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Dating a cop can be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life, it will seem like a challenge at times, but can be extremely rewarding to one with the right personality. Most of the cops are not looking for emotional relationships. They are great liars But to your luck if you manage to find someone, wh But to your luck if you manage to find someone, who is ready to invest physically and emotionally in you, than you are on the Rollercoaster ride of a lifetime But one advice never ever be SIDECHICK for these cute Uniform guys. Coz they are so busy in there complicated personal and professional things, that even if they want to they have no place for extra craving emotions. Being a sidechick for these guys would leave you drained completely.

Dating a detective police officer

The more you can listen to a police officer, the more likely she is to trust you, and to open up about cts of her job that may not be pleasant to talk about. Through listening, you can help build trust. That puts him in an untenable position and may get him into trouble if his superiors find out about it.

While you can ask him for advice in approaching legal issues, refrain from seeking to exploit his position in any way. It shows a lack of respect.

Police officers often work long hours, and may not be there for you all the time. Develop hobbies and interests outside of your time with your law officer partner. When the police officer gets off of her shift, make your time together count. Dating a police officer entails some unique challenges. Usually they are rostered on for at least a few hours during the day, but your day can be planned and executed successfully and callouts are rare.

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However, our last Christmas, Mr. Point Five worked and was away unexpectedly from 8am Christmas Eve 'til 5. Christmas night; the kids and I were devastated and it was not my finest moment as a police wife as tears were shed. The last thing our spouses need after an unexpected callout on what should be a joyous day for them also is to come home to a resentful spouse.

Remember, they are disappointed too. With respect to point 1. Regardless of his roster, I prepare dinner for the entire family at 5pm every night. If he isn't home then his gets wrapped. The boys go to bed at p.

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We do this because even if your police spouse SAYS they will be home, you cannot rely on it. Often I get a text when he is already late saying he will be home in 30 minutes and three hours later we still haven't seen him. Have a routine and stick to it because his job is anything but routine.

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Don't be tempted to stretch out dinner or the kids bedtime on a say-so text. Resign yourself to the fact that you will not be holidaying when other families do.

If you used to go away for the Easter four day weekend, remember the last one fondly. Easter is the busiest time of the year for our Boys and Girls in Blue and it is all hands on deck.

We barely see Mr. Point Five at Easter and much to hubby's disappointment as he pointed it out this year the kids and I have decorated our Easter Tree each year on our own. Once again, it is really hard to harbor the resentfulness as you see pictures flooding your Facebook newsfeed of family camping trips and backyard cricket. Suck it up and make the most of the four days alone with the kids or go away yourself with the kids and create your own fun with another family.

Australia Day weekend is another one you will be spending sans spouse. Get used to it and plan ahead to get out and create your own fun. New Year's Eves will never be the same either. Oh, and the last one here he was on day shift so that was good; we were in bed by as he was rostered to work at 8am New Year's Day.

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Try to wrap your head around the fact that even when your spouse is not on rostered duty, they are always mentally on duty. Being a police officer is not a job; it's a lifestyle choice. They are not general public any longer.

You're dating someone who puts their life on the line every workday to keep other people safe. That's pretty awesome, and there is nothing better than being proud of the person you love. Like dating anyone with a demanding career, dating a police officer is . Apr 16,   If you are dating with police officer, you will feel, you are always safe. If you want to date a male police officer plans are never set, because they don't know at what time they work also. They don't get holidays for week offs, and you have a very strong mind. If you are dating a police officer, you have lots of "cop" friends. It takes a SAINT to date and marry a police officer. You absolutely have to be one of the most accommodating and loving and understanding person in the world. You really don't get a lot of things that normal people get in relationships. TIME: Shift work, overtime, emergency call-outs, holiday shifts, mandatory gigs, training, etc., all take his ti.

They must carry their police ID at all times and be expected to respond to public situations as a police officer, and not stand by and watch with no obligation.

This results in a general enhanced awareness of their situation at all times. We try and get to the pub on a Friday night to give me a break from cooking and socialize with the townfolk a little.


I see Mr. Point Five constantly monitoring his surroundings, watching who comes in the pub door, assessing the risks, and weighing up various options, all subconsciously. The books call it hyper-vigilance - they are so used to having to be mentally and physically prepared for every possible scenario during their work hours in order to possibly preserve the lives of the public and their own, that it is impossible to switch off. It becomes part of their psyche.

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Watch for it, know why they may be distracted and accommodate it. Even when it is subconscious, the constant mental and physical state of flight or fight is exhausting for them; to be under constant public scrutiny.

Try to create a peaceful home for them to unwind in. It is really hard to go straight from being a police officer to being fun Daddy, but if we give him some space when he gets home, it happens.

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This happens frequently if you live in a small town. There have been a few times where Mr. Point Five has suddenly ditched us at the shops and we find him a few stores down, or when we were having a family day at our town swimming pool where we have staged it with him having left suddenly.

