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If you do, and you can't let it go, you are both in for a rough time. Look at it from the other directionwhat if he were hoping to get you to give up your silly, to him beliefs? If you feel that you have a right to try to change his beliefs, it's only fair that you recognize the same right for him.

Are you good with that? I think that, if you are looking for a life partner, you would do well to keep looking.

Marriage is wonderful, but it's hard, too. Best not to make it harder by choosing a mate whose fundamental beliefs conflict with yours. Would any former atheists who became Christian explain why and how they made this change? As a Christian, would you marry an atheist who will never change their beliefs?

Should I tell my date if I'm an atheist or agnostic before our relationship gets too deep? Quora UserI read. First off, this question is a symptom of a larger problem. I find it odd that you two do not understand each others' positions already. Part of a healthy relationship is an open, continuous dialogue based on respect and truth. If you don't have this already, that's a big red flag for me.

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It's not a sign that the relationship is beyond repair, but it is ultimately doomed to fail if you don't get this issue fixed. A recent study in relationships showed that the single greatest contributor to success or failure was the amount of empathy and generosity the couple had for each other.

In failing relationships, small conversations triggered the "fight or flight" mechanism very quickly. In successful relationships - even those between couples with widely divergent political or ideological beliefs - the individuals had high degrees of generosity towards each other and their "fight or flight" mechanisms were incredibly hard to trigger.

I'm proud to say that this is what it's like between my partner and me. We're at a place where even comments about the other's weight or appearance or behavior come across more as legitimate concern for the other; a gentle reproof for one member of a mutual super-ego shared by two humans in this home of ours. If you don't have that, that's okay, it's something that has to be built over time and it's not normally there automatically though, I'm sure there are a few lucky bastards who have that instantly.

So, my suggestion is that you two work not necessarily on the "religious thing" - that's tangential to a bigger issue of complete trust and openness; empathy and generosity in all things; magnanimity in each others' shortcomings and a passion for truth in your interactions.

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These are attitudes that take work, practice and frequently guidance. If you get those things in line, then the gulf between your philosophical beliefs will be an afterthought and a good one at that. Answered Nov 20, Go ahead and tell him what you believe. I mean, like, not all the time, but when it seems relevant to the situation.

Why wouldn't you want him to understand what you believe? Assuming he doesn't. Most of us know at least the basics of what Christians believe, but you are an individual, of course. Make sure you're also trying to understand what he believes. I'm sort of on the other side of a situation like this: my wife is Christian and I'm I'd say I fit the prevailing definition on Quora of an "agnostic atheist".

Sep 27,   ?Atheister is a FREE Atheist dating app for Atheists, humanists, and non-believers to meet up and discuss non-religious ideals and possibly witchcraft. If you are a curious Atheist and looking for new Atheist friends in the non-religious community then start a free Atheism chat and begin an Agnostic /5(3). Atheist Match Maker - Dating Service Exclusively for Atheist and Agnostics seeking a Match FreeThinkerMatch: I am a: seeking a: who is from It goes without saying that has gone through some changes lately. The entire design of the website was redesigned, more All News. Can an atheist and a believer build a strong, lasting marriage? My girlfriend and I are terrific together. Her family loves me and everyone else says we're the perfect couple. There's just one catch: she's a strong Christian, but I don't believe in God at all. Do you think the religious differences between us pose a serious problem? Personally, I could care less what other .

I live as if there is no God; I'm open to being convinced, but I haven't I live as if there is no God; I'm open to being convinced, but I haven't been convinced and I don't expect to be. I know that there are true things beyond the frontiers of what we think we understand, and I believe that as far as we expand those frontiers we will never encompass everything; but that's different from pointing at one group of people and saying "you're probably right.

I saw nearly every Rankin-Bass interpretation of what Christmas is "really all about", repeatedly.

Agnostic Dating Site is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and agnostic dating sites. As a member of Agnostic Dating Site, your profile will automatically be shown on related agnostic dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge. Best place/site to meet Agnostic/Atheist for dating? So, I live in the bible belt and well my world views and core values well they're not the norm where I'm at. I'm agnostic bordering on atheist. I have an affinity for shamanic/druidic beliefs as well as other peaceful meditative religions like Buddhism; however I don't 'believe' in them but I. is a non-profit community for atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, skeptics and others!.

