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Ah, the way they were. Cue the Boyz II Men. Advertisement - A baby is born. Advertisement Little Stefan Salvatore comes into the world. Advertisement - A vampire is born. Advertisement May - Stefan saves Elena. Advertisement May to September - Stefan researches Elena.

Advertisement Damon force feeds Elena his blood in an attempt to save her life. She and Stefan take a hike to the Falls, where she says she never wants to become a vampire. Advertisement Elena kisses a nearly dead Damon and tells him she likes him. Advertisement While Stefan was away ripping, Elena spent the summer hoping to save him from Klaus.

When he calls her and says nothing, she tells him to hold on. Advertisement Elena travels to Tennessee on a Stefan rescue mission. It fails.

Advertisement Stefan returns to Mystic Falls, with Klaus in tow. Advertisement Stefan helps Klaus and gets his humanity back in exchange. Advertisement This is a low point. Advertisement Elena tells Stefan that she kissed Damon.

Advertisement Elena tells Stefan she has feelings for both him and Damon. Advertisement Stefan sends Elena and Damon on a road trip, so she can figure out who she should be with. Advertisement And the winner is She goes over a bridge and dies before she can tell him, though. Advertisement Elena wakes up a vampire, and she finally gets to tell Stefan that she chose him.

After she becomes a full-fledged vampire, he gives her a daylight ring. Elena and Stefan went to find Jeremy when the device was set of by John.

Stefan & Elena - My Favorite Scenes

Stefan was also affected and Elena, with the help of Alaric, took him to safety. She was confused about how the device had worked and Stefan believed that Bonnie had never really removed the spell. The two went to rescue Damon from being burned to death with the help of Bonnie who was able to calm the fire long enough for Stefan to retrieve his brother.

Stefan was worried that Elena may fall in love with Damon but she reassured him that he was the one she loved. Elena went back to school to get her things to find that they were missing and someone had taken them. Elena told Stefan this when she came home and entered the house to hear a noise coming from the kitchen. Elena checking Stefan's wound. After Katherine 's attack at her house, Elena called Stefan, worried about Jeremy. He examined Jeremy to see whether he became a vampire or not, confirming he hadn't.

Elena was upset about what Jeremy wanted and stopped Stefan when he handled Jeremy roughly. She left Jeremy in Stefan's care while she went to check up on Caroline. In her absences, Katherine returned to the house, but did not fool Stefan like she had Damon.

Elena and Damon arrived just as Katherine escaped Stefan's wrath. Damon explained how he attempted to kiss Elena, angering Stefan, but Elena managed to calm him by reminding him it was Katherine. They went to the hospital together to see John, but he wasn't pleasant towards them and openly insulted vampires, wishing that Elena would kill Stefan. His rudeness offended Elena and she left, but Stefan remained behind and became hostile.

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He threatened John to leave, or otherwise, Stefan would turn him into a vampire himself. Elena was not fooled by what Stefan had done and was grateful for it.

Stefan went to try and find Katherine, but when he angered her, she stabbed him. Elena cleaned his wound. Stefan comforts a devastated Elena after Damon kills Jeremy out of a drunken rage. He went back to the Gilberts' house and consoled Elena when Damon killed Jeremy out of rage because Elena denied his advances. When Jeremy came back to life, Stefan again confirmed that he was still human, much to Elena's great relief.

Elena wanted to have an ordinary day with Stefan at the carnival : no vampires, no Damon, with the exception of her boyfriend. This was unavoidable when Caroline was killed by Katherine and revealed a vampire. Stefan disagreed with Damon on killing her, but secretly knew it was right after what happened to Vicki Donovan.

They protected Caroline from Damon who told them that the consequences were theirs. Stefan thought it was good for her to find out more about her heritage and admitted he hated that fact she was going. He saw her off, giving her a passionate goodbye kiss to make Damon uncomfortable. Katherine almost fooled Stefan as Elena, but he saw through her.

He interrogated her for the rest of the day, but she got the upper hand and met Elena in the boarding house living room. Stefan rushed in and Katherine out, leaving the two alone.

Stefan embraced Elena in relief and they went to the Mystic Grill where Caroline apologized for her behavior to Elena and eavesdropped on their conversation.

Stefan and Elena argued about how Katherine was trying to get between them and after Stefan said she had, Elena responding by leaving. However, Stefan appeared at her house, revealing that the fight was an act to prove Caroline was working for Katherine. They decided to fake their break-up and force everyone to believe the lie.

Unbeknownst to Stefan, Elena was also searching for the moonstone with Bonnie and Caroline's assistance. She, worried about how Damon and Bonnie were doing and unable to be patient, repeatedly texted him and he later called her, saying that they were fine.

Later on, she and Stefan figured out that the moonstone was hidden in a well, which turned out to be the one that Bonnie and Caroline used to play at when they were young. Stefan jumped in, but the water was contaminated with vervain. He screamed for Elena's help, and she went into the well to save her boyfriend. She wrapped the chains around Stefan and Caroline pulled him up while Elena retrieved the moonstone after encountering a snake that Mason had possibly planted there. She then fed her blood to a severely weakened Stefan, assuring him that everything was fine and that she had retrieved the moonstone.

After Katherine had compelled Jenna to stab herself, a traumatized Elena was terrified by the possibility that she could kill everyone she loved just because she and Stefan were together. She visited a tearful Stefan at the Boarding house, saying that she'd been selfish because of her love for him.

She kissed him one last time and, feeling as if she had no other choice, ended their relationship before leaving in tears. When she finally discovered that they were setting their plan into motion, she was surprised and worried about their safety. She headed to the masquerade ball, but when Katherine was stabbed multiple times during her fight with Stefan and Damon, she began bleeding to due one of Lucy's spells.

When the fight ended, Katherine was incapacitated by a spell that Lucy had put on the moonstone and placed into the tomb, with a seal that prevented her from escaping. Stefan later assured Elena that Katherine was gone forever, clearly wanting to resume their relationship, but this did not change anything, even though she still loved him.

She told him that she couldn't be with him until she knew for sure that her family was safe again, putting them before her love for him.

Stefan was upset by this, but understood her reasons. However, he was unaware that Elena had been kidnapped. He had Bonnie use a locating spell, using Jeremy's blood due to his relation to Elena, and discovered that she was miles away from Mystic Falls. After Bonnie sent Elena a message that told her that Stefan and Damon were coming for her, she was relieved. Once they did so, Stefan gave her a vervain bomb, which she threw at Elijah in self-defense and Damon eventually "staked" him.

