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I can see the point about wanting a partner with similar views to you and there's not exactly a huge number of us, so if that's important to you then I can see why this might be of interest. But promoting it as a means of not undermining the anarchist movement by not having personal relationships forming within groups seems a bit weird. Surely within any group of people who spend time together, whether it's political or not, relationships are going to happen. I'm not involved in anything atm but I have been in the past where personal relationships have caused some friction, but doesn't that just come under the shit happens school of life. If anarchism cannot survive because it can't cope with individuals being loved up or nasty break-ups, then you might as well give up now.

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ROBLOX "Fat Legs"

People get into relationships to gain contentment, love and support from someone they have romantic feelings for.

There are some people who go through a toxic and abusive relationship.

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