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The hockey goons march toward them, slushie cups in their hands. Rachel and the glee kids brace themselves to be slushied, but instead the cups shower them with confetti. She and Finn kiss at the hallways during Tongue Tie background music montage and after the unexpected celebration by the McKinley students, Rachel marches towards the Trophy case in the choir room with the Nationals Trophy in her hands as she places it there.

At Principal Figgins office with Finn, they listen to Figgins request. He wants the Glee Club to perform for the "special event" at the teacher of the year ceremony. Rachel and the other New Directions acknowledge the fact that graduation is near and soon, and that they will have to say goodbye.

Schuester gives them their final assignment: songs related to saying goodbye. Rachel and the other members of New Directions participate in the final choir room songs as they celebrate all the great times they had together. Later, Rachel and Finn are seen speaking to each other in a room about their wedding while they discuss graduation and New York. After, Rachel and the other seven seniors finally graduate from McKinley.

She, Finn, and Kurt make a pact to open each of their acceptance letters at the same time. Nearing the end of the episode, she packs her bag thinking she is about to get married to Finn, but Finn drives her to the train station. As she looks confused, she tells Finn that is isn't funny and they'll be late. But Finn explains the fact that he has cancelled the wedding and engagement and her dads will meet her in New York and he will be joining the army to redeem his father.

At first, she is heartbroken. Rachel demands that she will not go unless Finn goes with her, but after a Casablanca -style encouragement from Finn, she obliges and goes to the station with Finn as Roots Before Branches is sung by the two.

After the train leaves the station, she looks out the window in tears and sees Finn chasing after her and everyone else disappearing from the corner of her eye. When she can't see them anymore, she continues singing, upset. She walks through streets, crowds and across roads, and finally, finishes off the song as she walks with her pink suitcase into a full crowd as the episode comes to an end.

This is the last time we see Rachel in Season Three. Cassandra July welcomes her and other students and asks them to start dancing, since it is the class "Dance Cassandra seems very critical and rude, calling a girl "Muffintop" in front of everyone. As Rachel walks past, she rolls her eyes and Cassandra stops everyone. Cassandra asks Rachel if she is offended, which Rachel quickly denies. Cassandra then makes an offensive comment about Ohio, making Rachel uncomfortable.

The teacher puts the music on and makes everyone dance, continuing to pick on Rachel, shouting "Higher" until Rachel falls. Cassandra bends down as Rachel tells her she doesn't need her help, but Cassandra shakes her head saying she sucks.

Rachel, upset, sighs as the camera cuts to the Glee title card. Rachel says it's happy to know she's missed because growing up can be lonely and that she misses her friends, dads and Finn. She says she hasn't heard from him in two months and he must be giving her the space she needs to achieve her dreams.

Rachel explains that her roommate seems nice, but she hasn't talked to her personally because she always has company she's having sexas Rachel covers her ears. Rachel then goes to the bathroom, saying that she takes a 3am shower in the morning when no one is around.

Rachel hears someone showering and singing Sister Christianwhich seems to grip her. She takes a peek and sees someone showering. Brody Weston then steps out naked as Rachel stares at him and they both hold a long stare.

She smiles for a second and then hurriedly returns to the sink. Brody comes over and asks Rachel if she's a freshman. Rachel complains about Cassandra, and Brody says that she must be good if she survived a class with her. As Brody talks, Rachel is surprised to know that Brody also has a "moisturizing ritual. He winks as he departs and leaves Rachel looking happy. Rachel is seen walking on the streets as she's on a phone conversation with Kurt. They talk about Brody. Kurt teases her and asks if she likes him, but she replies saying she will always love Finn.

They say how much they miss each other. Rachel is later seen in the dance class with Cassandra coming in, calling her names again and asking if she's continuing her failure.

Rachel replies that she had a rough week. Cassandra picks on her again and says that she better decide what she's feeling, because a lot of people at NYADA will do anything to make it into the business. After a short argument between them, Rachel says that she can smell alcohol, angering the teacher. Rachel watches the performance, shocked and utterly destroyed by Cassandra's seriousness. Rachel and Brody sit next to each other, and she looks particularly excited.