My born-again grandma has shared many of her beliefs with me, repeatedly. My Catholic stepmother has shared many of her beliefs with me, repeatedly. I spent 11th and 12th grade in a school where most of the theater kids were confidently Christian and, it seemed to me, had little experience of any non-theistic mindset which is not to say they hadn't already been given some training in how to argue against what they considered to be typical atheist beliefs.

There were still pagan kids, atheist kids, etc. Hell, I've even read parts of the Bible! For realz! When we were dating, the woman I'm now married to asked me whether I wanted to go to a church she was going to at the time.

I was a little worried that this was her trying to turn me, but of course I wasn't upset: I knew that if that was the case, she would have seen it as trying to do me a favor.

I was only worried because I didn't know then how realistic her expectations were. But I went because, in my mind, it was really about getting to know her. She occasionally brings up her beliefs, whenever they're relevant to what we're already talking about, and I listen.

Welcome to Atheist Passions! You have a better chance of finding Waldo on this site than you do of finding God! Atheist Passions is a free online dating & social networking site specifically for freethinking singles, either Atheist or Agnostic. Sign up now to enjoy free Atheist chat, message boards and email. For a video explanation, click here. I am an atheist and I am happily married a Christian. Let me try answering from my perspective. I think you should share your beliefs and not hide them from your partner if you want a healthy relationship. But you need to manage your expected out. Atheist Dating is a FREE Dating Site for Atheists. Create Your Profile For Free and Meet Your Soul Mate Today. Atheist Dating, Atheist Singles, Atheist Personals, Dating @!

Sometimes I mention things in the Bible or in some other part of the corpus of Western Christianity that I find strange, contradictory, or even suspicious, not in a confrontational way but as a person who seeks understanding, and she gets that. But each of us knows not to push too hard or try to convert each other right there. Sometimes I think her adherence to the brand of Christianity she was brought up with gets in the way of her being the kind of person she'd otherwise like to be, and I don't mean that in a good way, but all I can do is tell her what I believe.

For our honeymoon we went to the "Holy Land", among other places. It made sense to me because Israel is right next to Egypt, and those were the two big places in the whole world she wanted to go; and I would have been interested in going almost anywhere. We're both interested in history and just in seeing new places generally, and I think that's one of the reasons we both enjoyed the trip so much. Yeah, we went there because of her religion, but we both enjoyed it because of who we are beyond that.

So, yeah. If you're planning on taking this relationship somewhere you should make sure you get him acquainted with who you really are, all of it.

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And let him open up to you about who he really is. Either you guys actually fit or you don't, and the sooner you find out, the better. One more thing I'll say: what I understand about my wife's beliefs are partly from what she tells me, and partly from what I can perceive without being told.

Take that how you will. Good luck! Here's a meta answer just to reinforce what you are seeing and what I feel you need to do. Quora User is correct in that this is probably a sign there are other deeper communication issues at work, and this is on both of you not one or the other. Quora User is probably correct in that Spidey sense feeling of his that, at least on your end, you want more than him to understand what you believe but a conversion or the step Quora User is probably correct in that Spidey sense feeling of his that, at least on your end, you want more than him to understand what you believe but a conversion or the steps towards this.

This would not be moral nor honest since it's manipulative to want to change a person against their will and and insincere to enter a important discussion claiming one reason and actually going for something more.

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Quora User shows you the best way to go about either the conversation you state or the larger conversation Dan specifies. This explorative versus debative conversation is important since it allows you to see what he believes and when it is your turn you just describe and then you both go off to think on what you said.

Now if you get through that go ahead and have a more free flowing conversation but you both need to be willing to say at some point: "this isn't working". Maybe you can fix it, maybe you can't but try to respond to the deep issues there not this surface one. I have dated, became engaged to, and wed women of much more faith than I and religion never was something that was an issue between us.

In one case we we together for 3 months and it went nowhere due to personality issues. I then spent 5 lovely years with a woman of the Methodist persuasion who was a semi-regular church goer, I went along a couple times but the experience did nothing for me other than show I was a good and willing partner. Sadly she passed due to massively sudden illness. In the last case my wife of 2 years and 5 more before that is a lapsed Catholic but struggles internally in how she should show her faith and if she wants to.