She ran into Stefan's arms, grateful that she was safe again. Stefan was worried about Elena's safety when he couldn't find her anywhere, given the fact that she'd recently been kidnapped. He later discovered her in the tomb just after the end of her conversation with Katherine, and warned her not to believe anything she said. However, Elena and Katherine knew it was the truth. When Jeremy attempted to retrieve the moonstone from Katherine, she attacked him and this forced Stefan to intervene.

He tossed Jeremy out of Katherine's reach, trapping himself in the tomb. A devastated Elena tried to visit him, but Damon wouldn't allow it. After she departed, Stefan requested that she be kept away from the tomb, and he and Damon promised to protect Elena, despite her decision to turn herself in to Klaus.

Elena negotiated with Elijah for the security plan, and she asked one favor from him: to free Stefan from the tomb. After he was released, Stefan went to Elena's bedroom and she was ecstatic to see him, and ran into his arms, initiating a passionate kiss and resuming their relationship. After Stefan's return, he debated with Elena about whether he should contact Isobel, who could help them research more about Klaus, but Elena refused the idea. Stefan went ahead with it anyway and John reappeared in town.

They recorded a few of Stefan's ripper days and Stefan explained to her that it was a time when Stefan wanted revenge on the Founding Families, but Lexi took him under her wing when she discovered him. However, they failed and were killed. Elena read the journals and discovered the dagger with white ash wood can kill an Original.

She was upset when she realized that Stefan and Damon planned to use the dagger to kill Elijah and argued with Stefan about the matter where he said her sacrifice would be tragic, not heroic. Alaric stabbed the dagger into Elijah, killing him, but when he removed the dagger, Elijah came back to life.

Elena fooled Elijah but stabbing herself and when he tried to heal her, she stabbed him with the dagger, revealing that Damon had gotten to the lake house in time. Stefan then used his blood to heal Elena. On their return back to town, the warlocks, Luka and Jonas Martin, try to bring Elijah back, resulting in Luka's death.

Jonas went after Elena, but since Katherine was freed from the tomb due the Elijah's death, she was able to take Elena's place and eventually killed Jonas with Stefan's help.

Elena and Stefan attended the 60's dance together, not knowing that Bonnie and Damon have a plan to trick Klaus. Jonas returned Bonnie her powers before he died, and information that could help them against Klaus. Damon kept it a secret from Stefan, knowing he would tell Elena, which he did eventually. The plan was for Bonnie to "die", but, in reality, it was a spell to fake her death. Elena was horrified and heartbroken at first, but after learning the truth, she recovered quickly, happy that Bonnie was alright although furious with Damon.

Elena released Elijah from his death, much to the outrage and shock of the brothers. When Elena returned home to comfort Jenna who found out Stefan was a vampirebut Damon wouldn't let Elena return to Elijah. Stefan found it in himself to trust Elena and let her leave, but when she came back with Elijah, she found the brothers in a fight, caused by Stefan saying he had Elena's respect while Damon did not.

Stefan apologized to Elijah for the death plan, for Elena, while Damon didn't, much to Elena's disappointment. Damon didn't trust Elijah's plan to save Elena, and decided to force Elena to drink his blood so she would come back as a vampire. Stefan and Damon fought about this, Stefan being furious that Damon was taking away Elena's life. Stefan later took Elena on a hike to enjoy her last few hours of human life.

By the end of the day, Elena broke down in tears, confessing that she had no desire to be a vampire at all. Returning to the boarding house, Klaus was there waiting for her. Stefan reluctantly let Elena go with Klaus, but was worried for her safety, upset about what was happening.

The Salvatores learn that Katherine tricked Jenna into leaving her house where she was kidnapped by Klaus and turned into a vampire for the sacrifice.

Stefan tried to trade places with her, but failed. He and Elena were horrified when she was killed. Klaus wounded Stefan so he was unable to anything while he drained Elena of blood. Damon arrived and killed Klaus' witch, Greta Martinand carried Elena's body away from the scene while Stefan and Bonnie waited for Elijah to kill Klaus.

However, Elijah failed his end of the deal when he helped Klaus escape after discovering that their family's bodies weren't lost forever. Damon told Stefan of his werewolf bite and asked him not to tell Elena. Stefan turned to Bonnie to see if she could find a cure, but he ended up having to go to Klaus. He made a deal to becomes Klaus's wingman so Klaus would give him the werewolf cure: his blood.

Katherine delivered the cure to Damon who was being cared for by Elena. Stefan left town with Klaus, leaving Elena with Damon. Stefan and Elena phone call. In The Birthdayduring some months until her birthday, Elena desperately tried searching for Stefan despite Caroline's efforts to get her to move on.

On Elena's birthday, with a tired and sick expression, Stefan called her, but when she picked up he remained silent. Elena immediately realized who is on the phone and she told him that he would be okay, that she loved him and for him to hold on that and never let it go.

She stayed at Stefan's old apartment and hid from Klaus and Stefan. Younger Salvatore noticed Elena in the storage and saved her life by taking wine and distracting Klaus. Later, Stefan and Elena had a conversation, they hugged and Elena tried to shoot him with a vervain dart. Stefan was faster and avoided her attack. He said to her, that he doesn't want to come back. He wanted to protect her in this way. She sees his memories and discovers that he is still in love with her.

Stefan showed great strength when he fought the compulsion and told Elena to run. Unfortunately, Klaus then used compulsion one last time and ordered Stefan to turn his emotions off. Stefan was forced to attack Elena. He bit Elena and almost killed her. In the end of the episode, Stefan is shown back at the Salvatore boarding house, saying as Klaus left town, he's been ordered to keep Elena safe for the reason that her blood is needed to create hybrids.

When Elena distracts Stefan by falling off the bleachers, he saves her. Elena responds by saying "I knew you'd catch me"before Alaric shoots him with a vervain arrow. Elena, Damon, and Alaric then formulate a plan to lock Stefan up, to try and restore him to his normal self.

The plan fails thanks to Vicki interfering and trying to kill Elena, but Elena does see a glimmer of hope for Stefan. Stefan later asks Elena why did she save him from the burning car and calls her pathetic when she says she still has hope. In Ghost Worl Stefan is knocked out by Lexi and dragged to the Lockwood's old jail cell where she attempts to "fix him" by giving him false visions of himself hungry and starving blood.

He is under the illusion that he has had nothing to drink in years. This happens with Elena's hesitant support-eventually, she has to leave the room when the torture comes to be too much for her. Later that night, when Elena goes to leave the jail cell, Stefan remarks that he wondered when she was going to give up and that Lexi had given her a glimpse into her "tragic" future.

She goes back over to him and says that she hasn't given up hope but that if he didn't get his back and fight, he would lose her forever. In HomecomingStefan makes a deal with Klaus to get his humanity back if he would deliver the body of Mikael to him. Unbeknownst to Klaus, Stefan, Elena and Damon had made a plan to kill Klaus and break the compulsion Stefan was under.