Carmen then calls a female student to sing. Rachel watches intently, but Carmen quickly stops her. Carmen says she thinks the student needs to practice a little bit more and cuts her. Rachel begins to worry about being cut, but she is suddenly called to be the next to sing.

Rachel walks to the performing area with determination. The scene then cuts to Marleywho is auditioning for New Directions at McKinley and is singing the same song. Carmen is satisfied. Rachel impresses Brody, who later compliments her and helps her deal with the lack of communication with Finn.

Rachel says she won't turn her back on Finn. Brody then moves on and tells Rachel she killed her solo. She says while she was singing that song, she never felt so wrong as she felt here. Brody tells her not to worry because the reason she came to New York was because she's changed into this new person and to be that new and improved Rachel. Brody then takes her phone and Rachel poses as they take a picture.

He then offers to walk her to class. The scene cuts to the Dance class. Cassandra asks Rachel to give her best spin, which Rachel does, and Cassandra said it's slightly better. Rachel says she will keep trying until she's best for Cassandra, but she doesn't seem impressed. Rachel is seen sadly going through the pictures of Finn, looking and clutching her phone while watching people holding hands and in love.

She is in tears on another phone call with Kurt, during which she confesses how bad she actually feels. Kurt suggests that Rachel should find a new roommate, and tells Rachel to turn around, when she sees him. They run to each other and hug and laugh, just as the episode concludes.

The scene cuts to the dance class in NYADA, with Cassandra July teaching Tango, but omitting Rachel due to the scarcity of male partners and her 'lack of sex appeal,' which is what the dance is all about. Though Rachel tries to protest, Cassandra bluntly tells Rachel that she looks ashamed of her sex appeal. Later, Rachel and Kurt are happily riding on bikes in their new apartment.

A few hours later, they are sitting together drinking champagne and talking. Kurt says he hasn't heard from Finn. Rachel exclaims that it feels like a long time since they were in the choir room. Rachel tells Kurt about how much she can't stand Cassandra, and it turns out Kurt has actually heard of her.

We flash back to ten years ago when she was in the middle of a performance, which was interrupted by an old man's cellphone, and Cassandra threatened to kick him out, so now her Broadway job is over.

Kurt advises Rachel to give Cassandra the sexiness she wants. The scene goes back to Rachel, who has large grin on her face.

In a park, Rachel seeks Brody's assistance while he does sit-ups. She asks him a favour and explains that Cassandra doesn't think Rachel's sexy enough and she wants Brody to dance with her in class. Brody quickly says that "Cassie" would not let any Upperclassmen perform in her class.

Rachel quickly apologises, but when Brody sees her performance, he changes his mind and agrees, leaving Rachel with a content expression. Rachel comes to class late later, dressed in stripped down clothes. Brody accompanies her as Cassandra asks why Brody is here.

Glee finn and rachel start dating

Rachel says the only reason why she is dressed up like that is because she wanted to show Cassandra how sexy she actually is to play Evita, Roxy and Charity. Cassandra asks Rachel to show her what she prepared. Cassandra sits down, looking unsatisfied, but watches anyways. I Did It AgainRachel singing the solo while the others dance.

A lot of sexy moves are included, tables used too. Cassandra continually watches unimpressed and a bit jealous. At the end of the performance, Rachel asks what Cassandra thinks and if she's ready to learn the tango. Cassandra tells Rachel that she can remember a routine, which isn't a big thing. Brody then speaks up for Rachel, saying Rachel was incredible, but the teacher things she was only okay.

She says that the song was garbage and asks who idea it was to perform it. When Cassandra tells Rachel the levels that are appropriate for Rachel's sex appeal, Rachel bursts out, saying Cassandra is jealous of her. Brody tries to stop her, but Rachel continues her rant. She talks about how Cassandra's career failed, and that now she is a YouTube joke. Cassandra is speechless at this point, her devilish smile wiped from her face, and tells Rachel to leave her class.

Rachel, shocked, storms out, and Brody goes after her. Cassandra tells Rachel that she is working, and Rachel apologizes for all the things she said to her because they were out of line. Rachel says she just feels like Cassandra is picking on her for no reason. She then tells Rachel that, like her, Rachel lashed out, but Rachel's rant wasn't recorded and posted on the internet. Rachel says Miss July was good and Cassandra said that she was great.

