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We have all seen the videos. We sat in our bedrooms with our eyes glued to our laptop screens and watched the long-awaited husband in uniform make a dramatic entrance off of the airplane and run into to waiting arms of his pregnant wife. Sometimes the soldier even plans a huge surprise homecoming for his loved ones. These are the clips in the video that people really like. The real tearjerkers. But here is the catch with these military homecoming videos that receive endless retweets, shares and praising comments. Nobody shows you what happens when the camera is off.

I have been the girl who sat down with a pros and cons lists about my current relationship.

Apr 21,   Why you shouldn't break up with your military boyfriend. Yes, some couples do break up. During basic training, during a deployment or just during regular military life. However, some couples make it. They get through the difficult parts and become a stronger couple through everything they have to go through. Apr 12,   The stress and isolation from "normal life" associated with the military, especially during training, have a huge effect on relationships. When I was in BMT (almost 20 yrs ago), I didn't really notice any guys breaking up during basic. It was afterwards, during Tech School when stuff started happening.

But as I look back, it was evident that was not a good relationship to be in. I knew that, but I wanted everything to work out.

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Had I listened to my gut earlier on, I would have saved myself some pain. Listen to your gut, do some soul searching, and you should be able to figure out if you should be with the person you are with. When I met my husband, my gut told me that yes, he was a good guy and worth being with and I listened. Emotionally abuse can be easy to hide.

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Threating, bullying, being too controlling, criticizing you and trying to manipulate you are all red flags. Things are not going to get better the longer you are together.

Dec 18,   out of 5 stars Dating Basic Training Reviewed in the United States on April 25, I have searched randomly throughout the bible trying to get precise and direct answers from God about sex outside of archotelzeeland.coms: 9. The problem was that he had enlisted in the army and would be leaving for basic training at the beginning of July for three months. We didn't have that much time together before he left, but the time we did have proved to us that this would definitely be more than just a . After dating for about three years, my boyfriend, Jon finally proposed to me. He had decided to go into the military and join the Air Force and he wanted to propose before he left for basic training. I was officially a military significant other. After being engaged for just one month, my boyfriend turned fiance left for basic training.

If you feel like you are being abused, seek help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a good place to start. No one deserves to be treated like this.

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Being a military girlfriend is giving you a preview of what you will experience if you stay with your boyfriend long term. For some, the military is going to be a year career. Can you stand by them during that time?

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Can you see yourself as a military spouse? Deploymentssolo parenting and so many stressful days.

Yes, some couples do break up. Register or Sign In.

Dating during basic training

If all of the Army were like Reception, nobody would enlist. When we got off the bus at Fort Jackson, we were herded by a gaggle of angry, weary-looking Drill Sergeants into a large classroom. I remember looking up at the promotional GO ARMY signs on the walls in the yellow light, on my hands and toes, as the realization that I was in the Army washed over me.

In Reception, you stand in an array of formations and scream your name when asked to scream your name.

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The Drill Sergeants at Reception struck me as people who really just wanted to go home. On a cool, Sunday afternoon in November, buses came to take us to our training battalions. Our Reception Drill Sergeants had been adamant that we not embarrass them in front of the BCT Drill Sergeants; our performance was a direct reflection on them.

They warned us that if we made even the tiniest mistake, these gods would come down on us like it was the Armageddon. It was a relief for us, but a pain in the ass for them.

Having a girlfriend while going through Air force basic training

The Drill Sergeants had not yet learned how to discipline less obedient trainees while still following the new regulations. Drill Sergeants were no longer able to discipline individual soldiers as expertly as in the past.

They had always been fond of group punishments, and so I got smoked all the time.

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After all, there was always one person fucking up. Being smoked is not much fun, even less so if you are out of shape. The first few smoke sessions were like torture for me, both physically and emotionally. I have a tendency to take disciplinary measures directed to a group personally, and so it felt as if I was being insulted all day long. The barracks were brand new, and the Drill Sergeants were fairly obsessive with keeping them clean.

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Sometimes it made me wonder what kind of houses they lived in, or whether they wore latex gloves to avoid touching doorknobs with bare hands, like an OCD patient. After the holidays, we came back to find pairs of bloody underwear in her locker.

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Date was about 25 and had dirty hair that clung to her face and eyebrows that looked like scared caterpillars. Her cheeks were covered with what looked like pubic hairs, and she had an overbite and buckteeth, in addition to nonexistent dental hygiene habits. Date was not an attractive person to begin with, but her refusal to shower was a real issue for our all-female bay.

Every training company has a Date, and everybody always wonders how she got into the Army. But about three-fourths of the way through BCT, I was ready to smash her skull with the butt of my M16, and so I abandoned that cause, too.

The Little-Realized Realities Of A Military Relationship

Date managed to graduate under the same new regulations that kept us from really being wrung dry in BCT after all, keeping the attrition rate low was the main objective. Other than that, nobody I know has any idea what happened to her. About two months later, BCT graduation took place on a cold and gray day.

I was satisfied with my performance at BCT. I thought wrong. Granted, I was in a shitty company with shitty Drill Sergeants, but it would be unfair to blame all my problems on them. The problems with AIT were manyfold.

Oct 17,   Week , while challenging, this is the most fun you will have during Army Basic Combat Training. During the first week of Phase III, you will take your final PT Test. The Final PT Test consists of the Standard Army Annual PT Exam. You'll need to score at least points to pass Basic Training. After I had made the decision to enlist with the US Army, the next step was to attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Fort Jackson, S.C. None of the experiences in my life prepared me for the vaporization of personal space and dignity that BCT and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) brings to the table. May 18,   At one time or another, a couple has found a spot to have sex during basic training. But you could probally count the number of times it has ever happened, on the fingers of your hand. You just do not have the opportunity and .

Do you put a patient on his injured side or on the other? It is a rifle. Right now, you get to learn how to hold it, point it, take it apart, clean it, and repetitively put it back together, take it apart again. During the final week of Phase I, the Drill Sergeants will very slowly start to move the emphasis of training away from the individual, to "team.

Your Battle Buddy is like your Siamese twin. You will go everywhere and do everything together. During the weeksyou will spend most of your time on various ranges. You will start with basic M4 shooting just try to hit the targetsand move on to farther targets, pop-up targets, grenades, grenade launchers, and more. You will be surprised at how many different ranges one Army post has. Also, you will get practice negotiating the obstacle course. You will also get to run the obstacle course carrying your new friend The M4 Rifle.

You and your Battle Buddy will also be expected to work as a "team. Sometime during the 6th week, you will notice that the Drill Sergeants aren't yelling as much as they used to.

In fact, at times, they seem almost human.

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You will continue daily PT, as well as practice basic drill and ceremonies. By now, you should be able to shoot straight and navigate basic combat obstacles.

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Weekwhile challenging, this is the most fun you will have during Army Basic Combat Training. You'll need to score at least points to pass Basic Training. You will learn how to set up tents, go on night patrols, and perform night operations. Recruits then go through Victory Forgea final three-day field journey prior to graduation. This exercise ties everything you have learned in basic together.

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