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When I was 39 years, 3 months, and 16 days, a girl I had known for about 3 years asked me on a date, she was 18 years, 1 month, and 6 days old. I was her first date, first kiss, etc. We were together 5 years, 5 months, and 5 days and had planned to get married. Although, after we broke up, she needed to find a job and rent a place of her own, so she lived with me another 3 months and 10 days before finally moving out. Over the time we were together, very few people raised an eyebrow at our relationship.

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Just wanted to give you some female perspective of someone who has actually been more attracted to older men in the past key word PAST. If you just want to date and have fun, have at it! If you're looking to settle down, spare yourself the heartache she will most likely end up wanting to settle down with someone closer in ageit's just natureGood Luck!!! Very ideally, your partner should reflect where you are at in your life.

And a lot of that usually has to do with the kind of age bracket you are in. A married father of two with a nine to five job will probably not find much in common with a college freshman who is living it up. You see where I am going with this. Few people are on their own two feet by age 20 these days, many are still in college or some other form of education and very greatly still rely on their parents to help them find their way in life.

There will be huge gaps in life experience, in age related interests, even in the kinds of bands you will like or how you will want to spend your weekend nights. Are you prepared to go clubbing with your year-old girlfriend? And even if so, who is going to look after your house or pay your mortgage during that time? And do they have the medicine for your back pain in Mexico?

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But there is a whole world of things that you are up against. And chances are, so will your own friends who are your age. What do you do, where do you go to spend time together, what do you talk about every day, when the initial attraction wears off? And people have made bigger obstacles in their relationships work. I'm over She is very mature and capable for her age, and I think and act like a year-old. She hates dating guys her age because of their maturity level, and women my age tend to be settled in their ways and seem to prefer Sunday brunch over paintball, Video games or motorcross.

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It boils down to how you make each other feel. The whole half age plus 7 years is okay for most, but we are fine with a year gap and it seems to work fine for us. Go live your own sad lives and fk off out of mine. Kate Bekinsale was 45 when she dated Pete Davidson, Despite 20 year age difference, the dated for a few months. His career is soaring for dating these women. Leonardo de Caprio was 43 when he met his current girlfriend who was 22 then.

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Many younger actors ormodels share older famous actors for career advancements. It gives them name recognition or a shortcut to fame. Also unless you are wealthy and a very good looking, fit man, no 20 year old young woman would look at a man over No emotionally healthy man would want to date a yr old either because of the difference in maturity.

They have nothing in common to discuss. It will make any intellectual man bore to death. It won't be a balanced or healthy relationship. The only time a yr old goes for a yr old if he just wants to have sex with a younger body or is going through mid-life crisis and wants to relive his younger years through her.

Others prefer to go looking for love-or at least fun-online via the use of a dating app. It's important to figure out what feels most natural to you and resist the urge to do what works for a friend. If you're going the dating-app route-and, in , we'd encourage you to-we've got your back: Here are The Best Dating Apps if You're Over But here's the thing - there is a world of difference between a year-old dating a year-old, or a year-old. These five years can be an eternity in a person's development at that age. Few people are on their own two feet by age 20 these days, many are still in college or some other form of education and very greatly still rely on their parents to help them find their way in life.

The only time a yr old girl goes for a yer old man when she either needs money to buy stuff or has serious daddy issues. There are many years old young women who date and live with older men or even marry them for financial security.

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Deep down these men know that but still are in denial. These men are damaged inside. This is why they buy love with money to validate themselves.

The only time it will be appropriate to date someone who's 20 years younger is when the man is They both are mature and she's done with having children.

40 dating 20 year old

Thus the age gap won't be a big deal. George Clooney got married when he was almost 60 to someone who was almost 20 years younger but had similar intelligence and maturity. I remember how gross it felt every time I was approached by someone who was at least 20 years older or old enough to be my father. It felt like a piece of meat which is not a great feeling.

40 Best Dating Tips for Men Over 40

ate: Someone upvoted this today and I got to read all the comments for the first time since I wrote this several years ago. First, I don't get paid for writing on Quora nor do I charge for my advice. I have helped many people here on Quora and also outside. Therefore my advice here are not to offend a certain group but to tell the truth to too many others who can't see the light in the dark. I apologize for offending anyone for writing that no emotionally healthy man or woman would want to be in a relationship with someone 20 years younger.

It wasn't my intention to offend you. However if you read psychology research articles, you will find if you go for someone who's not at your same maturity or intelligence level and way too young for you, both of you have mental issues. Moreover age doesn't necessarily guarantee emotional maturity. If your age gap is just a number, and you are in a bliss, then you shouldn't worry about what I wrote.

