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I hate using words to camouflage what really is inside me. When I express something or anything it comes from my heart and it is the best of my knowledge and belief. It has been my attitude and practice not to allege anything especially against anybody if I do not have sufficient evidences to prove it. In the interest of truth and justice, at least, there must be two or three witnesses to be brought to testify in a given argument or dispute. The preceding verse requires witnesses.

I completely resonated with this observation. The data on successfully matched couples defined as couples who went on seven or more dates shocked the matchmakers at Three Day Rule : "70 [percent] of the successful relationships which 'alpha' women were in were actually with men who had more 'beta' personalities.

This suggests that when open-minded 'alpha' women gave their 'beta' date a second shot, the likelihood of finding a connection increased.

10 Signs an Introvert Likes You

Goldstein adds, "This could be because the 'beta' personality types might not make the most memorable first impressions, but make excellent partners in the long run.

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