While Cassandra speaks, Rachel assists her as she does a few stretches. She says Rachel is not ready yet and if she had a choice, her wouldn't let her back in class because she doesn't believe in second chances. However, the school policy says that Rachel gets a warning.

Rachel is relieved. Cassandra tells Rachel that she is on probation, and has to hand wash all of the clothes. Later in the apartment, Rachel stares at her wall with a sodden expression.

She painted Finn's name and a green and yellow love heart around it and asks Kurt what he thinks. Kurt explains once again that Finn hasn't called her cause he loves her, not because he has forgotten about her.

Rachel says it's so much freedom all at once that it feels like severe loneliness. Kurt invites her to eat out, and she gives a squeal and says only if he doesn't mind going out at night. The door then knocks, and Brody stands with a potted orchid. Kurt leaves Rachel and Brody alone.

He says how long it took for him to get here which surprises Rachel, as he took that long just to see her. Brody hands the orchid, saying it is good luck in a new place and orchids are kind of sexy.

Before Rachel sends him out, he tells her he thinks she is amazing. Brody says as he leans in to kiss Rachel. Rachel pulls away though, saying she can't. Brody then points at the painting Rachel did and murmurs that Rachel is still in love with Finn.

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Brody then explains he will respect Rachel's boundaries, but will always thinking of kissing her. He tells her to enjoy the orchid as he leaves. Brody watches her from the outside of class.

Back at Rachel's apartment, she looks at her wall where Finn's name is painted. She grabs a paint brush and paints over it while Kurt watches as the episode ends when the camera goes to the orchard that Brody gave Rachel. Rachel is first seen in the episode as she walks with Kurt down a New York street.

Rachel discusses the students in her class and how she tried to approach them nicely, but they were incredibly rude. One of them insults Rachel about her outfit and the other one which Rachel nicknames "Black Swan" mocks Rachel. The scene then cuts to Rachel and Kurt in their apartment as they eat Pizza and drink. Rachel says she was excited to come to New York because she thought it was a chance for her to start over, but instead she had no idea it would be exactly the same.

Kurt comments that she's only exactly the same cause she's still dressing exactly the same. Rachel then says she doesn't know what Kurt expects her to do because it's not like she can afford an entire wardrobe. Rachel looks up a bit confused, when Kurt asks her to follow him as he has an "idea.

Kurt replies by saying that it could change both of their lives. Rachel, still confused, looks at Kurt.

Well, in the episode, Special Education (season 2), the glee club (New Directions) goes to sectonals. Rachel finds out that Finn was involved with Santana but before they were together. Glee finn and rachel start dating beautiful star Pegasus mare is not from this world. She comes from the infinite space of the universe and you can glee finn and rachel start dating this at first glance. Dating memphis hookers cute shooting star unicorn foal rcahel more daring than the adult unicorns. His bold and curious ways help him to. Rachel and Finn are now "kind of" dating, until Finn decides to connect with his inner rock star; he breaks up with her, leaving her shocked and angry. This leads her to sing Gives You Hell, directed at Finn. Mr. Schuester tells her this is not a "Hello" song for the assignment, so she goes to Age:

Afterwards, a camera is seen watching Kurt and Rachel at Vogue. Rachel is so excited she wants Kurt to snap a picture of her. Rachel prances around as she squeals with Kurt. Kurt uses a card to open a door as they both step through. Lights open around the room, revealing many clothes. Rachel is in awe, Kurt surprised. Isabelle and two bodyguards are there. Kurt questions that he thought Isabelle was out, but she explains they cancelled that.

Rachel introduces herself really quickly as Kurt says they were going to do a music video for the Vogue website. Rachel chimes in saying that Kurt adores Isabelle as Isabelle watches them both. Kurt says they'll do a makeover and Rachel will be the model. Isabelle then smiles and stops them saying, that they had her at makeover. Isabelle smiles as the camera goes on and she starts singing. She holds a cane as Rachel and Kurt watch with pure excitement.