The only reason you are offended because deep inside the gap bothers you. The bigger the age gap, the bigger the gap in shared experiences. Typically the older one in the couple is looking for a bauble or trophy to show off in the world. I can get a hot chick or young stud! Trump is the perfect example of this. He finds a young, controllable beautiful woman. There is no giv There is no give and take-he commands and she obeys.

The younger in a relationship is typically looking for security or even direction. Just thoughts to consider. I know a gal who put herself completely through college by using a much older Sugar Daddy.

Married him and everything. The day she landed her first professional job after graduating, she packed up and he came home to an echo.

Been together for three years. The year age gap is a non-issue. Is it an easy road?

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We have an understanding and respect for each other that neither of us have ever found in anyone else. Did I intend on finding an older man? We split bills equally.

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We split childcare equally. Honestly, despite the age gap, we were at similar crossroads in life. He had never been married and had no children, but always wanted them. I credit our success, much like the success of any new relationship, to these things being at similar though not the same places in life, with compatible goals going forward. Age gaps are doable. There may be some judgement. And you really have to look introspectively to make sure your motives are pure.

We rarely feel age. The latter breaks my heart. He, and our children, are the BEST things that have ever happened to me. Go for it, be respectful, careful, and mature, and you may find something amazing. As someone whose parents have a year age gap, I feel uncomfortably qualified to answer this question. In short: Yes.

May 10,   should a 20 year old date a 40 year old? There's this guy I know. He is 20 years older than me but we have A LOT in common. We talk to each other every day. my mom thinks its wierd that I talk to a man everyday that is this much older than me. I am an adult. Without sounding mean to her what can I say without her getting. I am a 20 year old woman dating a 40 year old man. AMA. Close. Posted by u/[deleted] 10 years ago. Archived. I am a 20 year old woman dating a 40 year old man. AMA. comments. share. Knowning , they should accept and respect you for the love you have between who you are dating. I know I do. level 2. Aug 10,   Dating in your 40s is nothing like dating in your 20s-and for good reason. You're wiser, more confident and have less time to put up with games and men who don't know what they want in a relationship. Luckily for you, men in their 40s are in the same Brianne Hogan.

In a relationship, you two probably enjoy doing similar activities, and are healthy and able enough to enjoy those activities. At 20 years old and 40 years old, your lives are easily compatible.

This is especially true for a more mature year old and a young spirited year old. Hell, the two of you are still young enough Hell, the two of you are still young enough to have kids if wanted.

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The issue arises when the older individual in the relationship reaches older ages, and the differences become amplified. When the older partner reaches retirement age, they may still be raising younger kids or have a working partner still building their career.

More importantly though - the older partner is at a much higher health risk: cancer, heart disease, hearing loss. When your once equal in the relationship turns into a longterm caregiving position, the happiness of the two individuals and sanity can quickly deteriorate.

Would a 35 Year Old Man Consider Dating a 23 Year Old Woman?

The differences in age are shown through health, willingness and ability to do activities, and comparison to close friends who are usually in relationships with others of the relatively same age.

Some of my experiences could be from them having me so late in life, but often I see them just wanting different things at that moment in their lives. If going forward with this relationship, pray for good health, a good support system, and a little luck.

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I hope the two of you can find peace about the issues you will most likely face - sooner rather than later. That is quite a superficial way at it. I think a lot of women and men have been brainwashed into thinking its a bad thing for an older man to be with a younger woman because they saw it in some hollywood movie or sitcom, all stereotypes.

This belief is more commonly perpetuated by older women 29 and above to shame the older man who goes for the younger woman becau I am 46 and married to my 21 year old wife for 2 years now. We have many things in common and enjoy the same activities.

This idea that a man and a woman should not have more than a 7 year age gap is total nonsense, having the same age does not guarantee you are compatible, its more a matter of character than of age. Just because you are of similar age does not mean your are exempt from all the problems mentioned here.

A woman under 28 does not necessarily mean she is immature. An older 50 year old woman is capable of being shallow and immature, in some cases more than a 21 year old woman, it all depends. Age does not necessarily mean experience. Every relationship is different, how can you claim to know it all. How can you paint all these older mature men with the same paintbrush and label them in an undignified manner. How can you know their true intentions, their feelings, reasons, for doing what they do.

I've done this before, when I was around thirty and the women were around twenty. What made those flings the most difficult was the scrutiny from others.

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I think there's much more scrutiny for an older guy dating a younger woman than there is vice versa. Normally I don't go for younger women, but one asked me out first during a sensitive time in my life, and the other date resulted from a set up by others.

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