However, before the plan was about to be executed, Katherine arrives and tells Stefan that if he wanted to go through with the plan, Klaus would have Damon killed. Stefan jumps on Damon knocking him off Klaus at the last second and takes off with Katherine. He says that he doesn't want to get his humanity back, that it was too painful.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon is furious that their plan had broken apart and that they would never get Stefan back. Elena tells Damon that they would have to let him go, then.

In Our Townin an effort to get Klaus to back off and remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, Stefan kidnaps Elena and feeds her his blood, telling Klaus that if he doesn't tell his hybrids to back off he would drive off Wickery Bridge so that Elena would die and turn into a vampire.

Klaus tells him to stop the car, that he would call off the hybrids. Elena jumps out of the car and yells tearfully at Stefan, asking him how he could drive over that bridge, knowing that her parents had died and that she had almost died with them.

Stefan tells her that destroying Klaus is all he has left. Elena tells him that 'he had her' and Stefan responds by saying that he lost her the minute he left town with Klaus, that she just hadn't admitted that to herself yet. She asks him if he was doing all this just so that he could make her hate him, Stefan responds by saying that he didn't really care what she thought of him anymore.

Affronted by Stefan's hostile attitude, Elena tells him just how horrible he was becoming and Stefan simply said it had to be this way. Soon after, Stefan is shot by wood from a shotgun while Elena was tied up.

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Eventually breaking out of it, she rushed to help Stefan and was forced to remove the wood from his chest. Once she was done, Stefan noted that she had changed from the way she was before. Elena then takes the opportunity to tell him about kissing Damon since she felt guilty he was unaware of it. Clearly pained and stunned by this information, Stefan walked away for her and said nothing.

Elena followed him and begged him to say something to her. Stefan finally speaks up and apologized for what he did to her on the bridge, admitting that he had went too far but he also scolded her for lying about going to see Abby as it was too dangerous for her to do so while Klaus was still around. Elena understands him concerns, and tells him that she never intended to kiss Damon. Stefan, still hurt, told her that she was better than both him and Damon before driving away in his car.

He soon after sees his brother and punches him for kissing Elena, angry with him. In Dangerous Liaisonsit is learned that Elena had been invited to the Mikaelson Family home for a ball and that the mother, Esther has requested an audience with her. Stefan and Elena agree that she should meet with Esther while Damon doesn't want her to go.

They all end up showing up to the ball and Elena is escorted in by both brothers. Later, Stefan watches as Damon and Elena begin to dance but as the waltz shifts to a sequence that switches partners, Elena runs into Stefan.

They dance and while the energy is intense they share a light hearted chat about Stefan's usual lack of enthusiasm for dancing. The subject then switches to Damon and Stefan tells Elena that Damon needs to figure out that she can look out for herself. Elena tells Stefan she needs to talk to him and she asks for his help in getting her into the room with Esther alone.

She mentions that he cares about killing Klaus more than anything and Stefan says she's not wrong, though he has a conflicted look in his expression. Elena mentions her appreciation that he still at least lets her make her own decisions.

Stefan helps Elena and later takes her home. They talk about Damon's self destructive behavior that night. Elena says she said something she didn't mean and Stefan admits that he did too.

Stefan and Caroline

Stefan says goodbye and as he walks out Elena stops him and asks how he can't feel anything and tells him that feeling anything is better than acting like he doesn't care. Stefan reveals that he can't because he hates himself for what he did to her.

He says "If I let myself care, all I feel is pain," and then leaves. In All My ChildrenStefan and Damon are given an ultimatum from Elijah that puts Elena in danger so they turn to Meredith and Alaric for help which ends up being a terrible choice.

InFinally, Elena comes across Stefan drinking human blood coaxed by Damon and horrified, quickly leaves. While discussing her feelings for the Salvatore brothers with Matt, Elena confesses that she fell in love with Stefan because she felt safe and knew that he would never stop loving her. Never die either like her parents did but she also admits that Damon got under her skin and she couldn't shake him off, no matter what she did.

In The Murder of OneElena and Stefan confront each other and Elena admits to him that she never once stopped loving him, despite all the things he's done. Stefan says he knows that, and everything that happened is his fault. Stefan confesses that he loves her and always will but to also tell him the truth about her feelings for Damon. Elena tells him she doesn't know what she feels for him. Unsatisfied with her answer, Stefan quickly leaves.

He suggests to Elena that he go to Colorado with Damon to find Jeremy. During the episode, Rose tells Jeremy that Stefan's love for Elena is pure. During the dance Elena and Stefan slow dance for a little while until Damon tells them that Alaric has been taken over by The Darkness and wants to kill him. After Alaric is turned into a vampire and refuses to complete the transition, Elena is distraught. Stefan makes a promise to Damon that if Elena chooses Damon then he will leave town.

Stefan says Elena should be able to make her own decisions after Matt questions Elena's decision to stay in Mystic Falls. Before Stefan leaves to take the stake from Alaric, he promises Elena to do everything he can to come back to her. After he makes the promise, he kisses Elena, and says, "In case there is no later. Elena insists that they go back and Matt tells her that Damon isn't in Mystic Falls. When Elena calls Damon, she confesses that she loves Stefan.

Elena has at that point in her life, chooses Stefan. Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him that she wants to kill Alaric and in order to do that she has to kill Elena. Rebekah stands in the middle of Wickery Bridge and Elena tells Matt to watch out.

It is too late and Matt swerves off of the Wickery Bridge. Elena and Matt then are trapped in the car in the river beneath the Wickery Bridge and water starts to fill up the car. Elena starts to remember the first time Stefan saved her when she was with her parents. Then it flashes back to current day and Matt's car is completely immersed in water. Stefan comes and tries to save Elena, but Elena tells Stefan to save Matt instead of her. Elena then drowns shortly after Stefan saves Matt. Damon then comes to the hospital and Meredith tells him that Elena came to the hospital she had a serious brain injury and that Meredith Fell gave her vampire blood to heal the wounds.

However, the vampire blood was still in Elena's system when she died. Stefan is sitting next to Elena's dead body in tears when suddenly Elena awakens, taking her first breaths as a vampire in transition. In Growing PainsElena becomes fully conscious and is horrified and distraught that she has indeed become a vampire and is in transition. As she deals with the painful, intense process of being in transition, Stefan is there for her.

Admitting to Damon that he made a mistake in letting Elena die and would regret it the rest of his life, he apologizes to Elena that she has to go through this. Elena, however, disagrees, telling him that he saved Matt and was respecting her decisions like he always did.

