for you in the long term!

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. This feature allows you to upload save data from the smart phone version of "WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom" and import that data from the server onto a different platform to resume play from that point. An internet connection is necessary to make use of this feature.

Please set up an account and password on the smart phone version of the game and upload your data to the server beforehand. Data once loaded cannot be transferred back to the smart phone version.

Mar 09,   "WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom" is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoy a free lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large number of AI characters that are moving about the kingdom and to whom the player can communicate make the player feel just as if they were playing an online game/5(K). Dec 24,   What's new * Starting from this version it will no longer be possible to play "WorldNeverland - Daily life in the Elnea Kingdom" on devices with Intel CPU ?It is now possible to recover the Enchanted Divine Pearl together with the costume and equipment when transferring a character.?The bug that affected part of the ranking display during the limited Category: Games, Simulation. The Kingdom and You Edit. Playing Elnea Kingdom is not as fulfilling without establishing friendships and relationships! With over citizens per kingdom, anyone can become your friend if you so choose. Read about NPC and player character interactions below! For full details please read the Character Relationships page. Talking to Citizens Edit.

Smart phone save data can be used on the Nintendo Switch after downloading. Weapons, outfits, equipment, furnishings, and skills acquired in events, at the Tailor Shop, Muscle Hall Lottery, etc. Items that are not supported on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, such as the ones listed below, will not be loaded.

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Certain items will be exchanged for items with similar effects or values. If the exchanged items are numbered at more thantheir number will be set at Data which includes features not compatible with the Nintendo Switch version, such as those listed below, will not be importable.

Character slots and generated passwords, etc. It stops them in place so you can catch up to them Also called the "Hey! It's also used to display NPC details when in a conversation window.

Elnea kingdom episode 59: Edgar grown up & dating Evelyne

In dungeons, the Y button brings up the combat and animation speed menu. B Button: Use this button to go back to previous menus, exit windows, or highlight the last option in an NPC dialogue window. L Thumbstick: The L-stick is used to move your character around, choose menu options, select items, and scroll through texts. R Thumbstick: The R-stick is used to quick scroll through large amounts of text to the top and to the bottom.

ZL Button: This is the "time skip" button.

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When you have timespace crystals and wish to quickly advance your game, press this button! If you don't wish to view a scene, hold down the button to skip through it.

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Only works when you have viewed a scene more than once. L Button: This is the game's menu button. You will use this button the most to access the game's menu options! R Button: The R button is the "inspect item" button. If your character is holding an item, press R to view that item and its description - as well as the options [Place] put the item on the ground and [Put Away] returning the item to your bag.

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