Can recommend dating my nephews dad not know

There are competing theories as to the origins of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. One theory proposes that it was developed in Frisia and later spread to Englan [ citation needed ] while another holds that Scandinavians introduced runes to England, where the futhorc was modified and exported to Frisia. Some of these additional letters have only been found in manuscripts. Gyfu and wynn stood for the letters yogh and wynnwhich became [g] and [w] in Middle English. A runic alphabet consisting of a mixture of Elder Futhark with Anglo-Saxon futhorc is recorded in a treatise called De Inventione Litterarumascribed to Hrabanus Maurus and preserved in 8th- and 9th-century manuscripts mainly from the southern part of the Carolingian Empire AlemanniaBavaria. The manuscript text attributes the runes to the Marcomanni, quos nos Nordmannos vocamusand hence traditionally, the alphabet is called "Marcomannic runes", but it has no connection with the Marcomanniand rather is an attempt of Carolingian scholars to represent all letters of the Latin alphabets with runic equivalents. Wilhelm Grimm discussed these runes in The Younger Futhark, also called Scandinavian Futhark, is a reduced form of the Elder Futharkconsisting of only 16 characters.

The single " Made You Miss " peaked at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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