As Elena soon after starts to cry, Stefan holds her and promises that he and Bonnie will do all in the power to stop the process.

Soon after, Elena gets kidnapped by the people Alaric had rounded up to destroy vampires and puts her in a cell, believing her to be one as well. Stefan also gets taken and as Bonnie's efforts to bring her back fail, thanks to her grandmother, Elena admits to him that she is dying as she still didn't feed. Stefan is upset by this and tells her that Damon was right in saying that she should've feed earlier.

She softly and tiredly says that he had hope and that's all she ever wanted him to have. Stefan tells her he loves her and in reply, Elena reveals to him that she was on Wickery Bridge because she choose Stefan over Damon, and that it was the best choice she ever made.

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Stefan is choked up by this. In the end though, Elena goes through with her transition and later is seen on the roof with him. They contemplate what the future holds and the challenges that await them but as Stefan gives her a daylight ring, she is touched. Elena tells him that they'll get through this together and we'll be with each other forever, like they always wanted. They hold each other and take comfort in each other's presence. In MemorialStefan decides to get Elena on animal blood like him, fearing that she'll go off the deep end like he did if she drinks human blood.

He also hopes to spare her the intense guilt she'd feel if she killed a person, which might make her resort to shutting off her humanity. Damon and Stefan once again argue over what's best for her. Damon believes that she should just be a vampire and drink human blood from the vein. Elena goes with Stefan's plan, and great sexual tension shown between them in the woods as they practice darting wooden stakes.

All is going well, and Elena feeds on a deer, only for her to cough up the blood right after. She does not tell Stefan this though, not wanting to ruin his uncharacteristic happy mood for their "success". So she instead contacts Damon, telling him her problems, and he manipulates her starvation by getting her to feed off him for the blood. Stefan soon finds out from Damon that Elena lied to him and was starving, unable to keep down any blood.

He is visibly hurt and jealous, especially when told that she had fed off Damon. As Elena struggles even more and with a hunter on the loose in the Church during the funeral for the dead townspeople, Stefan nevertheless comforts her and allows her to feed off Matt a bit so she can survive. Despite this, he was still jealous and angry even punching Damon in the face when feigning to help him up after fighting the hunter and confronts Elena over this. She admits she lied but only because she believed Damon would understand more where she was coming from and that she didn't want to ruin Stefan's happiness.

He, however, is wounded by this information, upset that she had thought he wouldn't understand and bluntly said he was suffering just as much because she was suffering. Elena apologizes and that she never wanted to hurt him, being brought to tears in the process. She rants to him about how she feels like she is always crying since her parents died and that her life is a never-ending funeral as everyone around her dies.

She confesses that what's heightened for her is that she feels everyone's grief and she can't ignore it. Stefan then takes her and the rest of their friends to light Japanese floating lanterns, a sign of letting got of the past, in an attempt to ease her pain.

But the sight of her gives Elena the full-on rage. The two vampires exchange words, then Elena throws a pencil at Rebekah. The Original catches it and tosses it back, staking Elena in the shoulder. And I hate that I hate her. Rebekah knows this and plays it for laughs.

Armed with the White Oak stake, she tells Stefan that she plans to kill Rebekah. Stefan responds by reminding her that taking out an Original isn't just murdering one vampire. It is killing every vampire that she sired. After they leave the party, Stefan and Elena go on a motorcycle ride. Elena realizes something is wrong a few minutes after stopping.

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They are just about to take things to the next level, when instead of seeing her beloved Stefan, she sees her be-lusted, Damon. Elena pushes "Damon" off of her and Stefan is bewildered and confused, wondering what is wrong. After Stefan realizes that Elena has been poisoned with the werewolf venom Connor stole from Tyler, he calls and asks Klaus to save her. Klaus believes Elena might be worth something to him after all, and agrees. In The FiveElena makes sure to inform Stefan of her trip with Damon and Bonnie to Whitmore College, where Bonnie's grandmother had taught, as she doesn't want him to suspect any foul play.

While Bonnie is busy, Elena is encouraged by Damon to practice feeding from the vein.

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Though at first Elena is positive she can't go through with it, she chooses her victim in a college class. But after she sees a photo of the girl on her phone with her sister, Elena's compassion stops her. After a while, Elena starts to enjoy herself as she repeatedly chooses her victims, feed, and compels them to forget the incident.

She doesn't realize how caught up she is in it, until Bonnie sees her. Bonnie gives Damon a reprimanding for letting Elena let loose like that, but Damon is anything but apologetic. Later, Damon accompanies her home and she apologizes for letting things get out of hand at the party. Damon and Elena are interrupted when Stefan opens the door and greets the both of them. Damon leaves both Stefan and Elena on the porch. Stefan asks Elena how everything went. Elena tells Stefan that she learned how to feed without hurting anyone.

However, she tells Stefan that she got caught up in the blood and in the feeding and almost lost control. Stefan tries to reassure her that the feeding will get easier with time. Elena then slowly starts to break down as she confesses to Stefan that she is becoming something that she doesn't want to become; she is feeling things that she doesn't want to feel. Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't think that she is going to make it, and survive being a vampire.

Stefan comforts her and tells her that she will get through it, and that she just as to hold on. Stefan holds onto her affectionately as Elena tries to calm down. In The Killerat home, Elena is narrating the first diary entry she's written since her change into a vampire. The side effects of being a new vampire include hopelessness, depression, anger, and fear.

A long while. I haven't needed I haven't wanted to write this stuff down. But I don't want to say it out loud either. The thing is, I'm a vampire Stefan is also writing in his diary about Elena's struggling condition.

But now, for the first time in a while, there's hope. If I can get it, Elena can be human again. I can give her back her life" he writes. Damon comes to see Elena, hoping to find Stefan, because Stefan is dodging his calls. Elena still hasn't told Stefan about the party with Damon. Damon knows she's in a shame spiral filled with new vampire remorse, but Elena still won't admit it to anyone but her diary. When Stefan won't answer a call from Elena's cell, they realize something must be wrong.

Later, they go to the Lockwood mansion, and make up a plan to kill Connor. Stefan arrives and Elena goes to greet him with a hug. Stefan listens to Damon's plan and rejects it, and tells him that he is the one to fix this.

Later on, with Stefan, Damon wonders why Stefan is making references to Klaus in his plan. He says he's going to make a move with or without Stefan, so Stefan vervains Damon with some of Alaric's stash.

Stefan doesn't tell Elena the truth, being to sworn to secrecy by Klaus, he says he is worried that Damon would get Jeremy out and then go after Connor with no regard for Matt and April's lives. But in truth, he wants to prevent Damon from killing Klaus and thus ruining the chance to cure Elena of her vampirism. Elena wants to go with Stefan to rescue her brother and friends, but he tells her she won't be able to handle the guilt if she has to defend herself and kill Connor.

