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Hey Bossip peoples. I have a situation and I could really use some advice. I have 2 kids with my ex and we used to live together until I put him out about a year ago. Of course my ex kept trying to come over and spend the night and would even try to get all romantic with me and reminisce about the good times, but I never bought into it. What should I do? Okay, sis. If their father wants to be active, another man should never interfere with his involvement, period.

'I Have Three Children With My Father'

But wait, who is the father of the baby? An insider said that the pregnancy was "an unexpected surprise," but she has expressed wanting kids in the past.

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The star of "The Mindy Show," currently doesn't have a boyfriend that we know of, and we have no idea who the baby daddy is. BUT we'd be happy with any of these choices. Introducing our top picks for the father of Mindy Kaling's baby!

Here are the rumors and options. Not only was he her equally unstable counterpart on "The Office," but t he two were a real-life item at one point. Personally, seeing them get back together to raise a child could be the ultimate end to this love story - or at least a good idea for a new show hint hint. Who Dated Who. He does not see your worth and he does not see your value, and it is much better to move on to someone does.

I don't know who my baby's dad is. What can I do?

Let him be a good father and move on with your life to a better man who would never walk out on you or think that another woman is a better choice than you. You are not an option. Thank you sophie to write this inspirational advice. But in this blog of yours i just have to Admit to myself that he never love me back anymore. Yeah and you deserve someone that loves you.

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Omg, you hit me right on the head. I am going through this now with my childs father of 12 years of friendship. Our bundle was planned and he knew I didnt want to be alone again being that my first 10 years prior me and his dad didnt work out. And now having a 10 month old with him. I feel so upset with myself. I always asked what was our status and he would always say we are going to be the best parents to the baby.

And that loved me. And would always be there. Not knowing that was his short way of saying were going to Co-parent. Even though I dont like it.

But again I dont want to be guessing and wondering if the feelings are mutual. Lonely, questioning myself. I knew what I was getting involved with.

Since I stop texting and questioning and calling him for no apparent reason. I feel a bit better, I got a friend now.

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And things have being going. Not really ready to step out with the dating scene yet. But we good. My childs father is a great father to my son and his family loves him to death.

No it is not the end of the world and he is not the last man in the world.

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He is a good father it sounds like, which is great. But just know that if you want a family I believe that you will have someone that will give you that in the right time and it will be the right type of man for you that can give you that traditional family that you want. I think that you do not need to go back and put yourself in this toxic situations. It sounds like a lot of drama and you have two children you need to care for without the back and forth.

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If he really wants you back then in time he will need to prove to you that he can earn your trust back. But leave that up to him, just go about your everyday life not giving him any thought. But I would not get back with him at all, I would just co-parent with him and as time goes on you will see if he has really changed or not. No, but I do answer specific questions on my channel if you want to ask something specifically just email me or DM me and I can answer your concerns and keep you anonymous if need be.

I forgave him, took him back but things were not good at all. I could see he was just with me for the sake of the pregnancy. He left me, my son was only 6 months then. That was the hardest time of my life, Got depressed, asked myself questions, blamed myself for taking him back, it was really bad coz i really loved me and wanted us to work things out. He has really taken so much from me. Thank you very much for all these tips. You are so welcome.

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Is there a way that you can also just set up a visitation schedule, google voice number, or even an email. That way he is not contacting you directly and you do not have to see the text daily if you do not want to? The most important thing is that you have to draw boundaries for yourself. Thank you for these tips. The FOB hid from me that his ex girlfriend was pregnant when we first started dating 8 months ago.

After breaking up with him I found out I was pregnant too. It makes me sick and disgusted that he still does this. He wants to be involved with the baby. He has bad habits and is untrustworthy.

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Of course, you can draw boundaries, and even go to meditation if you feel he will have bad habits around your child. In that way, if it comes down to you not allowing him to see your daughter, then you have it documented in court as to why, as in he is doing something behaviorally or physically detrimental to your daughter.

I let my son see his father when he was with the woman he cheated on me with. But in the end that did not last long. He just wanted to play stepfamily or something.

But given him, a chance first even if the visits are supervised before not letting him see the child. Today was hard. I was really angry he moved to a new state.

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He came to drop her off to me today and I still gave feelings for him he belittles me and disrespects me. We dated still dating, kind of until after 4 years I fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter now 6 months. He pays for my studies, my rent, groceries, childminder and gas. Because I love him so deeply, and I obviously want my child to have a relationship with her dad, I switch off all my anger towards him.

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He can carry on lying and cheating with whoever he is with when he is out of contact for a month. Sophia, thank you so much, I needed to to be told words like in your blog.

Thank you girl. You are so welcome I am glad you enjoyed it. As a tidbit, I would start to come up with a plan now.

27 years,have a beautiful two year old daughter and her father left me for a girl he goes to church with.I hate how even if my B.D is not in my life anymore he still has a hold on me.I literally think about him every single day be it the good times during our relationship,the bad or how i badly want my daughter to grow up with both her. Remember though, that your baby's father may want to play an active role in the upbringing of his child. And as your child grows, she'll want to know who her dad is. To find out for sure who your baby's father is, each of the potential dads will have to take a paternity test. This is a simple, quick and painless procedure. At first, I thought that having a baby would be impossible, both financially and emotionally. I was an intern at a public relations office making very little pay. My baby's father, who I had been friends with for years and had just started dating, did not want me to continue the pregnancy.

I mean if he wants to pay for you to go to college that is great. So yes I agree, get your degree. Have a plan, and save money that he gives you if you can. You have a backup plan, money, just in case you know. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Dating my babys father

Notify me of new posts by email. Straight Talk No Chaser. Join Sophie-stication Nation Enter your email to subscribe to this blog, receive newsletters, and to receive new posts by email. Yes I do not blame you, I do not do cheaters either. There are more and better fish in the sea.

The child of a narcissist father can, in turn, feel a pressure to ramp up their talents, looks, smarts or charisma. It can cost them if they fulfill Dad's wishes-and it can cost them if they. Mar 03,   Well since I've been dating this guy, he's been hating. He'll call and want to come "see the kids" but I tell him that my current boyfriend is there and he can come the next day or the next time he's available. Now that we're getting pretty serious and I'm thinking about letting him move in, my baby's father is really tripping.

That was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Sofie!! Your kids and how they will fare should always be your first concern. Do you really think 5 months is enough time to determine whether this man is going to be good for you and your kids?

Why are you moving him in so quickly? Take your time, sis.

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Take your time. Hope this helps!

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