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Anchovies are a strong-smelling, oily baitfish that quickly release their scent in the water to attract larger prey. This makes the small, salty fish an excellent choice for bait in pursuit of salmon, striper bass, bluefish and river catfish, which feed off the bottom and need a strong scent to follow. Frozen anchovies are widely available at baitshops, or anchovies can be frozen at home for later use on the water. Rigging anchovies while frozen helps them stay on the hook longer. Pierce the point of the hook through the eye of a frozen anchovy and thread the dead fish along the shank of the hook so that the barb pops out through the bottom of the head. Pull the hook from the barb until the eye of the hook is pressed against the eye socket of the bait. Turn the exposed barb of the hook upward and around so the point is facing the belly of the anchovy.

She came to prominence for her television roles as Alwina in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin and as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the Mars Ravelo comics.


She then starred as Lyka in the television series Lobo, which earned her an International Emmy Award nomination for best performance.

She was discovered by a talent scout at a mall in Quezon City, and starred in several commercials before landing a part on the teen TV show Click.

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