Later however, Elena, in a rage, finds Connor in the tunnels where Stefan left him. She bites his neck and warns, "Stay the hell away from my brother.

He tries to stake her while he talks to her. Stefan and Damon show up as Elena is burying Connor in the woods, sobbing, and angry at Stefan for lying to her. After taking a tortured shower, Elena writes in her journal some more about how the worst feeling isn't when you lose someone, it's when you lose yourself.

She starts seeing drops of blood, then splotches that lead her into the bathroom. Blood is everywhere. Written on the mirror is "Killer". Elena tries to back away from the mirror, but slips on the floor because of all the blood.

When Elena looks back down to the floor, she sees no blood, and she gets back to her feet. She then looks at the mirror to see the message, but all she sees was her own reflection.

Thus begins the haunting that ensues when one kills one of the Five. Stefan tells her that he understands why she feels this way for Damon when he himself was gone, but he doesn't understand why she still has these strong feelings for Damon.

The reason of that was Stefan's actions, he forced Jeremy to kill vampire to complete the tattoo, a map to the cure. After her conversation with Stefan, Elena got angry and told Stefan that he doesn't have to love her like this as a vampireand that's she's changed and he needs to let go. She tells him that the Elena he loves died on the bridge. At the end of the episode, Caroline and Stefan discover that Elena is sired to Damon. She admits that while she still loves Stefan, she is no longer in love with him, because she feels Stefan only sees her as a project, a thing that needs fixing.

She says that if she is honest, when he looks at her, all he sees is a broken toy. This leaves Stefan heartbroken. Once there, she forces him to turn, as Tyler begs Stefan, Elena and Caroline to leave before he hurts them. At this point Rebekah disappears with Kol to torture Shane about the whereabouts of the cure. Stefan and Elena find a room where they lock themselves in to get away from Tyler.

Elena tells him they need to talk, but Stefan doesn't want to know, telling her there is nothing to talk about. He asks her how many more ways can she rip his heart out. Elena tearfully says she's sorry for everything's she's done to hurt him, but Stefan says nothing.

Stefan and elena dating timeline

Rebekah turns up in the room and tells Elena that she can make Stefan forget everything about her, all his love for her and every kiss they shared. Stefan tells her to do it, which stuns Elena, and she begs him not to let Rebekah do it.

Rebekah refuses to anyway, as it would be too easy. She tells him she wants him to live with the pain, like she has for last years. Rebekah tells them they can leave and walks away. Stefan looks at Elena one last time and then leaves, she goes after him, but he just walks on.

Elena tells Stefan that even though he may not care about her anymore, he should at least care what happens to Jeremy. Stefan doesn't answer this, and Elena hangs up. However, when Damon does try to kill Jeremy, Stefan speeds in to stop him. In order to stop Damon, he locks him in the cellar and drains him of blood to weaken him. There, he tells Damon that once the cure is found he and Elena can do as they please, and that he no longer cares.

As he walks out, Elena is there and asks if she can see Damon, but Stefan tells her no, as he will only ask her to let him out-which she will-because the sire bond. Elena asks him what he is doing with Rebekah and that his acting like he doesn't care and that isn't him, to which he replies, "That's because you've never seen me when I'm not in love with you. When Stefan returns to where Rebekah is staying, she tells him to not care, no strings attached, and they end up kissing passionately and having sex.

In addition to this, Stefan gets closer to Rebekah after spending the whole day together. In the morning, the group had to split up: Elena had to go with Stefan and Rebekah. Rebekah and Elena continued bickering as they walked with Stefan, and the only thing that shut them up was when Elena tripped a wire and almost got herself staked. That makes no sense, which they were able to convince her off.

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Stefan said that he want the cure for himself, because being a vampire is nothing but suffering for him. Crying, she asks to him to promise to him that he will do that, then Stefan promises to her that. Caroline is outside the door, listening their conversation. Later in Stefan's house, Caroline is trying to repair to Miss Cuddles, Stefan gives her a drink and she drinks it, then he gives her another and they both smiles.

Stefan is repaying the light on the porch, and Caroline arrives with her bike, she looks at him who is mounted on a stairs and she seems to be amazed by Stefan's beauty but after taking her composure, she continues talking and says that it's the bike with she learned to ride on, she tells him how she learned to ride the bike. She asks what is he doing and he says that the box was loose, so he figured he would fix it.

Caroline says that he know that he don't have to do all what he is doing and that could've had some serious problems, Stefan jokingly says as exposed wires, electrical fires but she says that she mean being there with her and if he have someplace else he'd rather be then he interrupts her and says he don't, they smile each other. Caroline is trying to organize the books that she got for her mother, Stefan arrives to the bedroom carrying a box with bottles of liquor, he asks her where he can put them and Caroline says that there's a cellar under the stairs.

He asks her if she is ok because she seems to be worried, she says that she is worried because she doesn't know what book will be better for her mom and she wants that her mom can enjoy reading her last book, Stefan says that he can deal with the books, Caroline says that not because she should do it but Stefan says that he is happy with the responsibility, Caroline then takes a bottle and says that she will open it, then she leaves. After learning that her mom is dying, Caroline arrives to the hospital with Stefan, Damon is there and tries to calm her, he says that Liz she slipped into a come and the doctors said that they can make her comfortable.

Caroline desperate says she's not comfortable because she's dying. She is mad and sad because she didn't get to say good-bye to her mom. Caroline says crying that she should have been with her, Stefan tries to console her telling her that she didn't know, Caroline says that she knew she was sick and she knew it was bad.

She says that she was supposed to give her peace and convince her that she would be OK and thank her for being an amazing mom and that she doesn't remember the last thing that she said to her, that she was supposed to be with her in her final moment, Stefan then says that she still can. Stefan says to Caroline that they are gonna live in Liz memories with Caroline, he says to Caroline to try to clear her mind and think about her favorite memory of her mom.

Caroline says that she don't know because there are many, and Stefan says to her to relax, Caroline takes Liz's hand, and enter in her mind, the favorite memory with her mom was when she was trying to ride the bike, Liz helped to her to do it alone, then after finish Liz finally dies, Caroline starts to cry and tell them that her mom is gone.

In The Downward Spiral. This article has been identified as an article that needs help. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage. In I'd Leave My Happy Home For YouStefan calls Caroline during Alaric's bachelor party but she doesn't answer but he leaves a message asking her to call him back and that she should be there and to come home. In I'll Wed You in the Golden SummertimeStefan arrives at the wedding following his road trip with Damon and Caroline begins to avoid him clearly still feeling awkward and guilty after what happened between them but Stefan finds a brief moment with her and asks if she is avoiding him.

