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You can thank social media. When you take your Korean girlfriend to a fancy dinner or buy her a lavish gift, she will photograph it and post it to every social media platform and instant messaging platform that she uses so that her friends can see it instantly. Get used to being on a chat app to keep her attention. While social media can be great because it lets you keep in touch with friends from afar and stay connected to your social circle, it can also cause a lot of pressure and anxiety for both the girl and the guy in the relationships. While it sounds exhausting, this also means a lot of fun.

The worst thing about these episodes however is that I felt like something was in the room with me and meant me harm common for people who experience sleep paralysis.

At roughly age 14, things really took a turn, and I started to hear and see things during maybe 1 in 10 of my episodes also pretty common for people who experience sleep paralysis.

The things I heard were never too crazy and over-the-top - and were usually just thuds and creaks.

Whenever the episode ended, the person would just be gone. I never got used to it.

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