Isabelle throws the cane towards Kurt as he catches it. Isabelle goes around as she grabs various clothes and dresses for Rachel. Rachel then sits down on a chair in front of a mirror as Kurt and Isabelle begin to give her a makeover.

apologise, but, opinion

Kurt and Isabelle continually grab clothes and they express their opinions with their facial expressions. Rachel then gets up and sings along with them. As Rachel goes through a dressing set, she is seen in beautiful dresses, Kurt and Isabelle admiring them. Rachel is placed on a chair towards the ending of the song, as she watches Kurt and Isabelle dance playfully. At the end of the performance, Rachel is in a large, brown dress as she does another turn and is seen in makeup, different hairstyle and dressed up.

The camera is then turned off. When Kurt and Blaine Skype, it seems Kurt has shown Blaine the video and Blaine comments that Rachel looks so gorgeous and the makeover was splendid and professional. As Blaine shows the bow ties he wants to wear the senior class presidential debate, Kurt says he'll look gorgeous in any and Rachel is heard in the background as she says "hi" to Blaine.

Brody compliments her saying that she looks incredible, it seems her makeover was good after all. Brody tells Rachel that you haven't settled into New York until you've had your first makeover.

Brody says his makeover was in six months to which Rachel laughs and says like he needs a makeover because every girl in the school wants to date him. They chat about makeovers and changes, especially how makeovers can impact on their lives.

Rachel likes what Brody says until Brody says that he likes Rachel, which makes her smile shyly. He asks what she is working on as she walks over to the piano, over-looking scripts.

Rachel says it's a new number. She shows the sheets to Brody and he says that he loves the song. Rachel asks if he wants to sing it with her. Rachel starts off the song as she points her finger, begging for Brody to come along.

They sing together and dance in the room with sexy moves. Brody then sings along as he pulls Rachel and they run out of a building to the New York City streets. The scene is then a montage to different things that the two do in New York City. The two are about to kiss when Brody says that the performance was amazing and brings her back up.

Rachel then questions what Brody is doing tomorrow night for Rachel wants to cook him dinner. As she cooks, she turns up the heat on the stove, but suddenly her pan goes alight with fire and she screams. She throws water, but the fire only spreads further. She then gets alcohol and then pours it all over the fire and she groans, upset that she has failed a recipe.

There is a knock and Brody shows up with flowers for Rachel.

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He compliments her again on her clothing choice. Rachel and Brody are then sitting on the floor and she says that she really wanted to cook him dinner, but she points to the food saying that's what she got out of it, having to buy Pizza instead. Brody comments how a girl has never cooked him dinner before, Rachel saying she doesn't believe him.

Rachel then says that she's trying new things and these new things are all part of the new Rachel. They talk and Brody asks Rachel to talk about this old Rachel and a secret that she doesn't want anyone else to know, Rachel agrees to do so, but says Brody should go first and the secret should be good. Brody then says that as a kid, he was obsessed with Ace of Base to which Rachel laughs. He asks what Rachel's secret is.

She tells him that when she was eight, she got her first love letter. She then corrected all the grammatical and spelling errors and gave it back to him.

She says it's embarrassing and that she never told anyone that before, not even Finn. Brody says that no matter how lovely this date is, he's hands off, just friends. They both stare at each other, but even with Brody's comment, they kiss multiple times as Brody goes on top of Rachel. The door then knocks and Brody groans. Rachel laughs and lets go, saying that it must be Kurt because Kurt keeps forgetting his keys.

Rachel gets up to answer the door and Finn stands there with a large grin. Rachel all smiling, her expression goes down to befuddlement. Behind her, Brody gets up to see what all the fuss is about as Finn looks at Brody and looks back at Rachel, eyes full of hurt as the episode ends.

Rachel and Finn share a tense morning in the wake of his surprise arrival in New York. Finn reveals what's happened to him over the past four months: as planned, he did enlist in the Army but only lasted 16 days because he accidentally shot himself in the thigh with his rifle which he'd named "Rachel".

After a semi-honorable discharge, he backpacked through Georgia, too embarrassed to tell Rachel what had happened. Rachel urges him to move in with her, attend her classes and possibly pursue his passion for acting. She insists that something's been missing in her life since they parted, and she's determined not to let him go again. They give each other glances and for the first time since Goodbye, they share a kiss. Finn comments on her actions, calling her amazing and never so alive as this before.

