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If the marauders didn't become animagi till their fifth year, then didn't they not create their nicknames till around same time? Since their names all have to do with their forms I mean? For the sake of staying true to cannon I wrote this in such a way that honors that ideal. It's not a huge thing, I just got curious. If their dates are actually canonized, please tell me.

The second time Lily and James talked about dating in the abstract; they were on the train home after their fifth year. Lily, having firmly established a solid distaste for James was hiding in a compartment with Mary, ranting about the boy in question's latest attempts at love. James, having firmly established a taste for Lily was attempting to find her. It took him, Sirius and Remus the better part of an hour to locate her compartment, but eventually they managed it.

Of course, being with best friends with Sirius Black had given James a bit of a flare for the dramatic arts; instead of just knocking and entering he hovered by the door, listening and peering through the window. She was sprawled on the bench across from Lily, a magazine in her hands. The sight made him smirk a bit.

The sight so reminded him of mornings spent in his dorm, when he would rant on and on about Lily, extolling her virtues or complaining about her faults mostly her inability to see how they were meant to beand his friends would pretend to listen. He's all about 'loyalty to friends' isn't he? So how could he think for one second that I'd ever date such a hypocrite!

Even if he couldn't exactly rationalize why she would ever be friends with Snivellus, he still had known that she was, and therefore probably should have at least faked respect for that weird relationship. James smiled as she whirled on the lounging girl; his Lily wasn't necessarily the most observant girl in England. Now I'm bored and Witch Teen Weekly has an article on the wizarding world's sauciest up and coming quidditch stars. Can you blame me? James took this moment to make his entrance, "Anyone I might know in that article MacDonald?

Lily, he noted, had stiffened at the sound of his voice and was sitting pin straight on her seat. James, of course, flopped down beside Lily. James winced a little inside.

He would have liked to end the year on a higher note, this sharpness wasn't boding well for him in regard to his chances with Evans. Lily appeared to consider this for a moment before sighing and slumping back into her seat, "More like, who didn't? Across the compartment Mary's eyes were wide with a mixture of amusement and fear.

Amusement because, after years of being Lily's best friends and James's quidditch teammate, she had gotten used to the Evans-Potter banter; she might hate the aftermath, but, generally, the during was always good for a show. Fear because of the sad yearning look Black was giving her. She hated being the girl he chased; if she had known she was going to be the only girl in his life to break up with him, she might have phrased it in such a way that made him think the opposite had occurred.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Sirius, having no good rebuttal, fell silent. This time, it was Remus who silenced the peanut gallery, "Hush up Padfoot," he shushed, "Not helping Prongs.

James scoffed, "You'd miss my banter and dashing good looks too much if I did that Evans. Okay, well, Evans then, needs to go out with me.

You are completely Harry Potter Fan Online Dating Xbox One right and your findings are Harry Potter Fan Online Dating Xbox One actually supported by scientific research if you want Harry Potter Fan Online Dating Xbox One to Harry Potter Fan Online Dating Xbox One look into it further. An average looking middle of the road type of guy is simply not going to get much sex / Oct 19,   Here are 11 signs you are dating a true Harry Potter fan. (If this applies to you, consider yourself lucky.) On Your First Date, She Asked What House You Were Sorted IntoAuthor: Sadie Trombetta. Dating; AdChoices. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Prove it 07/04/ Storage hacks to transforming furniture: Tricks for living in a small space.

Mentally Mary kicked herself; somehow she had believed that James's plan might actually not be stupid. I think I've rejected you enough times to make my feelings on the matter plain. Three hundred and thirty two times by James's count, but voicing that probably wasn't going to help him.

Instead he smiled widely, "Because, it's our solution. You date me and you get to know me, you decide if you actually like me or not. I don't care enough about you to spend any more time with you than I absolutely have to," she explained slowly, as though talking to someone vey thick. Lily knew that James wasn't quite so dumb as that, but it made her feel better to think that he might be.

A small part of her acknowledging that this might be the most pleasant conversation she and James had had in years an even smaller part of her noted how very sad that was. From what he could tell, she was all about the logic. Lily smirked at him, "So you see Potter, it's more of a catch twenty-two. Either dating means something real, and thanks to your delusions you want to date me because it'd mean something, orit means nothing and you can go on and date someone, anyone, else, and leave me alone!

Remus looked over his paper to observe the pair fighting.

Dating conventions

Beside him Sirius was desperately trying to get Mary to talk to him and she was pointedly focused on her magazine. They didn't even seem to notice their best friends' quarrel. Peter had been wise to stay in the Marauders' compartment though Remus had thought him a wet blanket at the time.

Now he kind of wished he was back in the nice, quite, compartment himself He sighed heavily and turned the page to read more about the increased security measures at Gringotts. Someday, Remus was sure, James would wake up and smell the grown-up coffee. Then he and Lily might actually have a chance at making it work.

