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And although Lauren's parents were skeptical up until the wedding, they've reportedly come around. They're beautiful humans. And they're truly the essence of Love is Blin" they added. There have also been talks about a Lauren and Cameron spinoff. Production is reportedly looking at similar shows for inspiration. In the meantime, the couple has already launched their own Youtube series, Hangin' With the Hamiltons. They'll also be including their dog, Sparks, in the episodes, as well as addressing tougher topics like the challenges of being in an interracial marriage.

It does this because it has to double the number of electrons to get an octet. Oxygen on the other hand shares only two electrons with other atoms.

The other 4 electrons it keeps for itself. Now that we know about covalent bonds and how an atom achieves an octet, we only need one more fact to understand why molecules have specific shapes.

Here it is.

consider, that

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