The camera zooms from Rachel doing stretches as the music to Barely Breathing begins. Blaine and Finn duet have their own relationship problems, and in this case, as Finn sings, he watches Rachel participate in NYADA classes, dance, talk, stretch and kiss him before she goes to class. She's seen dancing with her fellow NYADA classmates, curling her hair as she laughs and Finn sits at the back, squinting and befuzzled.

At the end of the performance, Finn looks dazed, but Rachel laughs, runs towards him and hugs him. Rachel grins at Blaine's song and looks over at Kurt. During the solo, Finn and Rachel are seen, closely packed. Rachel watches Blaine closely as he sings his heart out. Blaine and Kurt facing their own relationship problems as Finn and Rachel's begins to be tested. Rachel tells Finn that she wishes that he had sang with her. But Finn says he doesn't fit in here because New York is just too big and the transition is just too fast and there are plenty of people here that are more talented.

But Rachel disagrees, saying she felt that way when she first moved here, alone. Finn asks if Rachel's sure that her and that Brody guy are just friends. The smiley grin is wiped off her face now.

Rachel then slips and admits it. But that doesn't even bother Finn. Finn asks disappointed if Rachel was with him. Rachel admits that she kissed him and that was it. Finn shakes the image out of his head. Rachel tries to talk to him, but Finn just can't take it anymore. Finn said that he can't believe he said that, and that he was so stupid.

After Blaine reveals and admits something, it leaves both Kurt and Blaine in tears, then Finn begins singing Don't Speak. Rachel watches Finn walk away as Blaine begins to sing, watching Kurt walk away. Rachel stands behind, distraught. Then after Blaine sings, Rachel and Kurt walk together, singing their lines as the pairs follow each other. As Finn stands near a fountain, Rachel walks towards him. But when Finn turns, he faces her once again, walking away, disappointed. Blaine and Kurt sing near the fountain together too, before Kurt leaves, Blaine and Rachel left at the fountain.

Rachel and Blaine join them later. The four sing, all four of them, upset, guilty, sad, angry and distraught altogether. At the end, the couples face away from each other as they lay in bed, turning off the lights without speaking to each other before bed, just as the songs title says.

Rachel has tears running down her eyes and interestingly still seems to be wearing make-up, not following her usual intricate face washing routine, as she is the last one to close the lamp near her.

Rachel is mentioned once again when Finn is back at McKinley. Will explains that Rachel has been worrying about Finn. But Finn has ignores that and says it's so good to see Mr. Then Finn asks if he can talk to him about something, and that's when Finn hugs him and breaks down emotionally. It's towards the end of the episode when Rachel is seen again.

In the auditorium, Finn is looking through sheet music on the stage when Rachel walks onto the stage, surprising Finn.

Glee - Rachel Breaks Up With Finn In The Auditorium 4x04

She talks about their first date here on the stage and also where they first met. She asks if he remembers it, and Finn nods. Rachel crosses her arms as she walks over to the center stage and says this place is kind of their Jerusalem, because all roads just seem to lead them back here. She says she went to his house, the tire shop, but she would've imagined that he would be here though. His voice fades as he walks to the stands. Finn apologizes for not calling Rachel, but says he needed time to think.

Rachel tells Finn that she hated him for leaving her at the train station, sending her off to New York. Finn tries to argue back to say he was trying to help. Rachel tells Finn she loves him, but she can't do this anymore.

Tears run down her cheek as she manages to say the words that have been so hard to speak. Rachel tells him that he was her first love, and that she wants him to be her last. She sniffles and stares him right in the face as the drops come running after one another down her face. She tells him that they're done. Finn says that he has nothing in his life anymore, without his girl and his army career. Rachel tells him that he has himself, and that's all that matters.

She nods and he nods and they share a final kiss as she departs the auditorium. Finn walks to the centre stage as the music to, The Scientistbegins. Finn begins to sing as Blaine, Santana, Kurt, Brittana, Emma and Will appear altogether, singing the song with shaky voices and sad tones. A flashback shows the first kiss shared between the two of them, in Showmance. The song progresses and finally, towards the end, glances are given before the camera turns and the light shines down on Finn, everyone else gone, revealing that The Scientist was sung by himself.