Until then Remus might just have to nick a pair of earmuffs off of Professor Sprout. So were the middle years of Lily and James. The final time Lily and James discussed the matter in their Hogwarts years was during the fall of their seventh year. Things had changed since that fight on the train. James's head had deflated quite a bit and Lily's high horse had shrunk in size. Both had grown up enough that, upon learning of their shared Head Boy and Girl duties neither had a full on panic attack.

In fact, somewhere in their sixth year, Lily had even begun to not despise James. James in turn had stopped chasing what didn't want to be caught.

The Marauders - A Harry Potter Fan Film

The result being that by the November night they spent toiling over patrol schedules they had settled into a sort of comfortable friendship. Before either knew quite what was happening, both were laughing hard and sinking into their fireside armchairs.

Dating a harry potter fan

Lily recovered first, "I think we might have finally finished it," she pointed at the dastardly schedule, "Or at least, I sure hope so, it's nearly three and I would like to get some sleep in before breakfast". He sighed heavily, "Uh, Lily, did you know you have a Slytherin and a Gryffindor patrolling together?

I mean, it's Remus, but". Slytherin and Ravenclaw get along well enough. Lily raised a skeptical eyebrow at him, then, looking around to see who else was left in the common room at so late an hour. Seeing a scattered assortment of sixth and seventh years in differing states of alertness she phrased it bluntly.

I know Hufflepuff and Slytherin can be toxic but". James snorted, "That'd be terrifically toxic Lily. Aren't you supposed to know your gossip being a girl and all? James nodded sagely, "Terrible breakup too. What about putting Hopkins with Madley and Remus with Wilson? Out of solidarity to her family, Hopkins hates Madley. For a long few minutes the pair glared at their chart, suggesting corrections and facing roadblock after roadblock. Go gossip with Mary and Sirius; find out more things that will completely mess up everything we've done tonight.

When James returned however, she was back in front of the fire. He set down the tray bearing cookies and cocoa and flopped down on the rug beside her. Plus I'm sure neither of them are too happy about it" Lily sighed, "Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Us students I mean. We're bound to change tastes and grow in different ways.

That makes it pretty hard for any choice we make here to last all that long," she answered, speaking slowly as she puzzled out the answer herself. I mean, yeah, it can cause a hell of a lot of problems, case and point being the stupid patrol schedules, but it also can make things happen. This whole changing, growing-up thing I mean. James blinked, "What? No, I haven't spiked anyone's drink since sixth year and even then it was technically Sirius doing the spiking, I just bought the fire whiskey.

Dating. Lily and James discussed the concept of dating three times during their years at Hogwarts. Of course, James asked her out several hundred times more than that, but pair only discussed the theory of dating thrice. The first was towards the end of their third year. Dating For Muggles is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and gamer dating sites. As a member of Dating For Muggles, your profile will automatically be shown on related gamer dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge. The Abysmal Dating Life of Harry Potter (as told by Ron Weasley) The First Date (1/4) So yeah, my first date in the real world was a Cannons fan who told me I looked sexy in elbow pads. I took her to dinner. being Harry. Harry's dating life was bad. Like, worse than unknowingly trying to lose your virginity to a dominatrix bad.

Well, just look at us. You become someone I don't despise in the slightest. And then you apparently decide that I'm no longer worth it. And goodness knows I must've changed too. Obviously I did, I mean, here we are. Here are 11 signs you are dating a true Harry Potter fan.

If this applies to you, consider yourself lucky. After the normal questions - where are you from, do you have any siblings, what is your favorite hobby - the person you're dating immediately asked you what house you were sorted into.

She was a Gryffindor, but she was, thankfully for you, open to the idea of dating a Hufflepuff. Of course the person you're dating has the seven Harry Potter books - I mean, who doesn't?

We're talking original hardcover, paperback editions, collector's editions, and even a signed collection. Your first night staying there, you asked your new S. When the weather turned, you noticed all of his scarfs, hats, and gloves were gold and maroon. The job interview he was so excited about? Yeah, that was a Gryffindor tie, like the one the students wear. When you finally used your beau's computer for the first time, you were nervous that you'd find porn sites and fetish forums, but you were relieved - and not at all surprised - to find out her homepage was actually Pottermore.

Now, when they're up late on the Internet, you never worry about what she's looking at, because you know it's probably HP-related. You're blessed to be one of those couples who don't argue over where to go out to eat, why one of you didn't text the other, or who should do the dishes. You do, however, argue intensely over who Harry should have ended up with or which is the best Hogwarts house, because you and your S. When you're frantically searching his apartment for your lost keys or missing lip gloss, instead of helping you look, he starts talking about Nargles.

There is no way that your boyfriend accidentally moved your belonging - it had to be something supernatural, because how else do things go missing, right? When you try and suggest Romeo and Juliet or gasp! Katniss and Peeta, it's like you're suggesting the two of you break up.

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