She lies and tells him she isn't but Stefan clearly not convinced asks if they can talk alone. Stefan asks her if he is being selfish not wanting his brother to take the cure and Caroline assures him he is not unlike her who had him turn off his humanity. She asks if he hates her and he tells her he hates how she handle thing's but not her. Caroline tells him she made a list of all the bad things that has happened to her since she fell for him stating it all started the summer he moved away and she began obsessing where he was and why he wasn't returning her call's, that she told him she hated him when she felt ignored and missed her mom's final moment's because she was kissing him and all she needed from him was for him to tell her that he felt something for her and he didn't.

She continues to tell him she hates how this has made her feel and Stefan tries to reassure her that he has forgiven her and that he feels the same when he is around her because they are both control freaks and falling for someone means giving up control but Caroline tells him with all the grief and guilt control is all she has and she is not ready to give that up and leaves.

Later Damon and Elena have disappeared and are not returning Caroline's call she tells Stefan to cue the music that they are starting without them. During the wedding Stefan and Caroline are sitting together and watch with horrified looks as Kai arrives stabbing Jo with a knife and attacks all the guests.

are absolutely right

Moment's later, Kai appears behind them and magically snap's their necks telling them that this a family affair. Afterward Stefan and Caroline wake in each other's arms in Enzo's car who informs them that he rescued them and that Damon is with Elena at the hospital but they have bigger problem's and takes them to Lily who is at the warehouse searching for her family of Heretics.

Caroline asks if he is going to be OK as Elena was his soulmate but Stefan tells her that even though he loved Elena more than he possible thought he could love someone she wasn't necessarily his soulmate, that she was the only one that remind him that Damon was worth caring for and in the end he needed his brother more than he needed Elena. Stefan asks if that's why she has pushed him away because she thinks that he hasn't moved on from Elena but Caroline tell's him she can't do this and walks out of the room.

Later Stefan and Caroline are seen together as everyone gathers at the Salvatore boarding house to say goodbye to Elena. Stefan visits Caroline and tells her that he has made a list of all the ways loving her has changed him, that she was his friend when he needed her, that she made him laugh and dance and was the one that assured him that he would find love again. That he understands she needs time to heal and live her life without him but he will wait for her till she is ready for him kissing her cheek and leaves.

Clearly shocked at his declaration Caroline continues to sit there with a small smile on her face. In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or TakeCaroline is sitting in the town square when Stefan approaches they make small talk and his admits that his previous confession had made things between them awkward and that he wanted to be friends with her so they should just stay friends if or until she wanted more.

Caroline helps Stefan in his plan to kill the heretics tries to discourage her from doing but she reminded him they knew what he looked like so he couldn't do it.

After successfully delivering the bomb that fails to kill the Heretics, Stefan and Caroline are in the time square for Matt's graduation from the police academy when the heretics attack killing half of Matt's class.

Afterwards Stefan and Caroline go to his house and discuss what had just happened, while they deal Caroline helps Stefan remove a small splinter from his neck. Caroline helps Stefan broker a peace settlement with his mother, they handed over his house and compelled all the residents to leave and restricted the heretics from feeding on anyone besides anyone who wandered into town.

Stefan helps Caroline box up her house and they talk about the newest situation they'd gotten themselves into, just as Stefan was about to leave Caroline tells him she wants to make a go at a relationship with him and they kiss.

In Never Let Me Goa flash-forward is seen in which Caroline professes he distaste when she hears the mention of Stefan's name saying she never wanted to hear it again. Back in the present Stefan calls Caroline and she doesn't answer he leaves a message, he is approached by Lily and Beau who inform him that they had taken Caroline.

Stefan enlist Damon's help in getting her back, Damon goes to the boarding house and tries to plead his case with Lily, after she refuses to return Caroline Damon discovers that the house had been signed over to a human who they discover to be Matt. Bonnie does a spell that temporarily kills him allowing Stefan and Damon to enter the house without an invitation, Damon goes in through the front door to distract Enzo Stefan goes in through the tunnels and begins looking for Caroline finding her in his former bedroom.

When Caroline first sees him she believes she is hallucinating, Stefan goes to her side and brakes her chains when he attempts to carry her out his skin burns from a spell, Valerie, One of the heretics had put on her. Stefan finds her a jacket and helps her put it on, they both suddenly start feeling a strange pull and is pulled out the window while Caroline begins to be pulled toward the front door.

Enzo is standing at the bottom of the stairs with Lucy and has her invite Caroline inside which stops the pulling. Nora comes into speak to Caroline and tells her that Valerie's spell wasn't in fact to help her but that Valerie had a past with Stefan and had been carrying around his journal from since Caroline takes the journal and begins to read about that had happen between Valerie and Stefan in In Best Served Col Valerie reveals that to Caroline that she had been pregnant in and that Julian had killed it and she knew the spell the Gemini Coven had been chanting because she had attempted to use it to save her child.

In Hell Is Other People. In Things We Lost in the FireStefan explains that the only reason he was holding it together after his time in the phoenix stone was because Caroline was there for him. In Postcards from the EdgeStefan brings Caroline food and she suddenly collapses he brings her to the hospital and Valerie meets them there and tells that the babies were siphoning Caroline's magic she give Caroline an amulet to keep the siphoning at bay.

Stefan receives a call from Matt saying that Damon was hanging out with Julian, Stefan is reluctant to leave but Caroline tells him to help his brother.

Apr 19, This is the complex, significant, yet notable relationship between the cured vampire/doppelganger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/doppelganger, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Stefan originally returned to town to get to know Elena after saving her from a car accident. They instantly fell in love and Nickname(s): Stelena, SE, ES. Elena is a teenage girl who has been dating since and ian and the very vague about to stop. Dobrev dating timeline, delena, - timetoast's free timeline adult dating timeline, elena, a car. He brought her parents in a bridge into stefan's bad relationship with turning 40 dating and this is an american supernatural drama, the couple. Mar 23, The relationship between the cured vampire doppelganger, Stefan Salvatore and the vampire, Caroline Forbes. Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. Stefan saves her after Damon First Met: September 7, (Pilot).

Later after i took a while for his to return she sends Valerie to help him, while they were gone the babies began to siphon making her unable to mobe to call stefan for help.

In This Woman's WorkWhen Stefan arrives back at the hospital he has her rushed into to surgery to get the babies out before they killed her, compelling the doctors to ignore anything not explained by science, but the babies repel the doctors when they try to take them out.