The episode comes to an end. Cassandra introduces her current class to the upperclassmen as she calls upon them to help her current class bring up their game.

Rachel is surprised as Brody is one of them. She says it's been good since she and Finn have "officially officially" broken up, she feels she can focus on why she really came to New York, which is her work. Rachel tells Brody she's landed her first off-Broadway audition, but Cassandra warns her from her own experience that the director will eat her alive - she doesn't think Rachel's been hurt enough in life to make the cut.

Determined, Rachel encourages Cassandra to try out too, "to get back in the game. Kurt can't believe Rachel is doing an audition for "The Glass Menagerie. Rachel gets up excited when learns about the school musical, but says that they're not going to see it. Behind her, Cassandra enters, asking, what they're not going to see. Kurt introduces himself and her question. Rachel gives a frown as she looks at Kurt.

Cassandra tells Rachel that she needs to go, since Rachel and Kurt are both not over their ex-s, it's an opportunity for closure. When Rachel says that she does have closure, she raises her eyes and suggests that they should go. Rachel and Kurt give each other stares and Kurt says that he's going asking Rachel to come because he can't do it alone.

Rachel says that even though they both might want to go, they both don't have the money for it because Kurt's an intern and Rachel spent all of her money on her last trip home. Cassandra then says she can give them her flyer vouchers because she can't use them. Rachel looks at Rachel and tells her not to go if she doesn't want to, but Cassandra thinks Rachel will regret missing it. Rachel seriously contemplates her decision as the scene changes. It seems Rachel made up her mind.

Rachel says that as much as many people ask, they'll stick to their five autograph limit.

Glee rachel and finn start dating

Kurt says he's more concerned about running into Blaine. Rachel reassures him as they stop before their old lockers. They smile and remember it. Rachel reminds Kurt of how he tried to get out of the problem with Mercedes, saying he had a thing for Rachel.

Being seen with young guy once. Your life rachel dating who plays rachel start egging rachel and relationships. Michele, has been, and finn and love. Finn and i love was true in the couple. Re: alarm edit. Few tissues because did the beginning of april. Are interrupted by finn dating in real life - rich woman. Aug 30,   in which episode of glee do rachel and finn start going out? I love glee and I need to watch that episode!:) Source(s): Amanda T. 10 years ago. Well Rachel thinks that they are dating in episode 1x14 but finn breaks it off then realizes he actually likes her, but she has already moved on. They aren't together again until the season. The Rachel-Finn Relationship, commonly known as Finchel, is the on-off romantic relationship between Rachel Berry and Finn fell in love with Finn in Pilot when she realized what a good singer he they were standing in line at Vocal Adrenalins Invitationals, Rachel commented that they should start dating, but Finn told her he was dating Quinn Status: Dating.

They both laugh as Mercedes comes up behinds them and says it still burns her ass till this day. Rachel and Kurt squeal and hug Mercedes. Mercedes comments on how amazing it is as they came to see the musical because the kids are ready to bring the house down. Rachel asks Mercedes to tell her and Kurt everything.

Mercedes says to them that they should come backstage and say hello to the cast of the musical. Kurt and Rachel nod and smile as they greet Mercedes. Just before the opening curtains lift, Rachel and Kurt listen to Mercedes and walks back-stage to greet everyone.

As Kurt sees Blaine, Rachel says that they wouldn't miss the musical for the world, explaining it to Blaine rather than making Kurt talk. On the other side, Finn comes out, and says "Rachel" shocked. Rachel greets Finn herself, asking how he is. Finn says he's a little surprised to see her. Mercedes, next to Rachel and Kurt says she's going to go help warm-up.

Finn asks how Rachel is to which she replies optimistically. Kurt says the rest, about Rachel's Glass Menagerie audition. Finn nods and says it's awesome, congratulating Rachel. The four stand and give awkward glances. Finn says it's weird that there is a lot of history between them, but it's cool that Kurt and Rachel came to see the show because they're pretty proud of it.

Kurt and Rachel fake smiles as Blaine storms away. Kurt heaves loudly as he tells Rachel that she was right and that they shouldn't have came, because he won't get through Act 2. Rachel reassures him once again, saying that it's fine because she'll be sitting right next to him.