But at the same time she is well informed of the Medieval Church and understands it and more specifically the place of women in it very well, her confirmation name is St Joan D'Arc and is still proud of that today. I only offer to be supportive of her choice since she is strong enough of will to get what she wants out of it not go it to be programmed on how to think so if she does go back she will not change.

I know some people would say none of them are actually religious so there is nothing there an atheist should fear. But in each case we made our stance plain and out in the open in the first couple weeks so that openness and honesty was and is at the core of these relationships well for the latter two. While we talk about religion now it is in an explorative form with discussions on recent Popes, Catholic Orders and their roles, the Reformation, other historic cts, and our personal views.

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But do I feel like she's going to convert me to some true way, no. Does she feel like I'm going to bash the sins of the Church and all other forms of religion, no.

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Having different views shouldn't be an impediment to love as long as that love, if present, can be augmented with openness and honesty to take it past the first couple years of chemical interest and into a deeper and stronger intellectual, emotional, and loving bond.

So I wish you the best no matter what course you take and if you two break it off over this, in a calm manner, that you remain friends or at least amicable associates. Good luck.

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In order for your partner to define themselves as Atheist, they must hold the position that they do not believe in gods. To me, you can't be an Atheist without understanding Theism, and rejecting its concepts and principles as false. My concern here is that is sounds like you are secretly attempting to proselytise your partner, and feel your relationship would be better if he shared your position on Theism.

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In truth I find relationships work better if there are some points of conflict and disinterest. People need their own space and time to themselves, and things that are 'their own'. I have many interests which my partner has no interest in atheism include and she likewise.

On the flip side we do share rafts of common interests and ideologies, just not all of them!

The Bible answers your question.

Wouldn't the world be boring if we were all the same? Across th Quora UserSoftware Consultant. If you believe the Lord has you in this relationship, contrary to scripture which urges us as believers to not be unequally yoked to an unbeliever, and you are confident in it, then I would follow the suggestions offered below about asking him what he knows of your faith. But, as others have said, keep your conversion pitch separate from lets-have-an-open-line-of-communication speech.

Each person on earth, if you believe as I do, you know this, I am just reminding you, was made in the image of Father God. Each one. Some get to walk in that identity of marvelous redeemed powerful Sonship through the gift of faith in Christ Jesus followed by the passionate pursuit of Him in everything we do, think, even feel.

Your friend has a bigger problem than you do. All of your conversation should be to the end of helping him find God.

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All of it needs to be seasoned with salt. His needs in this area are far more important than your comfort level, your desires in the relationship, your imaginings about where it may go. Treat him with the utmost care and respect, for Daddy God loves Him, and the reason you're in his life isn't to help you. He is a most treasured soul and Father God would like the pleasure of his company at the Supper Table of the Lamb of God.

Please don't blow your wonderful opportunity. Don't give him a reason to not approach the banquet table. You're the believer; you're the one that has the revelation.

Ask God how to approach him in everything you do.

Agnostic atheist dating

And put God's desires before yours and that man's needs before yours. Then pray, pray, pray. And ask others to do so as well. Then things will go as they should.

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And perhaps even beyond your and his wildest dreams. Answered Jan 8, Do you think he doesn't understand Christianity? I had an ex who drove me absolutely insane with one habit of hers. Any time I disagreed with her and said so, she would say "No, you don't understand.

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It's really a rather arrogant statement-if you don't agree with me, you obviously just didn't understand me properly. Chances are very good that your boyfriend does understand, and has rejected, Christianity.

If you approach that as "Well you must not understand it then", you'll probably get t If you approach that as "Well you must not understand it then", you'll probably get the same pushback. If there are particular unusual beliefs you hold that wouldn't normally come to mind when one says "I'm a Christian", you might want to clarify what those are. Otherwise, he probably already knows what that means and does not require an explanation.

One way you might approach it is to so long as you mean it say something like "I know we have differing views on religion. Dating Atheists makes meeting that freethinking special someone super easy and cheap.

Enter a few pieces of information e.

Can An Atheist Date A Christian?

Religion can be a touchy subject, and whether you practice or not, being on the same page as a date or partner can come in handy. While 3. Your search for fellow non-believers just became that much easier, so try a few out I mean, they are free.

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