Valerie gets the other heretics and they begin preforming a spell to trick the babies into wanting to come out. While the doctors do the surgery, Stefan gives Caroline a vision that they are sitting under the stars on date. Bonnie comes in and tells him that the huntress is there and Damon was being suicidal and he had to help him, Stefan reluctantly leaves to help his brother.

Stefan begins to help his brother fight the huntress and gets marked by her. When he gets marked Stefan remembers all the good times he'd had with Caroline and how much he loved her but also Nora's word that once marked she would chase him to the end of the earth.

He leaves to keep his family safe, Damon calls him and he yells at him because it was his fault he wasn't able to be with Caroline her time of need.

Next Caroline calls and they talk sadly about their predicament and how they wish it didn't have to be that way. In Moonlight on the Bayou. In Gods and MonstersCaroline and Stefan finally set aside their tension due to their dating-history and work together to help Bonnie escape from her Supernatural Huntress side.

They have been on the run together and they decide to halt their running when Caroline reunites with Alaric and her children. Caroline assists Alaric in teaching the twins about their Siphoner heritage, which they grasp easily. Stefan watches from afar as Caroline successfully mentors her children in opening the Armory doors. Caroline originally protests being her family is on her mind. Alaric claims that they will still be a family and Alaric and Caroline break their engagement off on friendly terms.

Caroline rushes up to Stefan before he leaves the Armory property and she kisses him. Thanks to Alaric's pushing, Stefan and Caroline are dating once again after being apart for three years. In Hello, BrotherStefan and Caroline are first seen together having passionate sex. This episode shows that they are still together, months after the events at the Armory.

However, the scene is quickly cut off to show Enzo and Bonnie's flashbacks. Later on, the morning after their night together, Stefan and Caroline are lying together in bed discussing their stressful lives. Caroline complains about not being able to hold a stable schedule to watch her children, especially with Alaric working with a team to investigate the Armory's vault.

Stefan also explains the constant stress of failing to find Damon and Enzo, he also explains that it has taken a toll on Bonnie as Stefan and Bonnie constantly fail in trying to find them. They later, in the episode, part ways and deal with their own situations related to family problems: Caroline was dealing with Virginia St.

John invading her home and trying to take her children to stop the Armory's monster, and Stefan with finally finding Damon and Enzo with Bonnieit brings him hope about all their futures. Stefan was devastated after losing Damon and Sarah Nelson to Sybil 's mind manipulation. Caroline also had a long day dealing with her children's lives and comforting Bonnie after Bonnie lost Enzo too. Stefan and Caroline embrace each other and reveal to each other that they are like family now, considering Stefan built a room for the children whenever Stefan and Caroline were together with them.

Shortly after, showing Caroline a new set of drawers for the children's new bedroom, Caroline opens one of the drawers and is shocked to find a black jewelry box. Both with tears in their eyes, Caroline accepts Stefan's marriage proposal and they have a passionate embrace together.

Matt's number then appears on Caroline's phone. Later on, Caroline and Stefan are seen together attending Tyler's funeral. However, this is interrupted when Damon crashes it. They eventually get through to Damon and he lets Matt go. Later on, Stefan convinces Caroline to stay home when Stefan goes to meet Damon. However, when Damon and Stefan get into a fight at the carnival, Caroline shows up and saves Stefan from death by shooting Damon with a vervain gun.

Caroline and Stefan are later hanging out together with the rest of their friends at the carnival. Caroline tells Stefan that she is going to be his wife soon and that she will always have his back in situations like the one they went through together earlier, with Damon. After sharing a moment, Matt reveals to them that Seline Lizzie and Josie's babysitter is the second siren.

Caroline leaves the carnival with Alaric, with Stefan not too far behind, to find just a drawing at their house with Lizzie and Josie with Seline and Cade. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. However, Caroline mentions to Matt, while on the phone with him, that she hasn't seen Stefan in three weeks, due to his deal with Cade.

However, Caroline states that she misses him and later, tells Sybil that she is confident she will be reunited with Stefan. Caroline is concerned however when Sybil spitefully claims that Stefan always seems to "fall off the wagon" and worries Caroline when she explains that Stefan might turn into a ripper in front of her kids, sometime in the future.

In It's Been a Hell of a Ride. Caroline : His name is Stefan Salvatore. He lives with uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn't lived here since he was a kid.

Military family, so they moved around a lot. He's a Gemini, and his favorite color is blue.

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Bonnie : You got all of that in one day? Caroline : Oh, please, I got all that between third and fourth period. We're planning a June wedding. Caroline : So, you were born in Mystic Falls? Stefan : Mm-Hmm. And moved when I was still young. Caroline to Stefan : So, Stefan, if you're new, then you don't know about the party tomorrow. Caroline : Hey! You made it! Stefan : I did. Caroline : Well, let's get you a drink. Stefan : Well, I'm. Caroline : Oh, come on Caroline : Hey! There you are. Have you been down to the falls yet?

Because they are really cool at night. And I can show you. If you want. Stefan : I think you've had too much to drink. Caroline : Well, of course I have. So- Stefan : Caroline, you and me is not going to happen, Sorry. You have to understand that they were each other's first. You know, like, from the sandbox. Stefan : That's a really nice scarf.

Caroline : Mm. Thank you, it's new. Stefan : Can I see it? I mean, would you mind taking it off? Caroline : Oh, I can't. Stefan : Why not? You ok? Caroline : Um All I know is that I can't take it off. Damon : What are you two kids talking about? Stefan : I was just commenting on her scarf. Didn't he? Caroline : Now why would he do that? Stefan : Would you like one? Stefan grabs a glass of champagne for himself and Caroline. Stefan : Thank you.

Caroline : Ok, just tell me if you see my mom. He has some serious apologizing to do. Stefan : He's gone, Caroline. Caroline : When is he coming back? Stefan : He's not coming back.

I'm sorry. Elena : This is a good thing, Caroline. Caroline : I know that. Stefan : You mean like a double date? Caroline : Two pair out on a Friday night coupled. Yeah a double date. Caroline : She hates me! Bonnie hates me. Stefan : No, she's just in shock, we all are. Caroline : And what about Matt? She cries Stefan : Hush. One thing at one time, let's get this blood off, come on. Caroline : I'm a m-m-murderer.

I'm a monster! Stefan : Look at me, your emotions are heightened right now, it's part of the transformation, it's completely normal, I promise you okay? Caroline sees her face changing in the mirror and starts to panic. Caroline : Why does this keeping happening to my face?! Stefan : Look at me, look at me, look at me! Caroline, Caroline!

Look at me! Look at my face, look at my face! His face has changed too You see that? When you feel the blood rushing, you tell yourself that you're going to get through it, that you're strong enough.