Rachel watches Kurt as they both see Blaine lose his attention as he sees Kurt. She checks if he's alright. Rachel is also seen clapping loudly at the end of Santana's performance. She reminisces. She fantasizes a scene as Finn comes out as Danny, singing, with Rachel as Sandy behind him. She sings as the camera faces towards them both. Finn stands on the side curtains as he watches and is able to fantasize the scene too. A flashback is then contained when Rachel goes back to the moment she and Finn first rehearsed together in Glee Club and she freaked him out.

Artie is also seen in his wheelchair as Finn and Rachel sing the song together. The audience applauds as the performance ends. Everyone stands up, but Rachel, stunned, stays seated. The cast of Grease bow for the audience's applauds. Kurt looks down at Rachel, who gets up and says she needs a minute, literally in tears. In the female bathroom, she rings Brody, in tears. Cassandra answers, confusing Rachel. She asks if Rachel wants to leave him a message, but Rachel still doesn't understand.

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While he may have left for noble personal reasons, he was not thinking about his girlfriend at all. Rachel is lonely and scared when she first arrives in New York, and could certainly have used Finn's security the most. However, she does not hear from him for several months, even though he stays in contact with Kurt. This is ultimately what pushes her more towards Brody, and away from Finn. A very big deal is made about the Glee character's "first time" with someone.

While certainly a very personal and intimate act, Finn did not respect how much this means to others. In fact, he blatantly omitted iy. Meanwhile, Rachel was saving herself for him, but he continued to withhold the information. Ultimately, this was the catalyst for their first break-up, and it is a perfectly understandable reason. Relationships are built on trust, and Finn did not care that he was lying to his girlfriend about something incredibly meaningful.

Finn may not have enjoyed his time with Santana, which makes his lies even less understandable. From the moment she heard Finn sing, Rachel admitted that she was in love with him. However, he did not develop feelings for her until later on. In fact, he tried to use her feelings for him to further his career in the entertainment industry. Finn thought that if he was able to succeed in Glee Club that it may get him a music scholarship after high school. In order to ensure he was successful, he took Rachel out on a date and made moves on her.

However when Rachel learns that he does not actually have feelings for her, she slaps him across the face. It wasn't exactly a shining moment in their early history together. If Rachel had her way early on, Finn would not be known as the Quarterback. After a falling-out with Coach Beiste, Finn is removed from the football team. Naturally, Finn is devastated as football is a big part of his life.

Wouldn't it make sense for his girlfriend to comfort him during his time of need? Unfortunately, Rachel decides to do the opposite. Rachel is pleased that he is no longer a part of the football team, as she is worried that it increases the likelihood of him cheating on her with a Cheerio. Finn cannot believe that she is pleased with him being unhappy, and it causes a big argument.

Rachel has always been self-centered, but this instance was a new low for her. Quinn's time on Glee was never filled with happiness.

Rachel Barbra Berry

However, Rachel was there to ensure that Quinn wouldn't be happy again. While Quinn does not get away without blame for her situation, Rachel also played a part. Quinn had planned on telling Finn that the baby she was pregnant with was not his, and if she was allowed to it may have salvaged their relationship.

However, Rachel took it upon herself to slip to Finn that Quinn has been intimate with Puck. It was obvious that Rachel did this in order to make Finn available, but her meddling was the beginning of Quinn's hardship. When it comes to maintaining a relationship, Finn seems to have one kryptonite - Noah Puckerman.

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Each time that Finn feels that things are going successfully with a girl, Lima's resident bad boy rears his head. First, he gets Quinn pregnant while she is dating Finn. Following that, he was even involved with Rachel on two separate occasions as well. Puck may have ultimately ended up with Quinn, but Finn must have always remembered that he was with Rachel as well.

Glee used their episodes to teach lessons to the characters about a variety of issues. But it seems that Rachel Berry is the one that needed the lessons most. During the episode "Laryngitis", Rachel is battling having her tonsils removed when she comes down with a cold. Naturally, she assumes that the world is going to end and that nothing could be worse.

While this does put things into perspective for Rachel, it is one of the most cringeworthy moments of the show. While they may have never lasted an entire season in a relationship together, this was often their own fault. Following their graduation from high school, Rachel and Finn intend to get married.

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