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The three end up having their own jam session outside. Andy takes much of the staff to " Gettysburg " as part of a motivational speech, but his attempt to galvanize the staff in relation to the historic war, does little. Fed up, Andy storms off and later argues with Jim, who tells Andy that the staff simply like him as a manager, and that he doesn't have to prove himself to them, putting Andy at comfort. Andy meets " Mrs. California " and at Robert's hasty instruction, is not supposed to hire his wife Susan, for a job in the office. Although in front of his spouse, Robert contradicts his instruction quite well, leaving Andy and later Jim in a hard place when Andy is trying to not hire her. When Susan is hired and then later quits her job, Andy goes to speak with her and she asks him out on a date, leaving him in shock.

Would your girlfriend like to cook.

Not only does hair color matter, but also a hair style. The way one styles their hair can say much about their personality.

The First Avenger: Civil War

For a male, parting hair to the left can imply masculine and assertive.

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