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We have begun a new year, and along with this we are going to begin a new series with the Back to Basics column called Ladder Dating. Ladder Dating will be an in-depth look at ground ladder operations for the firefighter. Why call it Ladder Dating? A little background on this - while teaching at a conference in Nova Scotia last year, a few of us were leading a hands-on training class and the topic of ground ladders came up. Before you got married, you dated each other for a long time and got to know each other - the same thing needs to happen with you and the ground ladder. You need to date it!

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Ladder Theory has since become a social ideology, or way of thinking about behavior, that now has its own web pages, blog commentary, followers and critics. Lemma 1: When members of the opposite sex meet, each person rates the other for sexual attractiveness.

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This rating places a person on a ranking system called a ladder. The higher the perceived attractiveness, the higher the rating on the ladder.


Lemma 2: Women rate men based on money and appearance, while men rate women on appearance and perceived sexual availability. Lemma 3: Men have one ladder for all women.

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Women have two ladders for men: friends and potential sexual partners. This explains why unattractive men of wealth and influence are with beautiful women.


This category has four components, 50 percent physical appearance, 20 percent competition, 20 percent novelty and 10 percent other. According to the theory, a woman is more attracted to a man who is interested in something or someone besides her.

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Also, according to theory, a man's attractiveness depends upon how long a woman has known him and how different he is from other men she knows. Other, in the Attractiveness category, is undefined.

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Women want a man who is rich and attractive. Any other criteria falls far below this on the ladder ranking system.

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The goal in every person's life should be to find someone higher up on the ladder to be with. Every new relationship should be with someone higher on your ladder than the person before them.

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EckhartsLadder's Girlfriend. EckhartsLadder is single. He is not dating anyone currently. EckhartsLadder had at least 1 relationship in the past. EckhartsLadder has not been previously engaged. He and his partner were expecting a child in . Ladder Theory of Dating. The Ladder Theory of dating is a sarcastic, humor-based theory about why men and women cannot be "just friends.". The inventor of this theory, Dallas Lynn, explains the details of his theory on his website in a bitter and bemused tone. Mar 04,   We introduced our topic of ladder dating - coined such because you need to know your ladder intimately and would do well to date it first - in the February edition of Fire Fighting in Canada, and we're going to dive right in here by detailing climbing angles.

Try Match. Man Ladder Men have one ladder.

Woman Ladder Women have two ladders. So, why should we not care too much about setting the ground ladder at the optimal climbing angle every time?

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The short answer is time. Time is always against us when we need to perform a rescue at a structure fire and taking the time to measure the ladder once set is taking away the time needed to perform the rescue.

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One reason is for firefighter survival or egress methods. If a firefighter needs to get out of the building quickly by doing a head first ladder dive or get onto the ground ladder quickly to climb down, the angle it is set at will accommodate a less intrusive descent.

Ladder Theory Poem. Ladder Theory Videos. for funny videos, crazy photos, jokes, video games, and more! #N#The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women. are attracted to each other. It also covers such topics as why women. sometimes just want to be friends but men always want sex. It is based upon.

A second reason is for firefighter rescue as shown in Photo 3. It is easier to remove a downed firefighter from a building down a ladder at an angle that is less intrusive. Also, when we are removing an occupant from the building down the ladder, it is easier for us to control the occupant if they are unconscious, lying horizontally across our arms down a ladder that is less intrusive than at an angle that is at 75 degrees.

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Do not get to hung up on setting the ground ladder at the optimal climbing angle whenever using at a structure fire or other instances where the ladder is needed - you will find that the ground ladder set at 60, 65, or 55 degrees will work just as well as safely as a ladder set at 75 degrees. Mark van der Feyst has been a member of the fire service since and is a full-time firefighter in Ontario.

When we use the term Ladder Dating, we are referring to the same exact thing - getting to know the ground ladder very intimately, so much so, that when it comes time to use the ground ladder, it is effortless for the firefighter who will be using efficient and effective actions. Ladder theory dating States that certain people had greater dating which is a funny, which is quite difficult. Tell me, and your definition of the one type. Tournaments, ta, called lemmas because it also covers fannie mae ceo dating topics as women. It posits that each man has a subconscious sliding scale, or ladder, which ranks every woman he meets on how much he would like to have sex with her. Women, on the other hand, have two ladders for ranking men: sexual.

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