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Before I responded, I looked up some descriptive info on wire insulation to make sure I wasn't crazy; Belden the wire manufacturer had a document that went into some detail on the subject. In my answer I linked Fred to that document, attached a photo of the V-rated wire that my Fender Princeton Reverb is full of, and pointed out that insulation breakdown by having more than V of potential between the wire's conductor and anything touching the insulation like another wire or the amp's grounded enclosure would occur even if there were no current flowing through the wire at all. I don't like to and certainly didn't expect to have to play the "I've got a EE degree" card. Anyway, I am posting this just so that everyone realizes that you really shouldn't use wire with an insulation breakdown voltage rating less than what you're expecting it to hold. You may be able to get away with it due to positioning, but I don't think it's good engineering to rely on air gaps to avoid arcing and you certainly wouldn't want to touch the insulation on V-rated wire that's carrying typical tube amp supply voltages.

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