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In season 1 Ward serves as Skye's commanding officer, teaching her to become a real S. A slow romance blossoms between them, until his treachery is revealed. Grant Ward is a Hydra double agent. He betrays his team and Skye rejects him. He continues to express love and caring for her, while she expresses hatred for him and his actions.

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In season 1 Ward serves as Skye's commanding officer, teaching her to become a real S. A slow romance blossoms between them, until his treachery is revealed. Grant Ward is a Hydra double agent.

Are skye and ward dating in real life

He betrays his team and Skye rejects him. He continues to express love and caring for her, while she expresses hatred for him and his actions. In season 2, these characters are often antagonists as Ward is often working with his mentor Agent John Garrett and Hydra. Ward is involved in kidnapping Fitzsimmons and takes part in a Hydra expedition to the alien planet Maveth.

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On this expedition, he is killed by Phil Coulson. Ward met Skye within S. Ward learned that his girlfriend was an Inhuman and therefore became a double agent within HYDRA in order to protect her since the fascist organization was hunting down Inhumans.

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Ward wakes up in Skye 's apartment. When Daisy Johnson connected herself to the Frameworkshe took Skye 's place and, upon discovering Ward in her bed, made a strange gesture at him. Ward, ignoring that the person in front of him was not exactly who he believed, mocked her, not knowing that she had tried to use her Inhuman powers. Johnson told him that they were summoned to work, so Ward got up and dressed before heading to the Triskelion.

Ward and " Skye " at the Triskelion.

Upon arriving in HYDRA 's headquarters, Ward noticed that Johnson seemed lost, going in the wrong direction and being disturbed by a statue representing HYDRA's symbol, but thought that it was because he refused to live with Skye after she asked her. Ward and Johnson then went to a briefing conducted by Melinda Maywho ordered them to interrogate a suspect named Jason Rajan.

Ward and " Skye " interrogate Vijay Nadeer.

Grant Ward/Skye

Ward and Johnson went to the interrogation room and started questioning him about his activities. While Nadeer violently answered to Johnson, Ward suddenly punched him and knocked him out.

Afterwards, May joined them into the interrogation room and ordered Nadeer to be taken to The Doctor.

Ward later caught Daisy Johnson while she was leaving the Triskelion and confronted her about her attitude since he did not recognize his girlfriend.


Johnson bluntly rebuked him, stating that she needed space because Ward was not ready to commit further in their relationship. Knowing that something did not feel right, Ward followed his girlfriend and remained hidden while Johnson met with Jemma Simmons. While they were about to leave, Ward ambushed them and asked Johnson whether Simmons was his source within the Resistance.

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On the way, Ward told Johnson that she was an Inhuman and was surprised to know that she was already aware of this fact. Afterwards, he drove Johnson and Simmons to safety while erasing their tracks.

Real Life Couples of Agents of SHIELD

He also learned Johnson's true identity and stated that they needed to talk later. Johnson ignored him and proceeded to continue doing so before the pair tried to leave the Triskelion.

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However, Melinda May summoned Johnson to a briefing, so she trusted Ward with Radcliffe's location and asked him to give it to Jemma Simmons.

Ward and Jemma Simmons fly to Ogygia.

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Ward returned to the Playground and informed the Patriot that Johnson though Ward kept calling her Skye could be in danger. Ward confronted Simmons about the fact that his girlfriend seemed to have changed after encountering Simmons and questioned his loyalty, but Simmons proved her allegiance by showing him her S.

ID, so Ward reluctantly gave her Radcliffe's location. Ward then took S. The three of them quickly found the former scientist.

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Simmons and Coulson began to confront him about his actions but Ward, who did not understand anything about their conversation about another world and feared that HYDRA agents could have spotted them, ordered Radcliffe to come with them, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the Zephyr One with Madame Hydra and The Doctor on board.

Ward, Simmons and Coulson hid in the woods nearby, keeping eyes on Radcliffe discussing with Madame Hydra. When The Doctor brought Agnes Kitsworth and threatened to kill her, Ward took his own rifle and aimed at him, but Simmons told him not to kill The Doctor, stating that she knew him, that he had been brainwashed and that they needed him.

Ward disbelieved that but chose not to shoot The Doctor, who killed Kitsworth. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Darcy was born in the Viking age. But because of a stupid dragon, she would live to see through many ages and war.

As Skye transitioned from the Framework to the real world, she found herself back ineverything from those four years nothing more than a dream.

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Or was it a warning? She finds herself with a challenge. Can she fix the past to change the future that made them all suffer? Tell him that she would never come back. She wanted to push away from the arm wrapped around her back.

She wished she had the willpower to.

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The truth was, Skye was having a lot of trouble staying away. Skye and Ward get attacked by a slime monster and have to clean up.

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How are they gonna be able to keep their sexual tension in check? Multiple ficlets that involve the Philindaisy family. Some are AU some take place during and actual season others are just pure randomness.

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Also, in some stories, Daisy is Skye and Skye is Daisy. Grant al Ghul Ward as he goes by later on grows up in the league of assassins his entire life and never questions it once.

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