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Roleplay Time!! You know she does not deserve such a man. What would be your response? Ayano Aishi? Kokona Haruka?

I don't have time to bully; I'm too busy seducing boys.

Which Yandere Sim Character are you? 10 Questions - Developed by: AwesomeHeroblue - Developed on: - taken - User Rating: of - 30 votes - /5(30). Mar 02,   There are different types of women that you might find yourself in a relationship, some girls when confirmed to be girlfriends behave in a totally different way. A yandere girl is a girl that is head over heels in love with you and can be bombarding you with millions of calls. Would you give a yandere relationship? Take this quiz to find out!/5. Create Chatbot ?? is a service which basically allows you to create your own chatbot for free. Typically, people have a wrong notion that creating and managing a chatbot is a difficult and involves complex programming. However, we at ensure developing a chatbot is very simple which can be done by anyone.

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More Yandere Simulator Quizzes. Featured Quizzes. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 Quiz! Related Topics. Questions and Answers.

Dating yandere chan quiz

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Not much to say here! Are you ready to start?

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If you want to see a me that talks more, check out my Soul Eater quiz, I talk for hours there. I don't like senpai. I just saw him falling behind in gym and, you know me! Red like the colour of your blood if you keep asking me foolish questions. Your best friend blabs to another girl that you like senpai.

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I can't talk to people Choose an emoji!! What do you do in your spare time? Play on my electronics!!

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My speciality is Octopus Hotdogs!! Pray to Sendai in front of my "Senpai Shrine" while planning my rivals demise.

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What do you need most in your life? My books!!

Yandere Simulator Quiz 10 Questions - Developed by: Savannah - Developed on: - taken - User Rating: of - 13 votes - 76 people like it Think you are the Info-Chan of Yandere Simulator?/5(13). Heya! I made this personality quiz to show how Ayano Aishi (Yandere-Chan) would think of you if you were in Akademi High. She might see you as a friend, a rival, a classmate, or an obstacle. Enjoy! (None of this art belongs to me, and Yandere Simulator belongs to Yandere Dev.). Sep 26,   Foooood!! ?????????? My best friend ?????? My books!! ?? Choose a colour!! ?? Neutrality ?? Which word describes you the most? Roleplay Time!! You see a girl with YOUR SENPAI!! You know she does not deserve such a man. What would be your response? Set her up with another boy!!

Choose a colour!! Kawai purple.

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Pick one Which word describes you the most? Oh Well. Pull out your knife.

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I will win over his heart with my looks and personality!! He will be mine!! He WILL choose me over that slut! Set her up with another boy!!

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In REAL life. Of course I do!! None of your business.

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I have a Senpai. I don't have a Senpai!

Which Yandere Sim Character are you?

If you saw someone commit a murder Real life speaking what would you do? I commit the murders!! Run home and call the police!! They have to believe me!

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Run to a highly populated area!! Beg for your life!! Run to Senpai!!

May 05,   The rivals are the main antagonists of the Yandere simulator, and they appear every week. A player has to ensure that they eliminate them as they have a crush on Senpai. Which of the ten rivals do you think you are? Take up the quiz and see the one you are more like/5. Jan 15,   A/N: This quiz was made before all of the allegations and drama surrounding Yandere Simulator surfaced. I do NOT support YandereDev anymore. I will leave this quiz up for anyone that wants to take it, but please think critically .

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