Dating a Police Officer? Here Are The 5 Things You Need To Know

Sometimes he can't tell you, sometimes he won't tell you because he doesn't want to worry you, and then he ends up internalizing it. After you have seen so much and dealt with so much, a lot of things lose their significance or impact. Cops also have to do it as a survival mechanism. If you let everything get to you, you won't have a long career or a healthy life. That manifests itself sometimes as not having much of a reaction to things that matter to you and you would think that he doesn't care about you or is minimizing what's important to you.

That's not it, but really, after working a scene where 4 teenagers got their heads cut off in a car accident, saving toddlers from a house where there's feces caked on the wall and parents are passed out from drugs all day, taking abused and horrifically battered women to shelters and fighting the subhuman boyfriend to arrest him, etc. Spouses of military go through the same thing, but they say goodbye once when they deploy.

Spouses of cops say goodbye in person everyday, and go through that again, every day, instead of just once every 6 months to a year for military deployment.

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Not to diminish military service, but it's not the same for the spouses in that ct. Of course, military spouses have to go it alone for that time while aa cop can be around to help around the house and raise kids, but that fear that you have to face every day, again and again, in person, can get to you.

Tips on Dating a Police Officer Show Strength. Police officers spend their days hunting down criminals and protecting people in Listen. The more you can listen to a police officer, the more likely she is to trust you, Avoid Asking for Favors. You may be dating a cop. May 21,   New romances are always super exciting. And dating a man in uniform has its perks (like looking hot as heck in his uniform, right?) But there's definitely more baggage that comes with dating a police officer than with the average Joe. I get a lot of emails from those who've just started dating a man in law enforcement. Sep 30,   You'll be dating someone who many consider to be a hero. You can be proud. Bonus: Mom and dad will be impressed, too. 4. Police officers are able to problem solve quickly and don't freeze or panic in emergency situations. Your date will be ready for almost anything.

The job changes you, whether you like it or not. You will notice that cops are not like normall people, no matter how much he tries.

5 Things To Know About Dating a Police Officer

Unless he is not that good of a cop or he does it as a job and not a profession, his on duty persona and training will change and impact his off duty persona and behavior. You can''t help it. You don't get to just turn it off. You can try, but it's ingrained into your psyche and your body mechanics.

We train so much that a lot of things we do is just second nature. We don't know it, we can't really control it, and if we do, it's very forced and feels uncomfortable. Case in point, we are constantly scanning everywhere for everything, it's about survival.

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We will carry on entire conversations without looking at each other at work, it's natural for us. For detectives working surveillance details, you can talk for hours during a shift and never look at each other. Whatever we are talking about, we'll also cut it right off and jump on something we saw that is out of the ordinary, then resume if it's nothing.

That can be very disconcerting for civilians. They can't keep up. But that's what we do, what we have to do. There are many other things, but that explains why cops, as a group, have a very high alcohol abuse rate, and divorce rate. It is tough, but if you love aa cop, it's an exciting ride into a world most people see but very few will get to understand on that level. Answered Mar 30, He's a wonderful man, sweet, understanding, highly ethical and always striving to keep productive.

He has a crazy schedule filled with patrol, court and he trains BJJ days a week. Fortunately I'm an independent individual, liking to do things on my own as I want.

In my mind, this makes for an ideal partnership as there's no pressure from e In my mind, this makes for an ideal partnership as there's no pressure from either of us to give more of ourselves than we're currently able.

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I'm understanding of his crazy, brutal schedule and he's understanding of mine and we both admire each other's strong work ethics. Now, if we lived in the same town we may be able to see each other more often but for now, we're both accepting of the situation as it is.

He has a strong connection with his family which includes his parents, sibling and sibings family. They all live in the same town and I love that he's so devoted to his parents, going to their home days a week and caring for their yards, having dinner or lunch with them and always spending Sundays together. This strong family connection is VERY important to me.

My mother and siblings live in another state but I have children and grandchildren here with me and we strive to get together as a family several days a month. Today's social attitude's towards Law Enforcment has prompted me to volunteer with two LE agencies in my area I feel the need to contribute in some positive way and to share this with others. I've taken my county's Citizen's Academy and shared what I experienced with others and continually recommend the program to others.

I have the utmost respect for the career he's chosen and very much aware of the sacrifice he makes on a daily basis. It's an honorable profession that few are wired to do.

I'm aware that while he remains active in this profession, I will need to accept being on the back burner.

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Have you ever been stopped by the same cop multiple times? Have you ever dated a cop? Would you date a police officer? What were you least prepared to handle as a new police officer? Reassuring to have someone that takes safety seriously. I was out on the town with my friend, I was the driver, and was stopped for speeding. I got out of the ticket when the officer saw my badge conveniently placed next to my drivers' license. Instead of my friend being relieved, they were genuinely upset because they saw first hand what 'professional courtesy" looked like and did not like the fact I got out of a ticket whereas if the tables were turned they would have probably got a ticket.

Oh well, that's how the cooking "bounces" sometimes.

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