Yes, yes, no matter how good it feels to give yourself over to it, you fight it off, you bury it. Watch me, watch me. His face is normal again It's the only way you're gonna survive this thing. She takes a few breaths, her face is normal again.

Stefan : That's good Caroline : Why did Katherine do this to me? Stefan : I don't know, I wish I did. Hey, hey, I promise you I will not let anything happen to you. Come here. Stefan : Chase it, catch it, feed on it.

Caroline : Isn't killing cute defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer? Stefan : Well, you sort of skipped the serial killer and went straight to vampire. Caroline : No I am. Look, I swear that I am okay? Stefan is laughing Caroline : And now you're laughing at me. Stefan : No, no, I'm not laughing. None of this is funny, trust me. Caroline : What?! Stefan : When someone becomes a vampire, all of their natural behaviors get sort of amplified.

Caroline : What do you mean? Stefan : I mean as a human I cared deeply for people, how they felt. If they were hurting I felt their pain and I felt guilty if I was the one who caused it and as a vampire all of that got magnified. Caroline : So you're saying that now I'm basically an insecure, neurotic control freak Caroline : Really?

Stefan : Yeah. Matt is the closest connection that you have to your humanity and I think that being around him is a good thing. Caroline : Okay. Caroline : Why are you looking at him with your "serious vampire" look? Stefan : My wha- my "serious vampire" look? Caroline : Mhmm. I mean it's different from your "worried vampire" look, neither of which stray too far from your "Hey, it's Tuesday" look. Stefan : I get it, okay.

You think I'm you think I'm too serious. Is that it? You compelled her. Caroline : Yeah, she deserved it. Stefan : Caroline, nobody deserves to have their mind messed with for shallow reasons. Caroline : You know, why is everyone sticking up for Amy freaking Bradley? Stefan : You're letting the jealousy to get the best of you. Caroline : Oh, so now I have magnified jealousy issues, too.

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That's great. Stefan : I told you this wasn't gonna be easy. Caroline : Yeah, well, I might as well have stayed dead. My entire personality is killing me.

He smiles Caroline : Shut up. Everybody is leaving the swimming hole because Tyler asked them to. Matt is alone. Stefan and Caroline are looking at him Caroline : He's mad at me.

Stefan : Go talk to him. Her face is normal again but Matt faints and fall Caroline : Oh my god. Stefan : No, no, no, stop. Listen to me. We need to get out of these woods now. We need to leave. Caroline : What was that? Stefan : Matt, stay down. Do not move. They hear noise all around them Stefan : You and me, we're gonna run.

You need to run as fast as you can. Do you understand me? Go, go! They run and arrive to old ruins but Caroline stops Caroline : Wait! What is it?! Stefan : It's a werewolf! He will try to kill us and he can! Tyler arrives Tyler : Hey! What are you two doing? Stefan : What are you doing? The werewolf rushes into Caroline.

She falls on the floor, the werewolf is on her. Stefan rushes on the werewolf with his powers and pushes him. Caroline : What are we gonna do about Tyler? Stefan : I took care of it and I will get Matt on vervain, it'll keep you from being able to compel him and also to keep you from drinking his blood.

Caroline : I can't believe I hurt him. Stefan : I know. Caroline : He is the one person on this entire planet that I never wanted to hurt. Stefan : It's not going to get any easier. You're just gonna have to work that much harder. Caroline : I shouldn't be with him, should I? Because if there is any danger Stefan : I'm the last person to make that kind of decision for you.

If I had follow my own advice, I would walked away from Elena a long time ago. Caroline : You ever think you should have? You get some bunny in you? Stefan : Yeah, I'm feeling much better, thank you. Damon : Go ahead, tell him. You're gonna love this. Caroline : I saw Katherine today. Stefan : Where? Caroline : At the grill. I just stopped by to gawk and Stefan : Hey Caroline : Hey. Uh, I need to talk to you. Where are you going? Stefan : Well, Elena went home sick; I just want to go check up on her.

Caroline : Ditch her. Caroline : You know what, we can talk later.

Reason: Katherine wanted Elena and Stefan to break up and to prove it she attacks Jenna. So for the sake of anyone she loves getting be killed, Elena does what Katherine wants, and tearfully breaks up with Stefan, despite how much she doesn't want to. Third Relationship: Start Up: Rose (2x08) Break Up: The End of the Affair (3x03)Reviews: 1. Elena and Stefan: A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline but Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have been through a lot on The Vampire Diaries. Elena and Stefan decide to have a.

Stefan : Uh, talk about what? Caroline : I might've Stefan : What did you do? Caroline and Stefan are sitting at a table.

Caroline is eating Caroline : Sorry to drag you here but if I don't eat, I get those kill innocent people urges. Tyler totally has those too by the way. Stefan : Yeah, what else did you say to him? Caroline : Not much. I was trying to keep the questions to a minimum. Are you mad? Stefan : Yes Caroline.

As a matter of fact, I am a little mad. I mean, you put yourself a risk. Stefan : No, of course not. He would kill you. Caroline : Always lookin' out for me. Well, you don't exactly make it very easy on me. Caroline : Then why do you do it? Why are you such a good friend to me? Stefan : I don't know. I guess you, uh, remind me of someone. My, uh, my best friend, Lexi. Caroline : You have a friend?

Stefan : You say that with such a discouraging amount of surprise, Caroline! Caroline : No I just sorry. I just tell me about her. Stefan : I will, some other time. I got to go. Caroline : Wait! What do we do about Tyler?

Stefan and Caroline are still talking Stefan : Okay, now I'm leaving. Caroline : Wait! Stefan : No, no, no, Caroline, you have two seconds to come clean. Where is Elena? Are you kidding me? Stefan : Caroline! Caroline : She's not in any danger. I would not have let her put herself in danger. Stefan : Put herself in danger where? What do you? She's with Damon isn't she?

Caroline : Ew, no. Stefan : Then where where is she? He looks at her and leaves - Katerina Stefan : What's wrong? Caroline : Tyler knows about you and Damon. He knows that Damon killed Mason. I didn't say a word. Stefan : It's that woman, Jules. She had a run in with Damon. Caroline : Tyler was so upset. The look on his face, he was so betrayed.

Stefan : Wow, this is bad. Stefan : No, he already wants to kill him. I mean, what if Tyler tries to retaliate? He has every right to. He could get himself killed. Caroline : Well, we're not gonna let that happen. We have to get to him and reason with him before he does something stupid. You have to talk to him. Just try to explain, you know? You always know the right things to say, okay?

He and I we're friends. Stefan to Tyler Lockwood : Look about Caroline, no matter what her flaws are, when push comes to shove, you're gonna want that girl on your side.

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